Sunday, May 20, 2018

Does The Left Create Victimhood?

Victim hood creates debt that does not exist in reality, this divides people, makes them angry and creates new groups for leftist exploitation. The Left creates the problems, then offers dialectical materialism to create solutions. Dialectical materialism is the dialect between science and matter and it encompasses the idea that science can one day solve all of the worlds problems and that all problems stem from economics.
The problem with this basic idea is that it is purely reactionary and gives no yardstick from which to judge matters and thus no way back to rational thought. Cultural Marxism has no course but to be purely reactionary and therefore problems are required to get us to think in this context. When problems do not exist they must be created.
A perfect example of created divisions is the “White Mans Privilege” and its mythology that it was White Christians that ran the black slave trade. In truth a disproportionally low number of White Christians were involved. It was known as the Jewish Black slave trade during its time. (see E. Michael Jones, Michael Hoffman, Henry Makow, and other scholars)
This makes blacks angry at whites and they wish to seek redress, this is happening in South Africa where Whites are being murdered and a genocide may soon occur.
The Left says that the Whites stole the land. I say the whites civilized South Africa and brought the Blacks common law. The population of blacks exploded from 2 million consisting of warring tribes to around 40 million living in relative peace under the white mans Common Law.
Cultural Marxism is all about destroying ideas like common law and original sin and bringing dialectical materialism to the forefront of human consciousness. Dialectical materialism and its statutory laws will destroy the common law which will leave the people in charge with an purely statutory system of laws that no one will have any basis to criticize. No one will know how to question authority without the common law yardstick from which to make judgements.
Does law come from authority or does authority come from law? In the West, traditionally, law comes from reason and and authority comes from law. Under dialectical materialism, law comes from authority.
The West is moving away from its traditional common law and toward a system of statutory law based on Talmudic law. Noahide law will be the law for all non Jews. The destruction of the common law, brought about with dialectical materialism will get us there.
The Evangelicals are just as bad with their agenda and use of propaganda to bring us closer to the rapture, but this is a different topic and their propaganda is fundamentally different.
One final thought: Most people casually throw around the idea that we in the West live in democracies. This belief will get us closer and closer to actual pure democracies. In reality, most of the West lives in republics or constitutional democracy. Once full democracy is obtained, despotism follows in short time. This is part of the PTB getting us to forget the common law and our roots and the ideas that made the West strong and free.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Greatest Quote Ever

It needs no further comment. Its obvious:

"Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or worse, when they are required to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."
Theodore Dalrymple

Sunday, January 28, 2018

White Genocide: Why?

 The following essay is an attempt to explain White Genocide is a slightly different manner the the one on this topic that I posted about a year ago.

Before people adapt an ideal such as Equality, I want them to fully understand what they are giving up. This essay is an effort to convey this understanding, one that has taken me many years to obtain.

  It explains the fundamental reason for Christian White Genocide, which is being done by communists as communists always do, as they always have. There is a basic hatred and opposition of Western Christian ideology that motivates communists. To explain this, I have to explain the concept of law and what makes Western law, the law that is hated by the communist, and why.

 Its a bit discombobulated, please bear with me. I'm watching this Alex Jones Youtube video and felt the urge to switch the title of this little project from "Roman Law" to "White Genocide: Why?" and link it with this video.

  It is law that creates a society, without it, nothing else can be and we live in an anarchy, like monkeys swinging from trees, maybe worse because we have guns. No one sane would argue that you can have a good society with bad laws.

  The Roman Empire grew because it had developed laws. For a thousand or more years, all the best and brightest went to Rome to study law. The word "science" was first used in describing the fundamental nature of theoretical jurisprudence.

  Science did not emerge Newton or Bacon or Descarte, it originated with the Romans and their work on laws. The age of reason started in Rome with a science built around the common law. It didn't start with the Enlightenment.

  The difference between this science and the other hard sciences such as math and physics is not uncertainty. We know when a law has been broken, without looking at code.

  Math and physics sit on hard principles which can be written in compact form on paper, almost perfect abstractions (but people keep making them better). Roman law sits on the pillar of the common law, the law which cannot be written. Jesus Christ writes it as the one commandment of the NT, Immanual Kant writes it as his categorical imperative. The Greeks call it the "Golden Rule" because they couldn't write it down, so they were probably smarter than everybody. Everyone knows it as "The Logos".

  Western law has been based on this precept. Mathematics requires precepts such as counting and the shortest distance between two points being a straight line being those from which all else is built. Law is based on reason, like mathematics. Law requires a precept like mathematics because reason does not create precepts on its own. To be a science the laws developed from the precepts cannot be self contradictory in math or law.

