Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singularities In The Canadian Armed Forces In Afghanistan

I've heard this term thrown around lately, and I have heard that we are headed for an economic singularity. Its an odd term but I am familiar with it so I shall explain it. In control systems and communication theory in electrical engineering a singularity is a value for which a function cannot be described, it is a 1/0, such as in y = 1 / (x-1), the function has a singularity at x=1. Singularities are undefined entities that lead to great understanding, and define the behavior of an important class of systems.

The Canadian Armed Forces have seen 118 deaths in Afghanistan, mostly due to combat and road-side bombs from people our corporate controlled media call "insurgents", which is of course rediculous because we are invading them. There are a couple of singularities in Afghanistan that may explain the true nature of what is happening over there, and lead to important questions regarding truth is being hidden from Canadian citizens.

There has been no official reason given for the 2007 death of Maj. Raymond Ruckpaul, who was killed by a bullet wound in his Kabul sleeping quarters. The 2009 death of Maj. Michele Mendez also occurred in living quarters shortly after her promotion to major and the beginning of her second tour in Afghanistan. These two deaths also represent what some may call a singularity. They were the only two majors to die in Afghanistan, they both died in the quarters and there has not been an official explanation as to why or how they died. Was it suicide ? It certainly seems to be the case, but why ? Did they discover another singularity that makes absolutely no sense - that is the reason we are in Afghanistan ?

People of this rank must love the army, they likely do not go and then become sorry they went. The rank will lead to well paying jobs in civilian life - if all of the wars ever end. They are key decision makers and players very much in control of their game.

So what were the reasons for these apparent suicides ? Were these people privy to what is comming next ? Did they learn about the drug trade that is the real reason for us being there ?[1] Were they killed off because they would not go along with army plans after learning of them ?

I do not expect to ever know the reason for the seemingly unexplainable deaths of these two officers. Soldiers of a lower rank that die are just as important, but their deaths seem to be so much more explainable. The gunshot death of Bombardier Jérémie Ouellet in 2008 (22 yrs old) was admitted to be a suicide, so the military is not in the habit of hiding suicide deaths. But this suicide may be due to the fact that Ouellet perhaps didn't like the army and being ordered around to shoot people. He may have seen to much "adventure" for one person to handle. It seems to me that officers would have been screened to filter out those that could not psychologically handle all of the "adventure".

We will never know why Ruckpaul and Mendez died, just as we will never define one divided by zero and that in itself uncovers an important truth. The fact is that its none of our business, they don't work for us and we are supposed to forget or not care.

We have all these wars because we have income tax to pay for them. We pay the income tax for the single privilege of passing around that paper some call funny money to trade with and to have courts which cost us two or three hundred dollars per hour for "representation" by liars (lawyers) [2]. The income tax pays for the wars which ultimately lead to the citizens of the countries being invaded having the priviledge of using funny money in trade and paying income tax for this privelidge and ultimately to have more wars. Maybe this is the reality that these officers had to confront. Its carefully guarded secret by the liars as well as one judges are required to take secret judicial notice of in income tax avoidance trials[2]. Income tax doesn't pay for anything except war and funny money - human misery. All the other taxes pay for roads, police, hospitals and everything else our governments provide.

I hope that we don't forget one important thing, in many ways these soldiers represent the best of us. They put themselves in harms way to make the world a better place. Their lives had purpose. This is not just my opinion, its in The Report From Iron Mountain as well[3]. Its a sad fact that intelligent people with a sense of purpose are the best targets for our propagandists[4].

[1] Published UN statistics show the sharp decline in heroine production during July 2001 due to the Taliban burning crops and then the subsequent rise in opium production after the invasion (that was supposedly to look for the evil terrorist mastermind, Usama bin Laden). The opium exports have been steadily growing to be now over 700 billion per year. Dr. John Coleman in Conspirators Hierarchy says that the Royal Bank of Canada is involved in drug money laundering.

[2] George Mercier Invisible Contracts

[3] The Report From Iron Mountain is widely available for free on the web.

