Saturday, December 26, 2009

Debunking Elitism

The modern crisis, the fact that God is dead has brought us elitism. Nietzche is is often understood to be the father of the NAZI movement, although I am not convinced of this nor well enough read on the subject to quote others who would dis-agree with me. To me Nietzche was a highly ethical, moral man who eventually went bonkers after witnessing too many of mans moral transgressions. Nietzche suggested that God must be replaced by super-men and that all men should be subservient to the super man (what this acheives I do not know- more on this later). It is this modern crisis that the NAZI's were born. A belief in elitism characterises NAZI philosophy.

Does the super-man exist ? People assume that some people are much much smarter than the rest of us and attribute this to genetics. The same can be true about athletics. The Wayne Gretskys of the world can play hockey much better than the rest of us, but the rest of us were not dragged out onto a pond at 6 AM to practise hockey every day at the age of four years old.

I have some experience in serious swimming. I self trained, never had a coach and swam for several years for two miles per day in sets of 400 m freestyle followed by a pre/post warm up, warm down. This amounted to about 2.5 - 3 miles per day. At the age of 29, being a pack a day smoker and 15- 20 lbs over ideal weight, I acheived a 400 meter freestyle time of 4 minutes, 35 seconds. I was never an athlete, and I had severe allergies as a kid preventing me from being an athlete. The current world record for the 400 meter free style is 3:40:59, just a minute faster than I could do it. Its likely that a time of 3:30 or better has been acheived during practise for some athletes, although not offcially witnessed. Sometimes you are in a zone. Its likely that if I didn't smoke cigarrettes and was ten years younger my time would be significantly better with no change in training practises.

This record was achieved by an athlete that has daily professional coaching, was nearly a full time athlete who swam twice a day, a distance of around about 6- 8 miles (normal for swimmers in training although in this case I don't actually know). This athlete was Ian Thorpe who was 18 years old at the time, in his athletic prime, and likely never smoked a whole cigarette in his life.

Our physical abilities are remarkably similar. The same can be said of animals, how much faster is the best racing horse than a similar breed of horse that does not receive the same training for running ? Can the same thing be said of our intellectual abilities ? One would assume this to be the case until proven otherwise, given that both are believed to be rooted in biology and our biologys are very similar as well as very different from apes and monkeys and other lesser intelligent beings.

The folks that are the great scientists, doctors, mathematicians and judges all share the common trait of dedication to their field, a feverish devotion. The mathematician who proved fermats last theorem had the dream of doing so since he was a ten year old child. I didn't know who or what fermat was when I was a ten year old, nor did I care. He had a dedication and a lifelong dream. Andrew Wiles was knighted for this achievement. Andrew Wiles was the kind of ten year old who went to the library to read math books.

I met a master chess player once, he explained that he was very intelligent and likely the most intelligent person I had ever met, he also had a masters in physics- climatology - and he believed the AGW hypothesis until I showed him why it couldn't be true using only the data presented in Al Gores stupid movie. We were doing carpentry and the boss believed this guy that he was much more intelligent and he got the better jobs. I made a bet once, on a time required to do a moderately complex piece of carpentry. I did a far better job in one hour with simple tools than he did in 3 hours using complex tools and I won the bet and he paid me for it. So being a master at chess or having a masters in physics does not necessarily make one particularly intelligent.

We were all in school once, was it not the children who did their homework and showed an interest in the subject matter that got the highest marks ? I never knew anyone who got great marks in math who didn't like the subject and didn't do the homework. I have tutored perhaps 200 people on the subject and gotten to know them well regarding their mathematical abilities and attitude toward the subject. The people who had the trouble were disinterested in the subject matter (99% of them), the other 1% being perhaps incapable of doing it. I never did meet a student who had trouble that was giving the subject a serious effort. The big problem was always a lack of confidence.

I knew a doctor of philosophy once, we became friends because we were both broke and bored and I gave him what little money I had in exchange for his answers to my questions about philosophy and his help with my writing style. He claimed to have an IQ of 180+ and seemed very intelligent to me because of his knowledge of philosophy and literature as well as an incredibly rich life experience. He was an Iranian ("special forces" colonel in the Iran/Iraq war) but loved English literature and the language. One day he accused me of stealing six dollars from him, I pointed out the fact that this was impossible and that I couldn't have stolen the money. He insisted with the hypothesis that it was the only explanation. I know this wasn't the only possible explanation because I didn't take his money. So much for geniuses.