  By science, I do not mean the scientific method, science here refers to logic and not application of the scientific method. The Scientific Method doesn't work for math or minefields and it doesn't work for law. This is the spiritual world, as opposed to the material world, and the scientific method isn't part of the spiritual world.

  Jurisprudence can never be exactly right or exactly wrong in practice. The Golden Rule has some room for interpretation. Justinian codified law so that Judgements would be less dependent on the judge, a fundamental problem of jurisprudence, the judge being well intentioned and well informed, or not. Justinian law gets a bad rap, but law was not understood as well as it is today. Law is a technology, just like any other. They had the old tube type version, we have the digital version of the same thing.

  Another expression of the common law, America (United States is a corp) is a Republic and the basic idea of a Republic is: "A nation by the people, for the people and of the people" and is a well known Abraham Lincoln quote, from which he got the idea from a very highly respected German Scholar of Roman law and theorist, Von Savigny who wrote law books in around mid 1800's. Much of his work is on the web as free PDF's.

 Widespread knowledge of the law could be a serious threat to those who write and administer bad laws, but this is not why good laws must be written. Good laws must be written to preserve the law, which in turn preserves freedom (Von Savigny).

  A law not based on sound principle would be like math adopting an axiom along the lines of 2+2=5, people would just stop using math or stop taking it seriously.

  The common law (which can be partially expressed as all men being equal under the law) is being replaced by another precept: equality of outcome. The two are not compatible. Left wing nut case "equality" will destroy the Western tradition of law.

  Plato explains exactly how this would occur in book 4 of the Republic. Lawyers and legislators would be tripping all over one another making a mess if the law as not based on sound precepts. These must come from the Gods. In Rome the god was Jupiter, who appeared the same for everyone. Jupiter saw all the farms the same. This common law, as written in the New Testament forms the basis for Western law.

  Kant explains that the law must be written, hence the need for the Bible.

  Von Savigny explains the application of the codified law and its jurisdiction in his book, System of the Modern Roman Law, translated from the German Friederich Von Savigny by William Holloway, vol 1, 1867. On the subject of Jural Relations he writes: (S52)

  "The essence of jural relation has been defined as a province of the independent mastery of the individual will (S.52). Its our first matters to search out the object-matters upon which the will can possibly excercise influence and thus extend its mastery; hence a summary of the different sorts of possible jural relations will of itself result.
   ...Thus in the pure logical treatment of the question proposed, there appear to us three main object matters for the mastery of the will; hence, it would appear, that three main sorts of all jural relations would of necessity be admitted. We have therefore next to examine those object matters singly, and the first the individual person as object of a special jural relation.
  On this matter the following view is very prevalent. Man, say some, has a right to his own self which necessarily arises at his birth and can never cease so long as he lives; for this precise reason it is called an ORIGINAL RIGHT...
  ...If henceforth we entirely separate the so-called original rights and recognise the aquired rights as the only ones to which our further examination is to be directed, there will remain only two objects for the excercise of our will: unfree nature and extraneous persons."

  In extraneous persons he gets the law of obligations, from unfree nature, comes property.

  Von Savigny was a German and German law was quite a bit tilted toward freedom than others. Kant is similar in basic thought. Von Savigny was like a Kant, but for jurisprudence. Von Savigny follows the path of reason proves his statements almost as well as Kant. (No wonder the Globalists went after Germany the way it did.)

  BUT Von Savigny is a philosopher in these books, not an actual judge. On that it is Christ that explains this cornerstone. The building, its occupants etc may change or burn down but the cornerstone will always remain for those who wish to use it in future construction.

  We have no lawyers, we must become lawyers. (A lawyer IS NOT synonymous with attorney. If you don't believe me, ask one. I learned that from attorneys before other sources.). There is a saying "only guilty people hire attorneys" and its true. An attorney is merely a wealth transfer agent and hiring one is to admit guilt by admitting that a wealth transfer should take place.

  So, maybe for now, we lose everything with the adoption of equality of outcome as an ideal because we lose the foundation for our law, the very thing that makes us free. Maybe we learn the law instead and decide to defend ourselves - really scare the hell out of the establishment instead of having a talking head just draining unfavorable parts of the swamp.

  Without the Golden Rule as a yardstick, our rulers and legislators will make a mess of everything, just as explained in Plato's Republic, even if they have the best of intentions.

  For over two thousand years the basic problem with communism has been well known, yet it rears its head once again in the minds of a public that has no understanding of its past or of its roots.

  Communism is with us once again in the genocide of these South African farmers. We have not lost to this Bavarian conspiracy, we have good laws and we need to exercise them.
See also White Genocide.