[4] Jaques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Attitudes

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Solsbury Hill

The times I have heard this song I have experienced the tingles down my spine because this is a truly beautiful song and I am sure that Gabriel is trying to say something with it. People sometimes think that Springsteen represented the eagle and was an example for Gabriel to strike it out on his own, but the reference to liberty and empty silhouettes suggest that the song has a much deeper meaning. The song is distinctively American as explained by other musicians in various places on the web[2]

Many people count it as one of their favorites. The music is magnificent but there may be an underlying truth here that people cannot bring to the surface of their thinking and express it in words. Beauty and truth are strongly related and this song speaks of a truth that we can feel but not yet quantify - this is perhaps why the song has had such staying power after initially released with only moderate success.

I believe that Gabriel in his first verse:

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still

that Solsbury Hill, by being a real place also refers to the "rabbit hole" that Alice falls down in Alice In Wonderland. When we climb up a hill we see more, just as the old expression "going down the rabbit hole" refers. Time is measured by change. Things change when time changes but to say that time stands still is to say that nothing has or is changing. The wind blowing is always a literary reference to something going south.

Our cities are shaped for war making, almost every aspect of civilization as we know it in the West is about war making, this is best explained in The Report From Iron Mountain (you can find free of this on the web). The city light may even be a direct reference to Lucifer. No doubt a highly placed musician such as Gabriel knew of the Luciferians. This hypothesis has its strongest evidence in the last verse, so bear with me.

The above verse goes on:

Eagle flew out of the night
He was something to observe
Came in close I heard a voice

Standing stretching every nerve

Had to listen had no choice

I did not believe the information

Just had to trust my imagination

It may be that Gabriel separated from Genesis for political reasons, he is known as a humanitarian and songs such as Red Rain also suggest a political undertone. The Eagle flying out in the night must be a symbolic awakening to a greater truth. Evidence of that greater truth was likely from America because the press was free back then. Many things were happening around that time, the world which we see now was in its early stages of being set up. Humanity was threatened according to the environmentalists. GATT was signed. Soldiers were home from Vietnam and many were awakened to the waste of war (its true purpose). It was a time of political awakening.

The eagle comes in close and he hears a voice. We do not see certain truths until someone points them out to us. The truth is something to observe because it is so radically different to beliefs held common. We have to listen, we have no choice. Events such as the Kennedy assassination and the wars enter our consciousness whether we realize the broad significance right away or not. We trust our imagination when we see the need to look into things from a deeper prospective.

The next verse describes what I had felt and what I think many others felt during their first encounter with the truth - climbing up on Solsbury hill and seeing the product of the city (our civilization, the light of Lucifer)

To keep in silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
So I went from day to day
Tho' my life was in a rut
Till I thought of what I'd say
which connection I should cut

This verse is mostly self explanatory to anyone in the truth movement except "turning water into wine". I believe this is turning the massive lies and fairy tales provided by the establishment into a few simple, perhaps bitter truths, maybe sweet for some.

I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery

When we notice certain things we also feel more a part of things and our surroundings. Patriots play a role in the changes we experience while others turn a blind eye as referenced in the verse below:

When illusion spin her net
I'm never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free
Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes but still can see

A pirouette is a spin, in the case of ballet dancing the dancer spins to the return position or to "whirl about".

Liberty has turned around to work for government. In government and law there is the maxim that freedom and value is interchangeable[1]. Value is obtained through the loss of freedom for those who take or give up freedom. Government now has freedom that we used to have, freedom in speech (with no responsibility to truth). Our freedoms are being taken away to create more freedom of speech for government. Another example of this would be seat belt laws whos fines result in payment to the banks rather than increased safety awareness as one would expect. The concept of rights being interchanged for value is fundamental to the UCC (see Puff below).

The empty silhouettes refers to the corporate machine that governs us, a corporate entity cannot be a person. Each person is a corporate identity just as the government itself is a corporate entity, sometimes this is referred to as a vessel. In the story Puff The Magic Dragon, the dragon makes reference to Peter Pans shadow that is always getting away from him. It is the shadow government or empty silhouette that is taking over government. It is empty because it is morally empty. Governance must be based on morality to be valid.

