Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Is Doing It To Us ?

Is it Jews or the BAR association, or is it the nature of a technological society, human nature or politicians? Is it the banksters ?

I think its a combination of factors, first of all I think the technological society is a creation of the the rulers (banksters) for the purpose of enslaving us. Wars are created to speed up technological development, concentrate "wealth", keep people distracted, angry and sometimes dead while a monster (technological society - Frankenstein) is built up around us. This monster continuously demands more and more control because the modern man, "Homo-Economus"[1] demands, above all else comfort and safety where his counterpart, homo sapien sought truth and justice from his gods. His gods served him well, keeping him humble and the machine at bay.

The control that is required by the technological society is demanded by the technicians (actuaries, economists, engineers, big corporations) so they can plan for the future created by the banksters - its their gig. They print little pieces of paper with numbers on it calling it money. They control the future so that the technicians can plan for it. Plans enslave us by limiting freedom. Homo Economus becomes the subject of his plans.

The BAR backs the banksters up and makes the paper into money with the law. Politicians don't make laws, the law is a separate entity, the "law" is the UCC - the uniform commercial code created to protect commerce on the high seas, now on the land, its Administrative law and Equity courts, it almost never has a jury. There is value in dishonor and this value is converted to illuminati/satanist debt notes by the courts. Money is the god of Homo-Economus.

The judges decide law in equity courts, using what the politicians wrote as law as only a guide. In Equity law the judge excercises discretion. In administrative law, the law consists of administering the law along with public policy and the benefit of all (communism). Most people study administrative law in law school. The real law, as applied today, is nothing like the old common law that we see on Law and Order and other TV shows.

So its money that controls us, provides the element of control necessary to keep the machine running. But its the BAR that gives us the foundation of "justice" that society sits on, that Homo-Economus believes in. The BAR gives the illuminati/satanist debt notes value through enforcement of law and its men with guns. They enforce the tax laws and trick people into their jails for not paying the criminal, immoral and Marxist income tax. Income tax pays for more war and the machine gets bigger.

Justice and the machine are incompatible, the BAR works for the banksters who operate the machine through planning done by their tax free foundations and secretive think tanks. So justice loses because the BAR association works for the banks too. BAR association members are rich by the standard of the common excrement shoveler - they are paid off, not paid, to keep the machine running as it does for the banksters so the technicians can keep planning. Bar members laugh all the way to the banks, their pay cheques are high because they allow themselves to keep their numbers low.

Its the Jews that get to be the scapegoats for the BAR (British Association Registry). Everything the Jews have been accused of doing in secret has been openly practiced by the BAR. At the bottom of every rabbit hole you find yourself wading through weasel excrement. The courts have the final word. BAR members speak with a forked tongue -their words have double meaning. They create and manage the foundation of our society. They have the monopoly on justice which is the foundation on which society sits.

Its the BAR that locks up people like Earnst Zundel and makes the Jews look bad. The need to make the machine bigger means more war and more propaganda to keep everyones eye off the ball.

If this post sounds disconnected, sorry, when wading through weasel excrement its difficult to know what you are stepping on. Can anyone straighten out all this UCC, Equity Law, Administrative Law nonsense ? No way. Maybe they can't either, they just keep laughing all the way to the banks knowing they can say whatever your interpretation is must be wrong because they have the monopoly, they say what is and what isn't.

If anyone can falsify this, please do so. Tell me where I am wrong. I want to figure this machine out. This is a working theory and I am looking for falsification.

[1] Term used in The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul.

Reading The News

When we read a story in the newspaper or even by a well intentioned and intelligent individual should we accept this as fact ?

I generally take individual news stories as a small peek and look for an underlying truth by reading many stories of similar incidents. The news is a product of the information age, it is filtered, third hand information. Plato talks about shadows on the wall and this analogy is very good for considering news stories. We are not seeing what actually happened, we are seeing a shadow on a wall depicting what someone else believes as important regarding the events. The written word by the author may actually have a different meaning to the reader when sentences or paragraphs are considered. A grander truth may be exposed that the author had never intended in the case of fiction and non fiction reporting - this is certainly true of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein which speaks of the technological era and was written before technology had a discernable affect on society. Factories didn't exist, plowing was done with the aid of animals rather than machines.