Plato said that the men of exceptional ability are both good and bad and should be watched because of their capacity to do evil [Platos Republic]. In our society we praise intellectual greatness and allow those such as Maurice Strong to operate largely in secrecy. Clearly our attitude and actions toward the intellectual elite are not self preserving. Is elitism another scam like the AGW hypothesis ? Do people naturally except IQ testing as a realistic test of human intelligence because they are told that this too is scientific ? Is the human mind itself capable of developing a realistic test of its own abilities ?

Why do we allow our so called "geniuses" to operate in secrecy ? Is this just another way of dividing us and allowing evil to help fulfill the nihilistic dream of a one world totalitarian government ?

What does genius really achieve for mankind ? Are we truly happier with our new computers than we were with our commodore 64's ? Has technology and intellectual achievement been good to mankind ? Does it increase happiness ? Aren't we all hedonists ?

Our intellectual prowess has brought us the machine, which can replace many of us. Our machines haven't made us happier. Maybe this is what the church knew in the dark ages. Maybe the nihilists want a new dark age for precisely this reason and they are using our machines and automation to accelerate our own destruction.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What To Do If The NWO Can Be Stopped

Tax free foundations, corrupt debt based script (money) and secret societies have lead us to where we are today. The problems can be fixed.

Suppose for a moment that the NWO was stopped, all the corrupt bankers, drug dealers, murderers, high ranking environmentalists, and child molesting satanists were thrown in jail. What could we do to fix civilization and prevent pure chaos ?

I think it could be done, and maybe much more easily than people think.

(1) Send all members of the BAR association back to the City of London - every single one of them. Build a wall around it, no one goes in or leaves. Let the lawyers lie and escheat one another.

(2) Replace the money supply with government issued asset bonds that would be issued to banks to be re-issued to communities for upgrades and repairs in the form of bank notes that are particular to each bank, ie Bank of Nova Scotia notes, Bank of Montreal Notes, etc. Keep the current fractional reserve system and have severe penalties with public oversight to stop any group that seeks to undermine the system the way it was undermined in the late 1800's, bringing in central banks. Give everyone a bare minimum allowance for sustainance as business grows through the rebuilding and repair of roads and industry via private means.

(3) Establish new courts consisting of "Articulators", judge referees and juries. Articulators would simply help each side articulate their cases in a logical manner and call witnesses on behalf of their clients and replace lawyers. Juries would judge. Laws would be as in the New Testament Christian bible, as it is now but without the secret societies and secret agenda related corruption, or in other places the Koran, Hinduism or Judiasim.

(4) Publically governed professionals - no more secret societies. Make journalism a publically governed profession. The elimination of all tax free foundations. The wealth of these foundations could be converted to the bonds mentioned above and replaced with bank notes to keep sustainance of the population while industry is being rebuilt.

(5) School cirriculum under total control of communities with no outside forces such as from the federal government. Law and government would form a major part of the cirriculum, gun usage and knowledge would also form part of the cirriculum. A well armed population is the best way to prevent crime. Establish guideline requirements for language, logic, computational mathematics, history, and the arts to ensure pupils graduate competitive in a creative knowledge based world.

(6) Re-establish the hyppocratic oath for medical professionals. Privatize health care. Everyone would be able to afford it with a new strong economy.

(7) Discharge the countries bankruptcy (1933 and in the States twice prior). End the wars and bring the soldiers back home.

(8) Legalize hemp and marijuanna, make alchohol illegal. Altered states are a part of every civilization, marijuanna is safer than anything else. Create a hemp based rather than petro-chemical economy.

(9) Provide an island or a place for the self considered elite who believe that humanity and our ethics are holding them back from greatness. Let them be great using their own resources and labour and ethics.

(10) Let other foreign cultures re-emerge. Re-hydrate through desalinization, the continent of Africa. Give it to the blacks to re establish their old cultures and beliefs and shape them to fit into a modern world. Give India back to the Indians, etc. Let all the countries print their own money rather than have it under control of the drug dealers, murderers and satanists of the IMF, UN and World Bank. Have a truly multicultural rather than mono-cultural world where humanity develops by learning from one anothers cultural and ethical mistakes and evolves accordingly.

The wealth would quickly be re created and more evenly distributed than in the past leading to shorter work weeks and greater productivity, a more educated and healthy population with a future quite different from the oppression, death and poverty we currently face. There would be no more wars because the countries would all be printing their own asset based money, populations would quickly feel the cost of war in their wallets.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Giant Terror: Tarantula

The UN anti-human campaign has a series of posters, these can be seen at PrisonPlanet . One is pictured above, there are two more. Can you believe this ?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

End Global Warming: Stop Polar Bears From Melting

Polar bears are melting everywhere causing a decrease in the population of ice caps which is causing global warming and its all YOUR FAULT.

Petition the EPA today to stop these cute little man eaters from melting away and ruining our environment.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Happens Next ?