The above verse goes on:

No one taught them etiquette
I will show them another me
Today I don't need a replacement

Etiquette is social law, but the empty silhouettes that govern us do not follow the law. "I will show them another me" is referring to the private vs public person, people did exit the public as part of taxation and war protest. This is no longer done since we now know it to be impossible by law.

I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant

There is a way out, of this I am certain, but I have a lot more thinking and research to do. No one understood the way out back during this time.

My heart going boom boom boom
Yeah, mine too.

Grab your things its time to take you home

I believe this is an awakening to a grander truth and to step into it and away from the illusion. Maybe I am a nut.

[1] What Does Accepted For Value Mean , Byron Beers (available free at

[2] Links to other essays at

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ayn Rand on Laws

I recently finished Ayn Rands "Atlas Shrugged". I cannot recommend this book enough, its been recommended to me so often in the past I finally broke down and read it. Not only is it one of the best novels I have ever read (and I have read hundreds) but it is also a very easy read and teaches a very good lesson about morality. I have had a casual interest in this topic since dealing with the Law Society of Upper Canada more than 8 years ago. I have wondered why our society has gone so corrupt and why blatent criminals sit at the top.

I wonder how many ex FBI, CIA and police agents it would take before people realize that governance has been taken over by a group of murdering, drug dealing, child molesting satanists that want world domination? (Ted Gunderson, Mike Ruppert, Bill Cooper, Jack McLamb, Gen Bert Stubblebine, ex head of US army intelligence world wide, Pentagon 5 star Gen. Al Cuppet - just of the top of my head). These were the very best, the top of the respective law enforcement and military fields. McLamb was one of the most decorated police officers and served in Vietnam. Why don't people hear them ?

This is socialism, communism, globalism and fascism and these are doctrines created by the merchant bankers to destroy civilization and conglomerate their power. It is driven by lies: overpopulation, man made global warming, omni-potent evil mastermind terrorists that appear as though they came from a comic book.

Ayn Rand reminds us of a distant past when capitalism ruled and everyone had plenty, there were no hungry beggars on the streets and Canada and the USA led the world in innovation because they were free societies. Life was getting better and easier until the socialists started taking over in the mid seventies. Its sad that many people graduating from the universities that hate capitalism and want socialism don't realize that socialism has caused the very problems they associate with capitalism. Their thinking is totally upside down - fascism.

Ayn Rand reminds us of the beauty, power and near perfect ethic of capitalism.

Here is Ayn Rand on laws from Atlas Shrugged:

"Dr Ferris did not notice the sudden look on Reardons face, the look of a man hit by the first vision of that which he sought to see. Dr. Ferris was past the stage of seeing, he was intent on delivering the last blows to an animal caught in a trap.

"Do you really think we want all those laws to be observed ?" said Dr. Ferris. "We want them to be broken. You'd better get that straight that its not a bunch of boy scouts that you are up against-then you'll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We're after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick and you'd better get wise to it. There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law abiding citizens ? Whats there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted-and you create a nation of law breakers- and then you cash in on guilt. Now, thats the system Mr. Reardon, thats the game, and once you understand it you'll be much easier to deal with"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puff The Magic Dragon, Who Lives By The Sea

If your refridgerator broke down 30 years ago, you would call the refridgerator repair man and he would fix it and present you with a bill, which explains the "charges". You would pay the bill and cover the charges to compensate the repairman for his time and his labour.

Now you would simply order a new refridgerator from China, because of other bills presented to those whom we elect and the merchant free trade agenda. In reality they are both the same kind of bill. In this case the refridgerator repairman loses his job, and for the same reason you too will soon lose your job and no one will be able to afford a new refridgerator from China. This is globalization and its being inacted through the creation of laws from bills presented to elected bodies, but onto bills and charges and the laws...