So what can we discern from the news ? Many stories fit patterns, from those patterns we may discern a grander truth. An example of this is stories related to child or sexual abuse. Any one story is likely to be very loosely related to facts based on the subjective interpretations of writers which are based on the subjective feelings of victims. But when we hear these stories over and over again, certain patterns emerge and we must ask ourselves of the grander truth: what is it that causes this to happen and how can the problem be mitigated? Has this stuff always happened ? Can society protect us from this ? Should society protect us from it ? Is it a manifestation of the structure of society or is it primarily human nature ?

I think stories of children being abused by priests and judges expose grander truths - the corruption that can (and therefore will) exist within any secret society or organization. I think this is an important aspect that is a common thread running through many of these stories and is a grand issue exposed. They expose a fault that exists in the structure of society that if fixed, would prevent things like this from happening.

The events surrounding 9/11 show us that someone is keeping secrets. If the events occurred the way we saw them on TV then the official version, scientifically speaking, must be lies. I think we can safely say that the buildings collapsed straight down through their own footprint - no one has said any different and the accident scene would be different if the buildings had actually toppled as would be required, scientifically speaking, if the official version of events was true.

Can we say that airplanes hit the buildings? As far as this goes there are very few witnesses and the witnesses we do have video taped what they saw, but there were few of these and videotapes can be doctored up.

Many people suggest that the buildings came down for another reason other than the plane crashes - if indeed planes did hit the buildings. So, did planes need to hit the buildings ? Maybe. Do we need to know if planes hit the buildings or not to make the conclusion that we are being lied to by the very officials that are supposed to be uncovering the truth about this ? No, its practically irrelevant - but if planes did not hit the buildings it would expose just another lie - that is it.

I think its a provable scientific fact that the buildings came down for another reason other than planes hitting them. To me its almost irrelevant as to whether planes were actually even there.

I don't know how the buildings came down, there are a lot of competing ideas on this. I do know that they collapsed straight down through the path of maximum resistance and for this 9/11 was a controlled event. It was a planned event. There had to have been explosives pre-planted within the buildings and officials are covering this up. Therefore it had to be an inside job and our officials are protecting whoever did this.

All other facts, innuendos, ideas, are just window dressing. From a very small set of facts the case can be proven with almost no doubt. This is VERY RARE. Normally we do not get to see and examine the evidence supporting news stories for ourselves. Normally the evidence is not so clear even when it can be examined.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Television Lately

On "V" the creatures want to vaccinate the humans. The V creatures use the same methods that the establishment are using on us, gaining our trust, providing "universal health care". On Law And Order a scientist that spoke against CAP and Trade gets murdered. Pro AGW scientists are cooking their data and they are a bunch of scum and liars (this is normal, the recent scam is nothing, global warming is still real and scientists lie about their data all the time ?)

I've been overloading on TV lately because I have a lot on my mind and I'm a little sick of thinking too much. I haven't watched TV is quite a few years, except for old shows like M*A*S*H* off the satellite.

Most mainstream shows are shows I haven't seen - I watched Desperate Housewives the other night for the first time (great show- if you are a guy especially).

Whats going on with TV telling what we think is the truth ? Maybe it isn't.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Carry in the USA

Here a man openly carrying a handgun and video taping a police officer during a traffic stop has some interaction with the police. This man was not being stopped but filmed a citizen being stopped.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Education / Ivan Illich (1926 - 2002)

I was surfing around looking for information on Jacques Ellul, and I found this talk show on education by a philosopher that was associated with Ellul in the sense that he spoke against totalitarianism.

So I found this page with audio posted at the bottom of a talk given by Illich.

He some very well stated ideas on what is wrong with education today as well as how it can be changed. Illic is a very accomplished scientist, historian and theologian.

He was called to the Vatican in 1968 regarding his dangerous views and ideas.

He is quoted as saying: "I would would like to help people smile, smile the social system apart..." He has many other wise and very funny things to say.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paul Craig Roberts Retires

Paul Craig Roberts has retired from journalism and has said that the truth is now irrelevant. His statement to this affect is posted on as well as his own blog.

Another friend of mine from Toronto 9/11 Truth has done the same thing.

I think we have missed something in our analysis of the new world order. We have made a lot of people angry and without an idea regarding what to do about the situation. The things regarding NAZI's, bankers, etc are are true but we have failed as a movement to search for deeper truths.

When I started school in grade nine, it was my machine shop teacher that spoke more true and relevant words for today than those of my English or history teachers. He explained that when you are operating a machine and you get your hand stuck in it, the machine will just keep going. It doesn't care if your hand is stuck in it or not. It will strangle you or tear your arm off without feeling and keep running as if nothing happened. He explained the necessity of being careful and using proper safety techniques when using machinery.