Note: Many people think of the common law as that which is held to be in common belief. What is held to be in common belief is really just a practical application the the law which is common to all men. They are one in the same thing, one a looser approximation of the other.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Psychiatrist Convention

There is a story that I heard on YouTube last week, I've been telling it to a few people. Some of them get it. So I'll tell it below and lets see what everybody thinks.
  Psychiatrists were at a convention and a paper was presented. It was not much of a paper but more of a complaint.
  In it the doctor described how his practice had grown, how he was understaffed and could not keep up with the workload. People were coming in for the first time and he had to perform tests to determine if they were crazy or not. Another psychiatrist during a question period mentioned that he had the same problem, having to rent the office next door for additional waiting room space for all of his new clients. Others echoes his concern citing the well known fact that it takes between forty and sixty man hours to properly evaluate a persons sanity.
 Then one doctor stood up and explained that he had a small office in a basement with no secretary and had a small waiting room consisting of a few chairs and he was easily able to keep up with the workload, help his patients and quickly determine their sanity. He explained that his waiting room contained only a tap and in the corner, some old mops, and some chairs.
  He said that when he came in in the morning he would let everyone in, sit them down, then turn on the tap in the corner and watch the waiting room from the window in his office. Patients that turned off the tap were judged sane and the ones that picked up a mop to known to be in need of help.

  When we discuss politics in the conventional framework set forth by mainstream media, wanting the Fed to adjust rates, changing social policy, etc, we are using the mops to clean up a mess created by the fact that we have Jewish money. The monster debt is really nothing but a hoax. There is no possible promise that could back the promise that our promisary notes use as backing. No consideration has ever taken place between the Fed and the government, the Fed simply operates under its own agenda with no oversight from the government, nor obligation to the government (Alan Greenspan says this on YouTube so don't start calling me an anti semite again)
  The only possible solution to get us out of this mess is to turn off the tap and recognize those folks who want to keep mopping the floor as nuts. Political will and knowledge for monetary reform would get us monetary reform. For people unfamiliar with the idea, see movies such as The Money Masters on YouTube.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kant And The Misleading Frankfurt School

The Eclipse Of Reason by Adorno/Horkheimer a key founding document of the Frankfurt School and is an argument against Christianity done along the lines of Critical Philosophy. It does make a decent criticism of Christianity based on it's subjective nature in its lawful determinations. It is the subjective nature of Christianity that Judaism stands against. Ideas like Jury's can prevent absolute power desired by the Jews.

A fundamental aspect of Christianity is it's reliance on conscience rather than absolute law. No man is without sin and no man made law is perfect. Christianity and English Jurisprudence created the jury, the conscience of the court, the Holy Ghost in the Trinity. Christinity's fundamental doctrines protect us from tyranny. I explain the fundamentals here  "Why Are Christians Being Persecuted" from Kant's work on religion).

Dr John Coleman credits the great music critic, Theodore Adorno, with writing much of the music we know as coming from the Rolling Stones and Beatles in one of his books on the socialist conspiracy for world domination. Adorno has certainly been a leading figure in the cultural changes experienced over the past century.

The Eclipse Of Reason criticizes modern society along the lines of it's subjective ethic. It does not mention that it has been mostly Jew's that have lead us down this path to "freedom". Christianity takes the blame for everything that has gone wrong. The essay suggests that a return to Neo-Thomism is the most likely solution, perhaps in this statement they are pointing us toward Noahide laws. I do not know what Neo Thomism is and cannot find a useful definition or book anywhere. Perhaps someone can enlighten me in the comments, it's been a "burning" question.

The essay, The Eclipse Of Reason, of about one hundred pages in length can be found on the web as a free PDF. Its sister document, the Dialectic Of Enlightenment is said by the Adorno/Horkheimer team to be the more academic version of the same statement. The Eclipse of Reason is by no means an easy read. Anyone that has doubts about a grand Jewish conspiracy should probably read the first ten or twenty pages of the Dialectic.

I enjoy cautiously reading Horkheimer & Adorno (they come as a pair, joined at the hip), the stuff is challenging and they do make some valid points. It becomes obvious that they view Kant as a serious threat to the credibility of their project. I'm a follower of Kant and when I read it's usually Kant so I picked up a copy of Adorno's Critique of Kant's Critique Of Pure Reason mostly to read some Critical Philosophy for myself.

Kant is largely unknown today or just remembered as part of the past, outshined by the likes of Berkeley, Hume, and Locke. In reality he is much greater than that, having redefined the problem of philosophy after reading his contemporaries, the most notable of which being Hume. Kant is likely one of the two most quoted philosophers in the history of the subject and is often quoted alongside Plato as being one of the most important thinkers to have ever lived. Schopenhauer is not the only one to have made this statement. Its been repeated often.