Well it looks like the Pentagon has dusted off their flying saucers and little green men in the second attempt to form world government as outlined in the Report From Iron Mountain. This is to be the next step if environmentalism gets exposed.

See Strange Lights Over Norway

Remember, you heard it here first.

If this doesn't work, we will see Jesus Christ and Mohammed in the sky, (now courtesy of Operation Blue Beam) as outlined in the same report. You heard that here first too.

Free Sex

The most important issue facing humanity as a whole is taking place in Copenhagen. The ridiculousness of the pro AGW hypothesis is laughable, nothing the pro AGW supporters say is actually true. Mostly its colourably true, but can be shown to be more colourably false. Statements such as "The AGW hypothesis is supported by the majority of the IPCC scientists" is such a statement. Many of the IPCC scientists left because of corruption. You can learn more about this by watching a free online movie called "Global Warming or Global Governance". This movie will illustrate the trick science espoused by the AGW hypothesis supporters.

In Copenhagen, the delegates are being offered free sex. Human beings are not always reasonable, and this may be just enough to change a delegates mind if it works the way I suspect. I think that a hooker would be propositioned by some delegate then she would call into a center with a database to see if this if this delegate is approved. If the delegate is approved, then he/she/them get a free-bee.

I doubt the ladies of the evening organized this themselves and were motivated somehow, therefore being organized. Isn't this so typical of the whole AGW scam ? A bunch of prostitutes gathered in a place for freebes, which is what they get with the carbon tax.

Downtown Copenhagen there is a display of a polar bear in ice. The sculpture is slowly melting exposing the skeleton underneath. This reminds us of the statement from the pro AGW camp that polar bears are dying because man uses too much energy and puts too much carbon dioxide into the air. Polar bears are not dying, and mans output of CO2 is insignificant.

In another place there is a group of people peddling bikes to generate electricity to power a Christmas tree. Never mind the irony of display like this being funded by a bunch of bankers, who were forcibly thrown from the temple by Jesus Christ, or the fact that the Christmas tree power is organized by a bunch of satanists, but the fact is that humans are not very efficient at generating power by peddling bicycles. There would be an order of magnitude greater carbon output with humans doing the peddling rather than having it generated by conventional means.

Does this not really and completely show us the nature of the pro AGW camp ?

Are they just doing this to insult us ?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Idiot was published in 1868. It is a famous Russian novel about the decline of Christian and moral values in a society preoccupied with money and social status. Dostoevsky is a noted author for his insight into human character and is most famous for his novel "Crime And Punishment".

His novel contains the passage:

"By reading the Apocalypse. She is a lady with a restless imagination. He he!. And I've noticed too that she has a great partiality for serious subjects, however remote they may be. She likes such talk and takes it as a mark of social respect. Yes, I am a great hand at interpreting the Apocalypse; I have been interpreting it for the last fifteen years. She agreed with me that we are living in the age of the third horse, the black one, and the rider who has the balance in his hand, seeing that everything in the present age is weighed in the scales and by agreement, and people are seeking for nothing but their rights - 'a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny'; and yet they want to keep a free spirit and a pure heart and a sound body and all the gifts of God. But by rights alone they won't keep them, and afterwards will follow the pale horse and he whose name was Death and with him hell followed..."

The 100+ years of warfare started soon after this novel was written, with the British Boer wars, (1880-1881 minor war) (1899-1902 major bloody war) followed soon after with the first world war.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Climate Change Exposure: The Hidden Gem

The whole climate change supporting bureaucracy has been exposed through the efforts of a few heroic hackers. We all know this - at least those of us who can still think.

But, Lord Monckton, today on Alex Jones (3rd hour starting at the beginning of the 2nd hour) was calling for the abolition of the UN. Imagine that ! He calls for the formation of a world political party to oppose these morons at the local level.

He talks about the overpopulation goals of the AGW hypothesis supporters and speaks truth at every turn, without pulling any punches.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Science, Morality and Sanity

I have an absolute obsession with globalism and what has been happening around us and I have had this obsession since 2001. Its the most interesting thing that I have ever come across and there is something that is telling me there is hidden key someplace in the understanding of all of this. The hidden key may be all we need to magically make it all go away.

Maybe I can be the dude that connects the dots, win fame and fortune, and be loved all over the world - book signing tours, and ultimately having big fences to keep hoards of beautiful young women from breaking into my place - or least thats what Freud would probably say my real motive is. But I haven't read Freud yet so maybe thats not it. Maybe I am just trying to save my own ass in the most interesting way I know. Maybe I am bored because I don't have a "job" because I never liked regimentation to begin with (I don't confuse it with discipline and am self employed). My motivations are certainly important in considering my conclusions and I am not really sure what exactly my motivations are, all I know with absolute certainty is that I am motivated in figuring this out. Maybe an outside reader is better at figuring out my motivations than I am.