The fact is that technology itself is enveloping us, and the nature of the way we use technology (technique) is psychopathic- it is one great big machine. Technique now rules us. Mathematical economics determines the most efficient ways of organizing the world around us. As more and more technical methods are developed and used, more are demanded. If we demand efficient cars, then we must have an efficient state to plan and build the roads. We must have laws that dictate how these roads are used because they are straight and smooth and do not prevent anyone from speeding. The necessity of city planning means people sometimes lose their property, elements of our history get destroyed. Our history is a reference to who we are.

It is the planning that technology requires that makes our future foretold. A foretold future is by its own definition, a reduction of freedom.

Technical education itself is distinctively lacking in ethics and the humanities, the human cost of things is hard to quantify and it sometimes gets ignored when plans are made. Man shapes himself to fit into these plans out of economic necessity and his own humanity reduced.

These ideas come from The Technological Society by Jaques Ellul, a classic book written in the sixties in French and translated to English. It is a very thought provoking book and has changed the way I see the world. I'm only halfway through the book and will be writing additional posts on it.

I watched the movie "Repo Men" the other day. In this movie people borrow money to buy organs when their own organs fail. If they missed their payments, the organs are repossessed. Could this happen ? Of course it will happen. No technology ever gets developed without being used. It will be expensive to get new organs and payment plans will be necessary.

The truth movement has been developing techniques to hold the state in check in the form of the freedom movement, old techniques that use protest and demonstration have been used. There is no technique of preventing technology from chipping away at the human ethic. The two are incompatible and cannot co-exist.

Human beings are evolving from Homo-Sapien to Homo-Economus, as Ellul explains. In my view modern civilization is too large for our current ethic to be applied. We see the people we know in terms of being human, the ones we do not are a mere statistic and they see us the same way.

Defining a problem correctly is the primary step toward finding a solution. The truth movement has not defined the problem in adequate terms yet. Once a problem is defined, the solution is often trivial and given within the formulation of the problem. Defining the problem in more exact terms is what we should be doing IMO.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Somewhere in the bible it explains that when our leaders and priests are lying to us we must turn to the pagan priests for truth. In our civilization this is Hollywood, or so I am told - both of these things by Jack Smith, one of the leaders of the redemption movement.

It takes a fairly decent knowledge of law and banking to see the message in Dorthy's dream in the movie The Wizard of Oz, but I was able to see it. The message is also in the book Alice In Wonderland. The courts are often called Wonderland and the minions of the courts Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. The message did not ring clear with me with Alice In Wonderland.

In Peter Pan, Peter is careful not to lose his shadow which is an allegory for our shadow government. In Puff The Magic Dragon we are given a code about redemption, but it too is unclear. In Puff The Magic Dragon we learn that we cannot speak and must have a person (paper man) speak for us until we learn how to talk in the courts as well as the nature of admiralty law. It takes some knowledge to see this message.

The message in the movie Coraline is much more obvious. Here Coraline is offered a chance to live in a world very much like our own, she is given everything she wants and is finally a chance to stay if only she will allow buttons to be sewn in the place of her eyes. The movie is very well done and imaginative, a story hasn't been told before to my (limited) knowledge in this area.

Check the movie out sometime if you are looking for something different and more interesting than the typical repeated story lines that normally comes out of Hollywood. Its a great little movie and its all about exposing a truth.

Hollywood has a clear message in this one.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Debunking Debunking Global Warming Debunking

Even though the global warming alarmists have been not only proven wrong and proven to be liars I decided to take a walk on the other side and listen to this video done as a book promotion by Naomi Oreskes supporting the AGW hypothesis. Naomi is a trained geologist who espouses the view that science is something that the common man can make judgments on based on popularity of a theory within the scientific community. She insists that just because something is proven wrong doesn't mean anything because things in science are sophisticated. I'm not a sophist so I don't much go for sophisticated things.

She compares the anti AGW camp with those who spoke against the hypothesis that smoking causes cancer and names a few scientists who were both anti AGW and spoke against the smoking-causes-cancer hypothesis.

She says that the latest AGW scam of the IPCC emails being exposed means nothing because the people that exposed what are now known as lies may not be qualified AGW scientists.

She says that science has grown faster than exponentially. I was under the impression that science grew exponentially because the amount of new knowledge was always proportional to the amount of existing knowledge from which to work with.