His views on space, time and human ontological and epistemological perception forms the basis for his hypothesis that the world cannot exist as we see it. The philosophical problem becomes one of perception.

Adorno's Critique of Kant is short, sharp and directly to the point in the first few pages but also fundamentally wrong. In these few pages of his Critique against Kant he makes a very naive statement that Einstein's relativity disproves the Kantian view on space and time, effectively discrediting the entire Kantian project on freedom itself. This particular criticism is often echoed in online discussions that I've participated in whenever the works of Kant comes up by both casual readers and academics.

Kant's views seem ridiculous to the first time reader and really only gradually begin to make sense on the second or third read. Kant himself even re-wrote it after some initial misunderstandings by his contemporaries. Many misunderstand him as a solipsist as I did on my first read. I can't really get into detail here without writing a hundred pages on the subject.

In the early part of the last century Bertrand Russell wrote some very interesting and short books on various subjects, one being a qualitative explanation on Einsteins relativity. At the end of the book he does a chapter on Kant's view of space and time to caution the reader against believing that the theory of relativity either discredits or credits the Kantian view (both arguments can be put forward with some ground) . This alone speaks to the importance of Kant. A reader of Russell's casual work was expected to be familiar with Kant's main body of work. He cautions the reader that these two views are quite unrelated, one being about perception and one being about reality. It is an obvious point to anyone that has studied Kant in detail, perhaps not so obvious for many who only give Kant a cursory look.

It seems to me that a scholar such as Adorno, who quotes Kant regularly in his works, would not only be aware of the fallacy involved in his basic critique of Kant but would also go to great effort to discredit him, given the goals of the Frankfurt School. The work of this great Christian scholar falling by the waste side in modern thought is no accident. It is a fundamental work on freedom itself, one that will be remembered long after his contemporaries have been forgotten. Its no surprise that those who wish to assault freedom would attempt to discredit Kant in a deep and fundamental way, one that often holds some water in the minds of both casual readers and academics.

Kant explains that his view is subjective, we may look at the world as materialistic in conception or as if there is more to the world than science and causality (cause and effect) itself. There is no penalty paid by science either way. There is no possible way of knowing. Many people do not like Kant, but this fundamental notion put forward by Adorno is incorrect and likely intentionally incorrect.

Two final notes:

(1) The Kantian ethic sits on a subjective basis in the sense that we can choose ethics and morals rather than pure materialism. If this choice is made then morals and ethics become logical and objective. They are are not subjective in themselves. This is a key point as Kantian subjectivity is often used to undermine absolutes in his works.

(2) I would like to caution anyone considering reading Kant's opus magnus in that his Logic notes by Wolfgang Schwarz and the recently published Routledge Guide by Sabastian Gardner are absolutely necessary prerequisites to reading Kant. Gardner's work makes reading Kant actually possible for a non academic such as myself. Garner has a YouTube talk on Kant.

He and other modern scholars do attempt to discredit him in subtle ways.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why Are Christians Being Persecuted ?

Does law come from authority or does authority come from law?

I've been studying the New World Order for many years. I do this by reading philosophy, watching YouTube videos about true history and reading essays on sites such as

I believe that there is a developing race war and that it is meant to distract us from the true nature of this conflict. In reality it is a religious war and this has been hidden behind the scenes of the media nonsense. 

Jewish Hollywood  depicts Jewish criminals as Christians in movies such as Eastern Promises or Amistad or in TV shows such as the Supranos. This creates an underlying belief that Christianity somehow permits these ideas and organizations when in fact real history shows that criminal organizations on the scale of international slavery and organized crime are mainly Jewish organizations. 

Jewish slave traders are not sinners under Jewish law. Women captured and forced into brothels in Israel are victimized under Jewish law. This practice continues today as Jews push for compensation to blacks for slavery from white Americans. (hypocrisy)

See David Duke - Anti-White Propaganda and the Slave Trade. (Anyone demonized in mainstream media and news is someone that deserves to be heard. Anyone incapable can be said to be immature, brainwashed, or both)

Hollywood, the news media, the government, the money system, and the educational system are controlled by a small and largely secretive and closed ethnocentric group. They behave the way any small ethnocentric group would reasonably behave to preserve its own culture and people. Its well worth noting that multiculturalism is a Jewish idea that does not include Jews (more hypocrisy).

Basic underlying ideas for a culture come from the philosophers, most of whom work in universities, which are in turn now teaching mainly Jewish philosophy, and are controlled by Jews. "Impossible equality and arrested development" - Winston Churchill.