I don't read much because I have read someplace that is more important to read good material thoroughly than it is to read volumes of material. This is also in the bible, as I have recently discovered, so it must be true. It is for this reason and not my own natural intelligence (I am only average) that I have enough confidence in my beliefs to write them down.

Lately I have been thinking about the behaviour of people on newsgroups wrt agrguments related to globalism and how it can easily be shown to be at least childish, more than likely closer to insanity than simple childish behaviour, but this in a way not immediately evident on its face. I have the biologist that a fellow blogger (MaggiesMusings) in mind that she spoke about on my previous AGW post. The biologist said that the earth tilt has nothing to do with seasons, but in fact it defines seasons. To confidently state this about the earth tilt is a sign of arrogance, which is a sign of insanity (or just idiocy) when the speaker is wrong.

I know that the people who argue ridiculous things such as the AGW hypothesis to be true, or that buildings just naturally collapse straight down through their own axis (of greatest resistance) after fires actually know better. No one is really this stupid. Some of these people believe that the earth is overpopulated and something must be done. They believe they are in the moral right and are thus able to keep their sanity. How sure they are of the overpopulation problem I can not say. All I can say is that I don't believe it even a little bit - I don't think there is even a 1% chance that it is true.

But, what about the people who just work at jobs and are slowly being driven to exhaustion from long hours and stressful work that they actually hate ? They haven't had time to really consider all of this in most cases that I know of and they don't like talking about it. They are the driving force of the establishment just as the NCO's are the backbone of the army, as col Potter once said in M*A*S*H*. Their ability to reason is slowly being eroded.

We are all scientific to a certain extent, and the scientific method is really just a natural way that we think IMO, it was just brought to light from words on paper. Science and morality are a bad mix and we are forced to mix the two setting one above the other. For people that do not know the real agenda is depopulation, their morality is in constant conflict with their scientific mind and this is driving them insane. This is best illustrated in a book called Political Ponerology that describes that physiological changes in brain structure that occur in people when they are part of system where these two aspects of their minds are in constant conflict. The book was written from the perspective of polish doctors doing autopsies on soldiers and people in the establishment in the 1920's and 1930's and previous.

What was the real purpose of 9/11 ? Some may argue, including myself, that it was perhaps a distraction to confuse everyone from something bigger in the backround (end of 1933 bankruptcy) and/or to put a police state in place that will be necessary to enforce globalization. Some people argue that the attacks erased a lot of debt, both moral (demolishing CIA, etc records of wtc7) and monetary (destruction of records in towers), but the "debt" isn't real -its just imaginary and entirely dependent on a belief that it does exist so that is probably not it IMO. These two ideas are well supported, but lets consider the purpose of the AGW hypothesis for a moment.

Could anyone reasonably expect the AGW hypothesis to actually "fly" ? Many people knew it was a scam in the 1990's. Anyone who has any brains at all, confidence in their own discernment of political reality and who chooses to look into the AGW hypothesis can clearly see that its probably one of the most blatent and biggest frauds ever attempted. If it wasn't so serious many people would probably need to be medicated just to stop laughing.

The risk of failure of the AGW hypothesis had to have been considered, and what seems like a failure on the face may not actually be a failure at all. Maybe we were supposed to figure it out. That certainly must be true of the building collapses of 9/11.

If the purpose of the AGW hypothesis and of the terror attacks of 9/11 was actually to start driving a large portion of the population insane, then everything would make sense. Maybe when the last bits of the scientific dictatorship fall into place it will be the result of everyone figuring out that both 9/11 and AGW were a cruel hoax proving our own stupidity and lack of ability to govern ourselves.

To create a scientific dictatorship based on the use of carbon, it would make sense that a large portion of the population must be driven insane. Everything about our culture and religion speaks against this type of top down control and by driving the majority of us insane, we slowly learn to not trust our own judgement making us ripe for takeover and erasing the essence of who we are - we are anti-authoritarians to the very core of our beings in the West.

This idea came to me after waking from a nightmare, during which I was forced to lie to a friend who was a cop for the purposes of both saving my own ass from embarassment and from saving other people from having a target for which they could hate, after me doing something utterly stupid (an act of vandalism that speaks of teenage boredom and mischief). This is a mirror of which many other people face in reality, as the little people in the establishment get off on their little childish power trips in the same way I initially got off in my dream, but I could awaken. Those people that cannot awaken from the constant shocks (conflicts) in their minds must slowly be driving them insane.

In this moment of clarity I felt the need to get up and verbalize this idea before it faded away.

