Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lindsey Williams Tells Us About 2010

Lindsey Williams has come out with new information regarding 2010 and forward and has a set of DVD's with the new information. He has synopsized this information on an interview with Dr. Stan Monteith on Those of us who wish to know the future need only to listen to Williams, he predicted $50.00 a barrel oil early in 2008 as well as many other things. He has been consistently accurate in predictions. Here are his predictions for USA in 2010 (I assume these are valid for Canada as well): (But Canada will enjoy selling its currency to the Chinese, the Chinese will be getting out of USD so we Canadians may be safe from all this- its the Republic they want to destroy, not Canada where people only imagine they have rights. We will see the iron hand under the velvet glove after USA goes down - just my opinion)

(1) No war with Iran unless started by Israel but not until another year to a year and a half. Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan - only sabre rattling - its to distract us.

(2) Currency to be devalued by 30 % to 50 % and this will translate to astronomical food prices in 2010. Food will be on the shelves but most of us will be unable to afford it.

(3) Gold and silver will be the only usable currency - all the paper will be worthless by 2012. Gold will be worth $1500 - $2000.00 an ounce at todays value of money. Devalued money will make it go higher. No paper (bonds, all kinds) will not be worth anything other than what its written on by 2012.

(4) Crude oil will be going up as the currency deteriorates but will only reflect the devalued dollar and will still be priced in dollars, it was taken down to make the OPEC countries go broke.

(5) The health care bill is gov takeover - read the fine print. There is gun control, euthanasia, etc built into it. Its a straight gov takeover and has little to do with health care.

(6) Drug trade is number one in terms of "money" value. They need Afghanistan to stay the way it is for the drug money. (most of which is laundered by the Royal Bank of Canada according to Dr. John Coleman ex MI6)

(7) Leadership of the world will be transferred to China. The elites currently control every single nation of the world, including Russia. "Chinese are the strong ones" a quote according to William's informant. Another quote: "Inflation big" (in 2010). Buy anything you NEED - NOW.

(8) No relief in the economy anytime soon.

Williams says that his informant says that the only chance for change is in the USA if the lawmakers can be chained to the constitution. No other country stands a chance.

His DVD's at at - prophesy club has been warning us about all this since I was a little kid, I'm 45 years old now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Anthony Sutton of the Hoover Institute and a prof at Stanford University has probably single handedly done more to expose the financier role in world government than anyone else.

Oliver Stone talks about this, see PrisonPlanet

Friday, January 22, 2010

Scam Scam Scam: Bloom (EU) on Global Warming

In addition to this, George Washington Hunt is interviewed on Alex Jones in the first hour of the show(Friday Jan 22/2010). He describes how and why he got involved with the World Conservation Society and World Wilderness Conservation societies and moved up the ladder and rubbing shoulders with people like the Rockefellers, Maurice Strong and Rothschilds.

He first started to get involved with meetings with forest rangers and later was approved by psychics to move up in these organization and eventually become an official host at meetings. (yes that's right - phychics).

Its a fascinating story that is over an hour long. The show starts every four hours starting at noon. Hunt has been on Alex Jones once before and the interviews are a fascinating peak into the machinations of world government. Its a freak show.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

War Vet Speech

Asch Conformity Experiment

Most people I have known have been conformists, I have been as well, I started smoking because I saw adults doing it and I wanted to be more like an adult.

When 9/11 happened, I was in a bar drinking coffee with 20 or so other people, it was on TV in the morning. I said the US government did that, everyone looked at me as if I was from Mars and many called me a conspiracy theorist, or crazy. It was the first time I was ever called a conspiracy theorist although I didn't believe the official story behind the OKC bombings or the Kennedy assassination. I cannot imagine what could make anyone believe the official version of these events.

Being self employed means you interact with government more, the more interaction, the less appreciation. I wonder if most people that saw 9/11 as an inside job also live outside the box - I believe this is true when I meet others like me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soft Tyranny

How about it ?. For me ? No thanks.

Mortgage Defaults: The Second Wave

Nothing has done more to make monkeys out of men more blatantly than these home foreclosures. The fact is that the banks no longer have the paper (contract you signed), its been sold on speculative markets. Your bank has to have the paper to demand the payment, so if you can't make your payment, demand that your bank produce the paper. Maybe you don't have to make these payments after all.

Most people just hire lawyers thinking lawyers will represent them and tell them the truth. The fact is that the lawyers first represent the Crown and the Crown is one of the forces behind the corruption and robbery that we see. Your lawyer first works for the thieves, dope dealers, pedophiles, child molesting satanists, murderers, war mongers and phony environmentalists that are all supported by the Crown in their efforts to rob you and depopulate the planet through financial terrorism, warfare and direct psychological abuse. Your lawyer re-presents you in a context so that you can be taken advantage of by these forces.

In legalese, represent means "re-present" and the re - presentation of you to the courts is the re -presentation of a man who has willingly given up his natural right to be a slave and therefore has no more rights. So your lawyer isn't going to tell you that your bank has to have the paper. Your lawyer isn't going to tell you that when you are done paying your mortgage you can recover every penny because its abandoned funds.

You see, the bank doesn't lend you anything when you get a loan, its just worthless paper. We the people earn it into existence and the when you pay your mortgage the payment is in sweat equity- its from your labour. You can replace their paper with kind - that is pay the bank back in kind with worthless paper and recover your sweat equity.

Does this all make sense ? Yes, actually it does, but you have to spend a great deal of effort de-programming yourself and learning that the country went bankrupt in 1933, and the law profession and its associated bankers are all morally bankrupt and they haven't done a thing to earn yours (and mine) wealth other than lie, cheat, steal and extort. The whole whole system is based on subterfuge because there isn't any money. Its all paper, the banks took the money in 1933, got the government to make a formal declaration that citizens are now enemies of the state, replaced money with war script, and gave the lawyers a Letter Of Marque to rob the populations, technically as pirates, but without physical violence. They use lies instead. This was all done to save the corporate governments and keep them in business.

We fight wars to bring the people of other countries under the same system. This is called "democracy", and democracy isn't a good form of government for man because man has a pack mentality and can easily be taken for a ride with propaganda.

See HJR 192, learn more at site such as CanadiansInCommerce- they have discussion groups and explain how to get out of mortgages and loans.

The same thing is happening in Canada as in the USA. Their dollar has the same value as ours but theirs is being devalued. Then, so is ours.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Global Dimming

When I first got this email from BrassCheck TV, I thought it would be a video about the death of the Socratic method. I guess that died a long time ago and is as forgotten as or dead soldiers that fought totaliarian governments in World War 2 and previous.

But I was wrong. The BBC has done another green movie, it hasn't aired (I wonder why not 8-) ), but, be afraid, be very very afraid...another climate scare is just around the corner, and when combined with global warming, temperatures could rise twice as fast as currently predicted and be entirely irreversible by 2025.

Global Dimming

Around 30 minutes into the movie, we see water burning with an array of special sound effects, such as that one that sounds like a saw going through bone.

It turns out the climate scare has been grossly underestimated by scientists, we could soon see temperatures unseen in the previous FOUR BILLION years. Its not a prediction, its what will happen if we clean up pollution while not doing anything about the dreaded greenhouse gases.

Humanity is most certainly doomed if we don't do something about burning fossil fuels NOW, or DIE !!!!

Scary stuff, Hollywood hasn't produced any great horror movies lately that I'm aware of, perhaps its time to connect the computer to the big screen, cook some popcorn, shut off the lights and sit down for an hour of great entertainment.


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