Universities have nearly forgotten the great Christian thinkers such as Immanuel Kant or C.S. Lewis. Kant and Lewis are sources from which one can learn about Christianity in a greater depth than perhaps what one can learn from a church sermon or by reading the works by oneself, or by watching videos of sermons on the web, of which many are excellent.

The ideas of this essay, like my others, come in principle from the works of Kant. I am not a great thinker and do not expect to have original ideas. I fundamentally believe that most new ideas are intentionally bad ideas and are usually Jewish ideas in the Jewish universe in which we live. 

Many people are unaware of the fact that laws in a country come from its adopted religion. Ideas that form law must have an immutable basis to prevent the law from being corrupted. Christian based societies have English Jurisprudence, itself based on Christianity. This guarantees that certain rights cannot be removed or trampled upon by any accuser of any accused. You would find many bibles in a Christian based court.Thou shalt not steal, etc are laws from which all man made laws are derived.

Judaism is statutory, a living law, and lives from new ideas such as an ever expanding set of acts and statutes we are to obey. It has no absolute truths other than Jewish Supremacy itself. Non Jews have no rights and Jewish males are incapable of sin under Jewish law. Christianity is built on a few universal core concepts that are outlined below. All men stand equal under the law in Christianity. Racism does not exist under Christian law.

In a religion that has no absolute truth other than the supremacy of its own followers, law comes from authority. If a religion is built on a few universal core concepts, authority operates under these concepts and authority comes from law.

Christians are being massacred all over the world, and have been over this past century. World war two was a Christian war. It was mostly Christians killing Christians. Only the banks and Israel can be truly said to have won the second world war. Ground zero for one of the bombs dropped on Japan was Japan's largest Christian church.

In the Bolshevik Revolution, up to sixty million Christians were killed, often by torture that lasted days, or even weeks. They were the victims of psychological experiments resulting in death.

The media war on Christianity, the founding principles of Western society, has turned most people into atheists. Atheists have no doctrine from to create law and must turn to Progressivism. Progressivism is an idea that the most intelligent of men should lead mankind. Its a stupid idea because they have the greatest capacity for evil, as explained in The Republic Of Plato. Progressivism is really a new Bolshevism.

Christianity is a doctrine that stands in direct opposition to a new world government. The Old Testament warns of it in the story of the Tower of Babylon. We live in a society that is building this tower and the tower is nearly complete. When complete, it will result in the complete subjugation of all of both Jews and non-Jews under different sets of laws.

There are three fundamental doctrines of Christianity that are in opposition to the New World Order which has lead to Christians being persecuted.

Jesus Christ said, in the New Testament, that his people perished from lack of knowledge. Modern churches are not teaching Christian doctrine, at least not the ones I have been in. Preachers on the internet and in YouTube videos are not teaching basic tenets of Christian doctrine. I learned them from Immanual Kant, mostly in his book, Religion Within The Boundaries Of Mere Reason. It is the only source I know of that one can learn Christian doctrine in a concise and logical form.

Many people forget that the Bible is a law book.

1. Eating From The Tree Of Knowledge


Knowledge refers to knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge of good and evil is the knowledge of law. To eat from the tree of knowledge is to use the letter rather than the spirit of the law. Courts do this, jury's are supposed to be aware but courts are not required to educate jury’s and often instruct juries directly to judge from the letter rather than the spirit of the law. This is why the courts seem so corrupt.

2. Separation Of Powers


This is an idea that prevents conflicts of interest. The NT is a book of parables and it explains this as mixing water with wine. In this case mans laws and God's laws are mixed in lawful Holy matrimony. One of the disciples asks Christ about mixing water with wine at a wedding. The wine is the law of God, the water is the law of man. The law of man is necessary for commerce. Sometimes mixing these two is necessary such as in the case of marriage.

One cannot serve both God and Mammon, Mammon being the material world and man. In the case of holy matrimony this is necessary but does not create a conflict of interest.

In earlier times in Western societies, a young man, after graduating school, would have to decide as to whether to spend his life in the public or the private domain. The public domain offered rewards of spirit, doing the right thing. The private life, working in the private sector, offered material rewards. They were separate worlds and this system kept corruption at bay.

3. The Holy Trinity


This doctrine is hated more than any and is completely misunderstood leading to silly debates about one thing being three things at once. This is a classic straw-man attack. The father, the son and the holy ghost is simply this: The father is the law giver, God. The son is reason and forgiveness, the holy ghost is conscience.

It is manifested in Christian societies in courts as the prosecutor, defense attorney and jury. Noahide courts in the new world order will not permit defense attorneys or juries. The idea must be erased from the public mind.