The motivation for all of this nonsense must be to drive the population insane and prepare them for a scientific dictatorship. I've been working on this idea for a long time, and have verbalized it before in other ways. I would really like it if someone could show me I am wrong. I'd hate to be on the wrong track all this time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Questions for AGW Hypothesis Supporters

Much of the argument both for and against the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hypothesis contains too many graphs and too much math. Its enough to turn non science educated people blue in the face, I would imagine. Much of it is meaningless and presented to generate confusion with false assumptions underlying the data presented.

Question 1. Is CO2 a major greenhouse gas ? Many scientists are saying that is is not. My favorite source for information on AGW is an interview between Dr. Timothy Ball and Black Krishna, an activist from Toronto. Sometimes this link gets broken but you can search "Black Krishna Timothy Ball" and find it easily. In this interview Dr. Ball makes the direct and falsifiable (can be shown to be false if so) statement that CO2 is an insignificant greenhouse gas. Many others such as Michael Coffman show the same thing in his movie "Global warming or Global Governance", which is also available free on the web.

Question 2. Do you believe that the 32000 scientists (9000 PhD's, 300 PhD Climate Scientists) listed on are in cahoots with the oil companies to destroy the carbon cutting plans of our politicians to see the earth destroyed ?

Question 3. Have you given both sides of this argument equal consideration ? Are you afraid to give "the other side" a chance to present its evidence ? Did you know that many people change their opinions after watching "Global Warming or Global Governance"? Do you have to be knowledgeable and understanding of both sides of the AGW hypothesis argument to be of informed opinion ?

Question 4. Is it possible that the entire AGW hypothesis is to scare people into paying more tax and allowing certain special interest groups to collect billions of dollars in taxes ?

Question 5. Do you believe that scientists working for the government are free to speak their minds ? If so, why haven't more university and establishment employed engineers and architects spoken out about the obviously false government explanation surrounding 9/11 and in particular the building collapses ?

Question 6. Could it be that this whole carbon scam is to replace our existing fraudulent banking system with an equivalent fraud that only serves the ruling elite with carbon credits ?

Question 7. Is it possible that this whole AGW hypothesis was created to distract us from obviously more pressing issues such as economic collapse, corrupt money, unethical bailouts and all of the wars ?

The AGW issue is the issue of the day, we must re-activate on this. The carbon tax will soon be signed into law in the USA and there will be no turning back from this global agreement unless other countries who will be beneficiaries of some of this tax will let us out of it. Canada will do whatever the USA does and once its done, its done. Discussion groups on the web seem to be dominated by AGW hypothesis supporters.

Maybe more good and simple questions can be posed. When we ask questions we are "as_king" and take control of debates.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remembering What We Should Remember

Remembrance Day is a day that we should all remember what it is exactly that we should be remembering. As Donald Rumsfeld once explained, there are things that we know we don't know and there are things we don't know that we don't know. For many members of our populations, many do not know that they do not know why we actually have wars and how to figure out who the winners and losers are.

World War 1:

Winners: The central banks and governments of both countries won this war. The banks accumulated more debt to be recovered through the (then new) income tax and were able to use these profits to expand their puppet governments to get them to accumulate even more debt and eventually drive the USA into bankruptcy (1933) and the German people into shame and debt in believing they actually started the war. The bankruptcy of the USA allowed the banks to entirely take over the government in the same way a Ch 11 bankruptcy takes over a bankrupt corporation. The government was now run by Trust Law as a result of Ch. 11, making government the parent and the people the children. Parents can and sometimes must lie to their children. Its OK, go back to sleep...

Losers: The people who fought in the war who were killed or maimed on the battlefield from all countries involved lost. The people back home whose government borrowed the money from private banks to pay for it all and received a bigger more corrupt government and higher amounts of taxes and corruption to pay for the ballooning debt. They also got the beginnings of a public education system to dumb them down even more and keep them fighting more wars. People became children and the corrupt government their parent, giving the government tacit control over the thoughts and actions of the populations.

World War 2:

Winners: Nazis who wanted world government received the UN after the initial attempt at the League of Nations failed after World War1. (Americans were too smart to fall for it after World War 1, but a few more years of public education eliminated this problem.) . Big Nazis such as Prescott Bush and the Royal Societies in Britain as well as others did well as a result of World War 2. Governments of both sides got bigger and more corrupt, banks profited from massive rebuilding (and massive borrowing) after the bombings and destruction. More debt gave more power to banks and in turn to the public government. Administrative Procedures Act adopted in USA as a result of bigger and more corrupt government in 1947, giving governments more power over dumber citizens. The arms race started as a result of World War 2 leading USA to weaponize space, necessary to enforce world government as well as waste all kinds of privately borrowed money in an arms race that no one could ever win assuring them that a nuclear standoff could never occur (MAD).