She tells us that we should investigate who is funding the anti AGW factions, but does not suggest we should apply this as a general rule to anything we hear regarding "science".

She is careful to discuss very little evidence and the evidence she does present is not within what normally would be considered a geological time frame and sticks with evidence gathered from what she says is the "19th century" but is really the 20th century (purposefully ?). She is a scientific historian as well as a geologist.

She claims that the anti AGW side has put forth very little if any evidence supporting their claims. She says the anti AGW camp has been a giant propaganda machine executed deliberately to confuse the public. This has been executed by organized think tanks according to this woman. There are no limits are there?

She says that she was accused as being part of a liberal conspiracy to bring down world capitalism "as if liberals are organized", well Naomi, you are right, liberals by their nature aren't very organized, but neo-liberals sure are.

She is skating on thin ice through this, and I think she has fallen into the pond at the end of this. It was kind of fun to watch - especially seeing people walk out in the middle of the talk and the skeptical look on peoples faces toward the end.

If you want a nice compressed video of all the pro - AGW arguments, here it is. You may be have an overwhelming compulsion to clean your desk, wipe down your monitor or perhaps even dust out the inside of your computer after watching this, as I did.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Speaking Of Democracy

Nothing else exposes the assault on language like the multiple definitions of democracy. In some cases this assault has been unintentional and merely a sign of our language unable to keep up with thought processes and other changes within society. In other cases it may be a direct assault to confuse questioning people and skeptics.

Below I will outline some definitions as I understand them. I will put other words which are poorly defined in quotes to help expose the confusing nature of our language around these political issues to further expose the uselessness of our language in discussing anything regarding politics.

(1) The common definition of democracy is the right to vote. As the State propagandists were showing how we were converting Afghanistan to democracy the voting activities of Afghan "citizens" were shown on the "news". Of course "citizens" of Russia were allowed to vote (for Stalin).

(2) The political definition of democracy is the will of the masses. This is the most widely understood definition and is used to expose the dangers of democracy- that is that rule by the masses can devolve into tyranny against small groups. This is the reason why America (some say the "United States") is a "republic" (actually re-public) according to many patriots. In reality, America is a Republic, United States is a privately owned and operated bankrupt corporation that parades itself as a country as is in itself fascist and communist in nature.

(3) The philosophical definition of democracy has three components: Happiness (the right of "citizens" to persue what makes them "happy"), Equality - that is that all "persons" are considered to have equal rights before the "law" and Liberty - to pursue ones interest provided those interests do not interfere with the rights and freedoms of others. This comes from "After The Deluge" by Leonard Woolf who treats the subject in great detail in this excellent and well known book on communal psychology.

(4) The commercial definition of democracy is emerging through the freeman / redemption movement as the government of the "citizens" who are subject to bankster will through voluntary slavery made possible through the 1933 bankruptcy in which the United States took over America. (In reality this happened just after the civil war when America (the South) went bankrupt fighting the English Crown (The North)).

There are more than definitions than this, I am sure.

Platos Republic describes democracy as we see it now, rule by the "bourgeois" (people that control politics with wealth and ownership of means of production [Marx]) classes, corruption and insider politics that eventually devolves into despotism. Plato believed that the highest form of government was a Timocracy, a system where honor rather than power or wealth would be the goal of citizens. Plato believed this would devolve into rule by a philosopher king and this system if not carefully guarded would itself devolve into an oligarchy. The oligarchy (bloodline rule) would devolve into a democracy. Plato thought that a philosopher king would be the best system, where kings would be chosen from the schools with the criteria of the student that displayed the best characteristics of temperance, courage and wisdom which lead to justice.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ernst Zundel

Earnst Zundel was released today, we all know who he was and why he was locked up.

To me he represents one of the steps that I went through to reach the point of being able to see. I never questioned the holocaust, I had no reason to. But when they locked Zundel up for questioning it, I wondered why. I knew that something was horribly wrong, Zundel being wrong or right about the holocaust.

I was busy with life, I didn't have the time to look into it and had decided at that point that I would learn about Zundel and about the holocaust. I know now that it doesn't matter if the holocaust was real or not, not when you compare this to the act of locking Zundel up for questioning it.

Zundel was locked up for questioning this and this is far more significant than the event itself. It means death to millions - death in spirit, death in manhood, womanhood, we become children. We are now nations of children.

I think Zundel was probably right. There isn't a lot of evidence supporting the holocaust.


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