Juries prevent the courts from eating from the tree of knowledge, sending an innocent man to jail on the letter of the law. Juries have jury nullification which permits them not only to consider guilt or innocence, but also if the law itself applies in the given trial. Both the law and the accused are on trial. Power is always being questioned and examined.

The three branches of government, legislative, judicial and executive also manifest the Trinity in structure as well as separation of powers in structure.

Ideas such as public-private partnerships undermine this structure. Legislation, particularly around vaccines, is bought and paid for. This is one example of mixing the public with private. Another one is war. Private corporations make enormous profit from war and therefor lobby for defense spending. Armies must be exercised.



 Christian doctrine represents the biggest threat to the Judaic New World Order tyrannical government.

These Christian doctrines prevent the formation and execution of a tyrannical government, the very thing that the New World Order requires. The New World Order is Jewish, this can be proven by the fact that Jews control the world of ideas as well as the material world. The idea would not be brought forward without Jewish permission. This small ethnocentric group controls reality because Christians have not been taught their doctrines.

The New World government will have two sets of laws, Talmudic Statutes for Jews and Noahide law for those who serve them. Both sets of laws are tyrannical in nature, the judges being trained in Israel by the Sanhedrin Priesthood. Both sets of laws will be administered by tyrants. Both Jews and non Jews will not have a defense against accusations. Double jeopardy will no longer hold and persecution will be at the sole discretion of centralized power, itself the very source of corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As in the Bolshevik Revolution one can be taken to court over and over again under the same accusation until a conviction is obtained.

To imagine how people may be treated we can look at how Jews are treated now. They live in fear due to the false religion of holocaustianity.

Non Jews are being murdered wholesale such as in Palestine. If Jews get to the level of overtly rule rather than covert rule, we have every reason to believe that the world will look very much like Palestine does today.  

"Even the best of the Goyim deserve to be killed" 
- Babylonian Talmud.

Jews advocating the killing of all Palestinians

If we learn Christian doctrine, and demand it, we can stop the New World Order and return to sanity. Sanity occurs when fact and right rule over feelings and when people do not suffer from lack of knowledge.

Finally, to confirm what I have said in the above essay, I have this video of Jewish Intellectual Yossi Gurvitz revealing the grim truth behind the ancient Jewish strategy of playing nice and friendly as long as Jews are in a relatively weak position but of being totally without mercy “when Israel is mighty.” 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Why Did Jews Fake The Holocaust ?

 If you, gentle reader, cannot read objective fact without being offended, then you are immature, brainwashed, or both.

Jewish Hypocrisy

Before examining this question, we must first evaluate its possibility. Does Judaism permit Jews to lie, cheat and steal from the Goyim (non Jews)? Often times an argument will be created that is based on an absurdity at the outset. This technique is often used and non critical thinkers accept an absurdity and the rest of the statement makes sense as long as the initial premise remains unquestioned. This technique is used regularly in Jewish controlled media.

Judaism not only permits lying to and cheating of the Goyim, it encourages this. The Jewish Talmud is a Rabbinical interpretation of the Jewish Bible, the first five books of the Old Testament. You can look up Talmudic quotes on a search engine or look up videos about the Talmud online. It consists of about thirty volumes so you can't read the whole thing. It is a mortal sin for a Jew to expose the Talmud to the Goyim. Fortunately for us, there are many great people that are Jewish and they have exposed Judaism for what it truly  is.

Talmud Quotes  (These can be verified by downloading a PDF version of the Talmud from various places. These links are constantly being removed and replaced.)

Jews consider themselves the chosen people of God. On Sunday, God rested and it's up to the Jews to finish the job as one Jewish woman explained to me. She is a social justice warrior and considers herself highly intelligent so I guess I'll take her word for it. This is the ideology of a supremist.

Members of the Jewish religion and race consider themselves superior to everyone else and have a mandate from God to fix the world. Some things cannot be fixed and must be torn down. Western culture is being erased with nihilism. Young people that graduate university are being filled with vanity and propagandized to go along with the agenda, as if they too are superior. Vanity is the favorite sin of the devil and the favorite tool of pick-up artists. Intelligent people are not immune to the illusions created by the magician.

Without any facts, these ideologies alone, which can be verified in Jewish writings as well as the Talmud, should scare the hell out of you. Judaism is nothing like Christianity and empirically speaking, the Judea-Christian ethic is simply a Christian society run by Jews under the ideology of Jewish Supremacy.

The white countries around the world are in terrible shape, the education is bad, the media lies about everything, the economy's are failing, Western countries are at war and their forces occupy over 150 countries to protect Jewish banks and the money is corrupt. All of the governing institutions in Western countries are overwhelmingly controlled by Jews.