Our countries are financed by the government when they create bonds. These bonds are then bought by the banks as well as citizenry, but the citizens cannot afford to buy all the bonds and support all of the wars. Private banks are needed to help fund the country as well as all of its wars. Private banks and merchants want it this way - wars create waste and make it so we cannot afford to control our governments. Wars create culture to keep us occupied. Wars also create the need for the Men With Guns, necessary to enforce all the new laws.

Its all about control.

When a bill is presented to our elected officials, its the bond holders saying "do this" or we will collect on the bond. The bills are created by outside bodies such as tax free foundations who cannot be audited in any way and then presented by elected officials. The true purpose of the bills they create cannot be determined because of the shroud of secrecy around those who create them.

The money is based on the good faith of the people of the country and its natural resources. It is printed at the mint and paid for by the tax payer. It costs about $0.75 to create a note, whether it be for $5.00 or for $500.00. These notes are essentially given to the private banks through the mechanism of fractional reserve banking so that they can be lent back to the public and governments with interest. Sometimes money is created electronically and never gets "cashed" for bills.

We do not have to sign these bills into law, because in reality we owe nothing. Its all just paper and that paper is based on us. This land is my land and this land is your land. "Money" doesn't represent real wealth and in reality the banks haven't lent us a thing.

The elected officials must sign these bills into law, because there are already so many laws, including those for elected officials that to get elected one cannot help but to break the law. If the elected official decides to blow the whistle he can lose his position for breaking the law and a shocked law abiding public would never see him/her re-elected. They are caught between the agenda of the bankers and merchants and a stupid public that watches too much TV, which is also controlled by the merchants to keep us brain washed.

The bills, when signed into law get enforced by the courts. The courts are just that - courts. They are filled with actors. The judge is an actor, the prosecutor is an actor and you can be one too - if you learn how. When you go to court it is a game and you hire a liar (Lawyer) to help defend you. It is the job of the liar to keep the realities of law hidden from you. When a law is broken there is a value associated with the judgement and you are "charged". These judgements ( charges ) represent more paper and are traded to create more money for governments. Laws are written to be broken and create wealth, all at the expense of the citizenry. The charged individual goes to jail because he cannot afford to pay the charges. Jails are essentially debtor prisons.

The law hasn't changed in 6000 years. The law is ultimately based on admiralty law, uniform commercial code or some other term. Ultimately they are all very similar and commonly referred to as The Law Merchant. The law originates in trade on the open seas. Anyone can take advantage of these laws, and many are. In the bible it says that Jesus walked on water. It also says that we will do far greater things. And we are- at least some of us but not me yet.

Its not the Vatican, the Jews or the English Monarchy that runs the world, its run by law and this law is carefully hidden for us by the liars so that the merchants can enforce their will upon us. One of the best ways to learn this law, according to Winston Shrout (look him up, watch his videos) is to read the King James Bible. Religion, law and money are all linked.

To learn more about The Law Merchant, the reader is referred to many free online PDF documents. These are not hard to find. A good beginning document is called "Introduction To The Law Merchant" by Byron Beers and can be found at www.goingtopeace.dom or other places such as

For a beautiful presentation on all of this, check out "Puff The Magic Dragon", but a fair bit of reading is required before you understand Puff. Its doubtful that the original authors of Puff The Magic Dragon even had all this in mind, but they have seals and strings and other things and courts and liars and pirates in this story- just like in real life merchant law. The main character in the first of three episodes is Jackie Draper who becomes Jackie Paper. Jackie Draper cannot speak for himself (that is why we hire liars to represent us in court - we cannot speak for ourselves either). Jackie Paper can speak for Jackie Draper. It all fits so well it makes you wonder if Puff was written by a couple of Cambridge sophomores.

The song was written by the Cambridge students and describes the loss of innocence as little boys and girls become adults. The story is about admiralty law and how little boys and little girls can learn to speak for themselves and deal with the liars.

Once we all realize that its all just paper, the whole hoax can end. No more wars, codex, NAZI style health care and gun control and the giant monopolies that run governments.

The pen really is mightier than the sword.


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