Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Are Politicians Seemingly So Corrupt ?

I learned this yesterday - probably one of the most important things I ever heard - from Gordon Schiller. You would be amazed at what you could learn from Mr. Schiller. Our society runs on contract law. Everything is by contract, but people do not know this and that is fundamentally why we are in so much trouble. There are some very important contracts in society that we are unaware of and we could easily fill our obligations and clean up society completely - with a few signatures. Not a single shot fired. Imagine that.

Imagine if someone was running up and down your street saying "I'm going to cut everyones lawn for free" He kept on doing this then after a week or so just dis-appeared. Everyone would sort of thing the guy is a wing-nut and that their lawns will not be cut. People would laugh about it on Saturday nights and the incident would get soon forgotten.

Suppose someone went out and accepted the offer ? Just said "OK buddy, you can cut my lawn. Thankyou very much, awfully kind of you" and all that. That guy would get his lawn cut.

Afetr we elect politicians they swear an oath. But we don't accept it and thats why the oath means nothing. Its that simple.

So here is the oath:

"I, A.B. do swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to
Her Majesty Queen Victoria."

Oh Oh. Thats not to Canada ! But wait a minute. What's Canada ? Canada is a private for profit corporation. It has jurisdiction in the waterways surrounding Canada. You volunteer to go into Canada when you go to court and state to the judge that you understand [stand under] the charges. Without them bringing you under the jurisdiction of Canada Inc., they have none. The trick they play is called the Penumbra Doctrine. When you stand under corporate rule you lose all your rights. The lawyer and the judge work to trick you into Penumbra. Judges do lots of yelling and show-boating to trick and scare you. Canada has no oath to you.

So what oath does the Queen have ? Its called the coronantion oath and it gets violated as well. Why ? Likely because no one has accepted it...

Its a nice oath and I feel pretty safe under it. Its the oath not the person...

I haven't got it all figured out yet, but when it gets simple you are usually close. I have depended on lots of great work by ex judges and real brainy and caring people to get this understanding. Its so simple I wonder why I didn't see this all myself.


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