Although Jews are the main force behind multiculturalism, they also believe in strict racial integrity for themselves. There are always one set of rules for Jews and another set for everyone else under Jewish tutelage. Hypocrisy is certainly a sign of evil. It is a particularly virulent form of evil. Double standards rein throughout Judaic rule.

Jewish apologists and philosophers such as Stefan Molyneux state that the higher average Jewish intelligence would explain disproprtionate numbers of Jews in powerful positions. If the IQ tests and results hold water, there should still be a significantly greater number of highly intelligent White non Jews. Mathematics is not a strong point for many and there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

The movement toward political anarchy is also largely Jewish. In my movie, "Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience" I explain why anarchy creates a society of savages. I also explain the importance religion has in making the laws that govern a country. This is the science of Jurisprudence and is relevant even if you are an atheist. You may be an atheist but the courts cannot be. "There are things we know, things we don't know and things we don't know we don't know" - Donald Rumsfeld.

The Holocaust Facts

Historical records show that there were about 4.5 million Jews in Greater Germany just before World War 2. Supposedly six million Jews died, but the Jewish encyclopedia shows a Jewish population unchanging as a result of the war. All other races declined in population. The world Jewish population went from 15+ million before the war to 15 million + after the war. Where is all the survivors come from? Where did all those people that moved into Palestine come from? Did Jews and their banks that financed World War 2 really win that war ? If anyone else won, what did they win ?

World Population Records (photocopies of books)

Many historians have shown that the NAZI's (National Socialist / Zionist International) could not have carried out the killing of six million people with the infrastructure that they had. The "gas chambers" were not gas chambers, they were delousing facilities for clothing. The camps had theaters, swimming pools, etc. The holocaust death figures have gone up from just under 300,000 Jews and non Jews to 6 million Jews over time. (Zionists, by definition, believe that Jews have a God given right to live in and rule Israel)

The holocaust prevents people from asking questions about Judaism, everyone feels bad "those poor people, look what happened to them". The Jews explain questioning Judaism as persecution by labeling those who question Jewish Supremism as White Supremists. They convince the lowest common denominator of society from hearing what the so-called "white supremists" say about Jewish Supremism.

Jews have been booted out of over 100 countries throughout known history. In some countries they were even let back in then kicked out again. Some Jews explain this by jealousy of their superior intelligence and business sense. All countries need a class of people that fit this description to have a competitive economy. 

Few people realize that International Judaism went to war with Germany with a boycott of German made goods in 1933, when other Western Countries declared chapter 11 bankruptcy under Jewish banks.

USA declares bankruptcy in 1933. (Many Western nations declared bankruptcy in 1933, leading them to Judaic (communist) rule)

International Judaism declares war on Germany  (Images of newspapers containing headline)

No one can deny that Jews covertly run the world. To imagine what life would be like if they achieved an overt world government, we only need to look at Palestine. Not only is Palestine theirs, but the world is theirs as well. They are the chosen people of God, they tell you. The bible doesn't really say this, Christians were given the Scofield study bible to convince them that Jews are the chosen people. In reality, Christians are the chosen people, the Israelites, and we have created most of the great societies throughout the world. Almost any country that people would want to live was essentially made by Christians.

Why Lie About The Holocaust? 

Jews wish to destroy every race that is non Jewish and subjugate them to Jewish rule. Christianity is first on the list. The media is being used to manipulate people into hating white Christians. Christianity is a religion that operates against authoritarian rule with its fundamental doctrines of the Trinity, Separation Of Powers and the Tree Of Knowledge. Not many sources explain these concepts correctly and many people get them wrong. I explain these concepts in my YouTube video, "Law, The Light Of Reason and Conscience". Aided by the philosophy of Immanuel Kant I explain the role that law, science and religion play in society.

Mychannel (contains many links + "Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience")

The Jewish holocaust was not the only instance of racial genocide in history. The Russian Bolshevik revolution killed sixty million Christians and burned down or destroyed almost all of the Christian churches. This was a Wall St Banker lead Jewish Revolution. Recently Christians and others in Africa have experienced mass Genocide, Rwanda and Whites in South Africa. No one questions these realities.

There is no business like Shoa business. Not only does the holocaust give Jews permission to take over society without questions being asked, it also makes them billions of dollars. Western countries pay holocaust reparation fees. People too young to have ever participated in the holocaust pay the Jews for the holocaust. Germany gave them a nuclear submarine. The holocaust is mentioned regularly in Western newspapers even today. In the last two months I have seen it in the Canadian Globe And Mail and Toronto Star. Why aren't white Christians being compensated for the Jewish Revolution in Russia, how about those Rwandans ? They do not matter, they are not Gods chosen people. Those mass killings of the Goyim can be forgotten by the Jewish controlled press and education system.

