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Latest Terrorist Threat 1/23/2013

The latest gun threat occured at Mount Carmel school where a five year old girl threatened classmates with a Hello Kitty bubble gun, pictured below. Could this young girl be the next Usama bin Laden ? Could the toy manufacterer Hello Kitty be the next Al-CIA -duh ?

I started to realize that a lot of the people that work for this system are actually nuts more than ten years ago. This particular incident, the way that it occurred and has been reported proves this more than the incident itself - if it did happen the way it was reported.

In a sane world the school Superintendent Bernard Stellar of Mount Carmel school would have been given a straight jacket and taken to the nearest puzzle factory for close evaluation and testing, but in the world in which we live, the five year old girl with the Hello Kittle bubble gun was suspended for ten days. The suspension was later reduced to two days.[1]

Her mom and dad want her at a different school but they cannot get her in due to this on her record, even though her psychological evaluation showed her to be functioning within normal parameters 8-). This shows that Mr. Stellar is not the only one that is nuts.

The little girl was interrogated by the superintendent for three hours. Could she have been tortured if she had told the superintendent what any one of us would have said to him ?
Is the superintendent trying to make a point or is he actually nuts? My guess is that he is actually nuts, certainly the other schools in the area that will not accept this little girl are as crazy as Mr. Stellar seems to be.

Maybe the school administrators just need more parameters from which to operate. Maybe sane people that base judgment on reason should be running the schools.

Another school was shut down for hours over a nerf gun [2]


[2] ibid

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Gun Control Debate

Similar to the Global Warming debate, the gun control debate is virtually non-existent in mainstream. Global warming is well known to be a fraud and its easy to see why invitations to debate were consistently rejected by the pro global warming side. Global warming could have easily been exposed as a fraud if free fair debate was permitted. The New York Times has recently closed its environmental desk. ( see ) No one is buying that anymore.

The Sandy Hook shooting has brought the gun control issue to light, and the liberal/democrat side has been using emotion and the importance of the problem to espouse its side while carefully side-stepping any reasoned debate.

The following short debate between Larry Pratt and that neo-liberal sack of shit, Piers Morgan illustrates how the liberal side tries to control the debate and keep it emotional while the more reasoned Pratt tries to tries to expose his reasoning.

A similar debate occured between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan, but Jones became overly emotional and was unable to espouse fact on air but was able to tell the listeners that there are studies available that show gun control does not reduce violent crime. In fact, violent crime always rises when gun control is implemented, this is consistent. Jones had the rightful indignation that many reasoned people are beginning to feel. Jones was not attempting to cover up fact. He was primarily trying to expose the FBI statistics.

The gun control debate is always framed buy gun control advocates as being strictly about violence by gun shot. It may very well be that gun use in crimes decreases, but violence itself increases. Gentle reader, would you rather be beaten to death, stabbed or shot ? Or would you rather be in equal footing with your would-be-assailant and have your equal footing act as an effective deterrent ?

Studies by the FBI and National Academy of Science show us the argument in favor of gun control is based on bad information assumed to be true by those that are mis-informed, lead by emotion, or lead by authority rather than reason.[1],[2]

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjected peoples to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.”
Adolph Hitler, Edict of March 18, 1938 (source - )

“What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people….We have to be repetitive about this….We need to do this every day of the week, and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”
Attorney General Eric Holder (source - ibid)

[1] Gun sales have been on the rise, these FBI statistics show a decrease in violent crime:

[2] National Academy of Sciences panel on firearms and violence has reported its findings: (you have to read this carefully) . Also see (a-priori means "independent of experience and necessarily true" eg: a straight line is the shortest distance between two points)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Emile Parker (Sandy Hook victim) Sitting on Barry Soetoro's Lap


The strangeness of Sandy Hook is very well covered on Global Research.

This whole thing is much stranger than 9/11.
 Sandy Hook & The War On Reason

This past weekend I was sitting at my local Starbucks/Chapters reading while a group of three high school teachers chatted beside my table, close enough and loud enough so as their voices could be heard over the pink noise I play on my MP3 player to block out noise when reading at cafes.

I took my earphones off and I explained to them that I could hear from their conversation that they were school teachers. I told them that this Sandy Hook incident had been bothering me and that I wanted to know what they thought of it.

They said didn't know what to think of the situation, their attitude was that no one can really know what happened, so why bother thinking about it ? I responded along the lines of the following.

The Columbine shooting is something that can be thought of as plausible. Its possible that a couple of kids, after being bullied and excluded from normal social activities may become angry enough to want to kill their classmates and school teachers. Its unlikely but at least it's plausible. Other mass shootings can be explained (although weakly) along these lines.

Sandy Hook is different than the others. No one can reasonably think that the confused and mentally deranged shooter could view a group of six year olds as the source of his problems or as a threat to his well-being.

Pedophiles do what they do as a (twisted) act of love. What pedophiles do is not based on hatred or anger. There are abusive parents, but what they do is out of frustration or an inability to cope with the world. Some are psychopaths, some have a pathological hatred towards their own. Their children are not strangers, nor perhaps innocent in their eyes. Serial killers carefully plan their activities and activities both increase and are spread over time.

Where is the motive for an adult to shoot a bunch of perfectly innocent six year old children in cold blood ? A perpetrator needs anger to be directed at his/her target. Who could be angry at classroom full of six year olds that they were not taking responsibility for in any way? Baby sitters, parents  or school teachers may get frustrated and angry, but not strangers.