Losers: The people who got the UN to govern over them now face Codex Alimentarius and Vaccines, the most diabolical plans likely ever developed by mankind for the purposes of depopulation. The people now are accustomed to giving up all their rights when they enter a court room, thanks to the Administrative Procedures Act. After a few years of public education after world war 1, were now ready after world war 2 to receive Fluoride in their water to dumb them down even further. More income tax, more wars and more drugs to dumb everyone down even further over the next 50 years. People also got massive amounts of street drugs to dumb them down even further and drive them into poverty while providing CIA with black operations funding to corrupt other governments, start even more wars with the goal of putting private central banks into other countries so that their populations could get what we have been getting.

All The Other Wars: Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, the Cold War, + All The Other Wars such as the ones in the Congo and Haiti That No One Is Supposed to Know Or Think About:

Winners: The banks have been consistently winning all wars, the wars and black operations have put privately owned central banks in all the countries we have had wars with. The central banks have brought income tax and public education for the people to meet their Marxist ambitions of a centrally controlled government, along with Fluoride in their water to keep them silly enough to keep going along with all this. What the silly Marxists often forget is that these are corporate controlled governments, not governments of "the people".

Losers: Same as always, the people who receive public education, fluoride in their water, drugs on their streets and higher taxes and a bigger police force and more corrupt courts and more taxes to pay for it all. Because of their new found stupidity they get duped into fighting more wars to expand the diabolical UN system of control to other countries. The space race will soon give governments absolute rather than tacit control over the world citizenry as we exchange our wooden yokes for iron ones.

The end game is forced vaccinations and Codex Alimentarius, necessary for a 95% world depopulation as fewer slaves will be needed in the technological society.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

PsychoPolitics: Call Me Crazy

This 50 page document is a MUST READ.
It explains what is being done to our society and why. It explains the humiliation that we endure from the graft and corruption as well as gives reasons that may explain the graft and corruption. It has much to say about psychology and Pavlovs dog type experiments on human beings that may explain some of the diabolical behaviours we have seen.
Its the heart of the serpent and really gets to the core of what is happening. I read little books like this all the time on the web related to our problem. This is likely one of the most important things I have come across. It explains why some may be attacking Scientology. It suggests that both Scientology and Christianity make people highly resistant to communist brainwashing and must be attacked. Recall the Scientology has done a brutal attack on Psychology/Psychiatry. These two brain sciences have been shaped by the soviet operatives to instill communist values into the minds of doctors so they believe their science is based on rational deductive or other types of thought, in reality it is based on communist brainwashing.
It also suggests the role of the psychiatrist in the future destruction of our society. Recall a huge phsyciatric hospital being contrusted in Alaska that can contain a million patients (us).
Its a very easy to read, well written document that should scare the hell out of you, and it should also show why others such as Alex Jones are using scare tactics. The moment we stop questioning any authority in this movement is the moment we stop using rational thought and become easy targets for those who would brain wash us.

eW shloud awlays be arwae of the afefcts fo pschyolyg on uor thguoht rpocesses.
Thoughts ?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Redemption Going Mainstream

The things I have been trying to explain wrt law and money are very well explained in a book, given on the website They sell a book of the site that seems to cover the basic ground.

I looked through some of the book online on and it does present the basic principles. I haven't read the book, but think its too condensed to be truly internalized. The authors hypothesis is the same as mine, if we all learn this stuff we can undo this terrible system. I'm guessing that good lawyers (if they exist) and judges are waiting for the population to figure this out.

I still believe that the highly repetitive book, "Invisible Contracts" by George Mercier is necessary for someone to rapidly internalize these ideas. This followed by some writings on The Law Merchant from, followed by The Redemption Manual is probably better than the book because the book just isn't long enough in my opinion. But I have not read it. It may be better for some.

Its the only way we can take back the system. Anything else leads directly to the iron yoke and absolutely no hope of ever getting out of. It means starvation, sickness, psychological abuse and a life of nothing but work. We have no choice but to learn this stuff.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9/11: The Real Motive

There is another reason that would justify the attack on 9/11 that literally no one from the "truth movement" is considering.

Of many perhaps thousands of quotes given on the internet, none has more truth or more relevance that the following quote:

"White man speak with a forked tongue"

This quote was spoken by an "indian" in an old black and white movie at some point, probably made in the 50's. It was spoken ,not of the actual white man, but of his rulers and likely described the situation the natives were in when negotiating settlements and truces. It is the nature of our legal system to hide the truth.