Countless Jews blame white people for black slavery, but this is the Jewish version of history that you see on Jewish media, learn from Jewish controlled education, and read in books published by the Jewish controlled publishing industry. In real history, black slavery was a Jewish institution.

Truth about the Jewish run Black slave trade (one of many links on this topic)

How could a people pull off such a diabolical hoax ? Jews call it Chutzpa. Why would they do this ? It helps enforce their double standard and sense of superiority as well as make them billions of dollars. When have they done this? The six million figure has been used many times before WW2 to gain sympathy for the Jews and to give them power for their agenda of world domination.

Who among the Jews has been doing this? Not all Jews are a part of all this. Research Judaism and you find people like Henry Makow and Brother Nathaniel (see YouTube) as well as many others. They are the best sources regarding Judaism because they were Jews and have since converted.


Am I being Objective ?

  It is impossible to be completely objective using history and current events. These are empirical and cannot lead to any absolute truth, only opinions. We all have lenses from which we see reality and these are colored and warped from our own experiences and prejudices. All thinking people discriminate and have prejudice. Stupid people have none because they do not think.

If truth cannot be discerned from empirical experience, how do we find it? Do we look to authority? Do we need to determine absolute truth?

To be truly and absolutely objective about the holocaust and the subsequent holocaust reparation fees, we may look at it from the perspective of Christian English Jurisprudence and say some things that are absolutely true.

(1) The requirements of
Habeas Corpus has never been met by those charging not only the Germans, but Canadians and Americans as well as others for the crime of the holocaust. ( You are being charged when you pay reparation fees. Being charged in a court of law doesn't mean anything different than being charged for a tank of gas. Courts operate on money and charges)

(2) No
motive has ever been shown.

These are absolute facts and they pertain to the law.

These are basic requirements of a court based on Christian English Jurisprudence, these requirements were not met by our accusers but we still pay for the holocaust. For that, it must be that our courts do not operate according to English Jurisprudence. Our courts are slowly being metamorphosed into Talmudic courts. Only if the owners of the private banks that fund our government and take our income taxes expected to be judged by Talmudic rather than Christian law, could this organization and its theft exist.

What Can We Do?

What can you do? Politics has become a taboo subject. Talking about it offends people and the social justice movement, created by the Jews, creates a class of people that place feeling above fact. Adults use objective reason and children judge by feelings. The world is ultimately governed by political will: change political will and you help change the world. We change political will by talking about the truth. This holocaust has given Jews a license to change the world into one governed by Jews. Most people will not survive a world governed by Jews, understanding creates a need for political action.

The Jewish expectation is for people to change to being Noahides, people that are permitted to live to serve the Jew. There is no reason for anyone to live unless they serve the Jew under Jewish law. You agree to be their slaves or be decapitated under Noahide laws. Many people believe that the Noahide laws are ideal human laws because they read them and do not look for definitions of terms. Non Jews are not human under Noahide and all these laws written to protect humans are only there to protect Jews. Noahide creates only obligation and no right.

Jews hate Christianity because of the Trinity. The trinity is trial by jury rather than authoritarian rule. The Trinity is: God (The Law Giver) The Son (Reason) and the Holy Ghost (Conscience). These correspond to the prosecutor, defense and jury. No law or man is perfect and Christian courts require informed juries, ones that know what "Jury Nullification" means, although the Jewish courts do not require juries to know this. Both Muslims and Jews want authoritarian rule without responsibility. Christianity stands against authoritarian rule, it prevents absolute power from dominating society. People have rights under Christianity.

Too many Christians fail to understand their religion and the fact that Christianity is the basis for English Jurisprudence. Multiculturalism dilutes Christianity and foreigners will tend to vote along the lines of authoritarian rule.

How Much Do Jews Hate?  (a little Jewish TV)

You will lose friends, family members, maybe even jobs, but the alternative is far worse. The alternative is an empty replacement of happiness with pleasure across all culture, and a not so kind ending.

We are being Jewed. Ordinary Jews are being Jewed, the holocaust creates a culture of fear and fear makes people more susceptible to propaganda [Jaques Ellul, Propapaganda...]. Be afraid of this, not phoney global warming, alien attacks, fake terrorism, or anything else not having to do with this. It's all a distraction and the lowest common denominator have the greatest numbers and they determine political reality.

Fear is the tool of the NWO, it is the tool of propagandists.


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