There is only one group of people that would murder a group of innocent children in cold blood, and they do it with drones regularly. They do it slowly and covertly with aspartame, fluoride and vaccinations. Communist governments are the only group of people that are capable of this kind of atrocity. No one needs to be reminded of Hitler, Stalin, etc. Democide is the number one un-natural killer[2], exceeding early deaths due to tobacco and car accidents by a very wide margin. Of course tobacco and car accidents kill a far greater number of people than killers using guns.

Only the well armed liberal/democrat gun grabbers have been the ones that benefit from this atrocity. They benefit by the change of public opinion that is now in favor of their encroachment upon the rights of ordinary citizens to protect themselves with gun control acts and statutes as mandated by the heavily armed communist financial oligarchy serving United Nations[1].

Communist countries have always disarmed their citizens prior to mass cullings. Its more efficient to kill than to re-educate when so many people are not required to serve elite interests. Disarming US citizens will lead to psychological defeat - all that is needed for strategic defeat. A massively expanded overt police state is being created[3].

The perpetrator of a crime must always have a means, motive (guilty mind) and opportunity.

The motive could be to implement the mandated communist UN gun control agenda[4].  Gun control requires a favorable public opinion. The USA still operates by public opinion - or lack of any opinion (complete acquiescence to power). If this wasn't true then empty neoliberal slogans would have been un-necessary. A group of innocent children being murdered turns simple minds against guns in the same way that slogans such as "Support Our Troops" and "Yes We Can" make people favor war and a larger welfare state.

Anyone that has seen a Mike Mandell or other hypnotist show knows the means for this crime is obvious. The CIA/NSA/FBI/DHS  control grid has a lot more time, resources and knowledge to hypnotize someone than a Saturday Night stage show hypnotist working with people he has never even met in front of a large audience. The control grid has laboratories, professionals, years, and lots of possible subjects from which to choose as hypnosis subjects. A Saturday Night stage show hypnotist can make subjects quack like a duck on stage fifteen minutes after meeting them. Its hard to imagine anything the military industrial complex could not accomplish with hypnosis.

Any group of unarmed people is an opportunity for a mass killer. A group of armed people does not create an opportunity. A possible mass shooting was recently prevented by an armed citizen[5]. Statistics consistently show that more guns means fewer victims. FBI statistics reflect this view[6]. The National Academy Of Science also did a statistical study that reflects this view[7]. Had these teachers been packing heat none of this would have happened. Thieves and murderers victimize those who cannot defend themselves. Who would break into a house with occupants accompanied by Smith & Wesson ? What is the real reason for the gun control agenda ?[8] Clearly it isn't to protect law abiding honest citizens.

People hear this official nonsense about an adult murdering six year olds on TV and they believe it, but at the same time they must realize that the story isn't really believable. People are learning to believe the unbelievable and shut reason off[9]. The war on reason leads to acquiescence to authority. We can be ruled by authority or by reason. Thought in total opposition to common sense is a direct assault on reason. No thought at all is a complete acquiescence to authority.

The teachers left afterward, one said that it was a pleasure meeting me. These striking school teachers probably have a lot of time to talk with each other and who knows what may come out of this conversation I had, or any of the other hundreds I have had with other individuals. Maybe I planted the seeds of an eventual orchard that could save us today, maybe I will another day, maybe someone else will. I think that its important to keep talking about this and other events that have explanations given by the networks that do not fall within the bounds set by reason or common sense.

Conversation lets us practice our reasoning skills. Kant (the most often quoted enlightenment philosopher) explains that without the use of reason in conversations and in free speech, we will lose it in his essay entitled "What Is Orientation In Thinking ?". He explains the importance of having the courage to use ones own reason in his essay called "What Is Enlightenment ?". John Stuart Mills, another brilliant philosopher of the enlightenment period explains the importance of free speech for preserving liberty in a book that a twelve year old could read called "What Is Liberty?". ("What Is Enlightenment ?" is an easy read by Kantian standards)

More than anything, Sandy Hook is a perfect example of a shot fired in the name of the war on reason, if it actually happened or not[10]. One could argue that it would be more efficient to fake it than to do it such as with the terrorists on the planes on 9/11[11].

[1] See John Perkin's "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man", G. Edward Griffin's "The Fearful Master: A Second Look at The UN". Oligarchies control democratic civilizations to the extent that they can, democracy is the last stage before despotism - See Aristotle's "The Politic".

[2] "20th Century Democide" Statistics published by the University of Hawaii,


[4] Reuters, , ,


[6] Gun sales have been on the rise, these FBI statistics show a decrease in violent crime:

[7] National Academy of Sciences panel on firearms and violence has reported its findings: (you have to read this carefully) . Also see (a-priori means "independent of experience and necessarily true" eg: a straight line is the shortest distance between two points)

[8] Max Weber, see , 

[9] USA War Department now called Department Of National Defense while it wages aggressive wars all over the world, "Yes We Can", "Support Our Troops", Global Warming, Overpopulation (get an airplane ride and a window seat), Water Shortage (the planet is almost completely covered in water), Acts and Statutes believed to be laws. See also "Why We fight" a propaganda film for ww2 (free online) to see how ideas have changed wrt natural rights and the constitution. If the USA and others are so concerned about the well being of citizens why are they involved in the trafficking of heroin (real motive for war in Afghanistan)?

[10] See and many other related questions on the links at the end of this video.

[11] , , , See also Pilots For 9/11 Truth on impossibility of poorly experienced pilot steering plane with degree of skill required for 9/11.


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