It is the nature of our political system to hide the truth and its military strategy to divert attention from the truth or more important things. We have been under a military government since 1933 when both Canada inc and the USA inc declared bankruptcy. The first thing that happens to a country during a military takeover is they lose their money and it gets replaced by worthless War-Script, which is what we now use for money.

When a corporation declares bankruptcy, its government becomes subservient to the banks which actually run the company to better manage its finances. The corporation board of directors and the banks operate under Trust Law and under Trust Law, unlike contract law, full disclosure is not required. This is what has allowed our public officials to legally lie to us since 1933. Complain all you want about lying politicians. Its legal and its expected by the banks so it isn't going to change. This is where the speaking with a forked tongue comes in.

One example is "National Security". What is meant by the term "National Security" ?. Most people assume that it is the security of the nation and its people but thats that is not what National Security means. The banks control the nation because of chapter 11 bankruptcy, and it is their security that is the true meaning.

After 70 years a country is to be forgiven for its debts and the bankruptcy should dissapear, just like for individuals the number is 7 years. This is law and has been for a long time. Its the law as in the Bible, which is the highest law, whether you belive in God or not.

So, in 2003, 1933 + 70, our rulers decided to keep us in bankruptcy when it could have been forgiven. We could have stopped using war-script as money and had honest money and the income tax and wars could have just stopped, juts as surely as the punishments for personal bankruptcy stop after 7 years.

But in 2003, the people and many of its politicians were heavily distracted by the wake of 9/11, all of its wars and the growing police state at home. It prevented people from seeing the big picture and stopping the real force behind what is being done to us.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Residual Morons

There are still a few people out there that believe Usama destroyed the buildings on 9/11, vaccines are good and lawyers are there to protect your freedoms.

Thankfully the number of people that still believe global warming is real is rapidly becoming miniscule, given the small size of the protests yesterday that were to inform us that the clock is ticking and that we are all going to die if CO2 levels remain above 350 ppm (parts per million).

The Toronto Star showed the march in Toronto picturing fewer than 50 people, deceptively leading us to believe in the photo that they were taking a picture of a few people of a large crowd of protestors. If there was a large crowd, we would have seen a picture of it. If the global warming hypothesis was true then the protests would have been huge.

The site shows the small number of people in Sydney Australia as well as many other places around the world with pictures of the crowds. See "350 Day Fails To Impress"

Are all these protestors just people that profit from this myth ? Has the grass roots activist community woken up ? I would say this has happened as of a year ago when I lived in Toronto and was always asking people about global warming. Most have caught on.

Perhaps its job security or investment security that is driving the residual moron to keep marching in the street to show us that carbon dioxide, if not controlled, will kill us all.

Truth seekers won this one for sure.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Legal System & Redemption

If I agree to cut your lawn for $5.00 then we have a "system" I work, you pay. You cannot force me to cut your lawn except for the fact that we have an agreement you agree to consideration of $5.00. This would be legal and its a system. It could be called a legal system. If people agreed to be subservient to myself, the great lawn cutter, this would be legal too. Perhaps I could wear a green robe and slam on a bench with a pair of clippers when I didn't like what was being said in my court.

The legal system is nothing more than a system of commerce that happens to be legal.

It is our agreement with the state that they can hold us in bondage and tax our labour. Its lawful because we have agreed, but it has nothing to do with the LAW- no more than me cutting your lawn has anything to do with law - unless I break the law while doing it. The "legal system" is a system of slavery that is legal because of our aquiescience. Forced slavery is illegal, slavery is not.

Their consideration (what they give us in exchange) for our aquiescence into slavery is free medical, police "protection", etc. Those services have eroded and the police have no obligation to save you or answer or do anything about your complaint. As long as you are not filing charges against their gods (lawyers, judges, doctors, etc) then they play along and answer your complaints, pretending they have to.

If you want to file charges against one of their gods, then you must get an attourney and pay him fortunes. Of course your case will never go anywhere because the attourneys are in the same club. That club is the group of secret societies that govern us. The BAR association, all professional self governing associations. This includes the Professional Engineers which is why monkeys like Seffen and the rest can go on bullshitting us about 9/11.

I suspect the Free Masons are just a distraction, mostly just getting blow jobs, playing poker and eating pizza in their meetings. The real powerful secret societies are right in front of us. The best way to hide something really big is to put it in plain sight. The doctors tell us we need vaccines, engineers tell us the official version of 9/11 is legit, lawyers tell us we still have rights...They are truly the ones in power, they are the gods of our legal system, worshipped by the public.

Redemption is for people that see all of this and want to do something about it. A great document called "The Redemption Manual" can be found free on the web. Its only version 1.0 and the manual is now up to version 4.5, but the later version isn't free and the shorter version one will lay out the basic idea in a set of short essays.

Only one thing will save us from Globalism: that is to understand its rules and what the legal system really is.

Our corporate government went into bankruptcy and has been there since 1933, and they are allowed to lie to us and depopulate us and do whatever the banks (UN, IMF, etc) demand because they are in debt. When a corporation goes into ch 11 bankruptcy its management structure changes and the banks or creditors run the show. A chapter 11 bankruptcy consists of three components: A guarentor (who supplys cash influx), A trustee who is trusted to run the show and the beneficiaries who are the entities that the corporation owes money to.

We are the beneficiaries and the government is the trustee and they can legally lie to us on behalf of the trust guarentors (the banks). Full disclosure is not required under trust law. The corporate government said to the banks (paraphrase) "Look, we know we owe you guys a pile of cash, and we are a corporation, and we want chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In return we will turn the people of the country into slaves to pay the debt of this corporation". BUT the banks are not really the trust guarentors, they are administrators for the guarentors. We are the guarentors. We create money, we are the only ones that can create money. WE CAN THEREFORE FORGIVE DEBTS.

We received a private trust in return for our aquiescence to slavery. This private trust can be used to pay debts. The banks figured most of us would never catch on.

Ultimately, every society sits on a foundation of laws which must be just. The nature of our system is just, but the just nature is well hidden. We do no have to fall into debt. We can have our accounts adjusted (ADD JUSTICE). Its all just a big word game.

If we were to eliminate that debt the forces behind all these other things would no longer exist. That is why they want us protesting and spreading fear instead of learning more about the law and how this paper tiger can be eliminated by filing the right paperwork.

When the government says one thing they mean another. They do not feel threatened by our street actions. Anything to spread fear and keep us out of libraries or the web and reading the law is good. Fearful people are more easily propagandized.

Stop living in fear, start reading and thinking. The pen really is mightier than the sword and this is because every civilization must sit on a foundation of just laws.

This is the idea of corporate democracy. Sieze nations, put corrupt people into power, bribe them to drive the country into bankruptcy so the banks can then step in and take over, brainwash the people and turn them into slobbering idiots with their noses stuck to a grindstone with public education so that they don't even know they are slaves.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Money, A Just Society and the BAR Association

I put this post up on in response to a TV appearance by Richard Belzer (Det. Munch on the Boob Tube) on the Fed that was on the Boob Tube. Belzer was complaining about the Fed. The real power that enforces the Fed is not the fiat currency, but the legal system and its associated men with guns and the secrets it keeps from the general public wrt how the system actually operates. This mis-understanding of how the system operates is the source of the problem. When everyone knows the rules of the game, it becomes fair, no matter what those rules are.

Going with some kind of gold standard is equally as dangerous as the fiat currencies controlled by central banks.

The real power may be held by the banks, but it is excercised by members of the BAR association, which is very dangerous because lawyers are required to hide the true nature of the system from the public. This true nature is the fact that we are under trust law rather than contract law (Ch 11 bankruptcy) which does not require full disclosure about how the system actually operates to the public BENEFICIARIEs. The public does not realize that they are the beneficiaries of the system and can wield great power in making a change. This is somehow kept secret and this is the secret the folks like the Builderbergs do not want to let out.

Very few patriots understand the actual system but prefer to complain about the government lying to them and pretending they still have this constitution. Its gone and has been since 1933. We got propaganda and lies in its place.

All of the gold is now owned by the PTB, turning money back to the gold standard is turning us back to substantiative law rather than equitable law. Substantiative law is absolute and unforgiving (Old Testament) rather than forgiving like the New Testament (Equity law). THE BIBLE IS A LAW BOOK !!!!!. The PTB will gain control of the money the same way they did this time – with secret societies and secret ambitions if we have a substantiative legal system. Debtor prisons would become commonplace.

The only way to cure all of these problems we face is with much better public education. Teaching people how to think so they can ask questions like: “Why do we still work 40 hrs per week in a technological society such as ours? Can’t computers and automation reduce this workload ?" If this could be done, life could be a life long learning experience rather than learning until we are 23 or so then putting our noses to the grindstone and never looking up again until we are 65.

This debt in Canada and the USA could be eliminated with our signatures- nothing more, through the use of our powers as beneficiaries and using our private exemption evidenced by the birth certificate. BAR association members could be put on a ship and sent back to Britain where they belong. We don’t need lawyers – we can be our own lawyers and have the best people in society nominated as judges- or use juries all the time. We would have the time – we wouldn’t be working all the time ! There wouldn't be much crime, there is much more than enough wealth to go around. Humans could soar to new heights that would previously be unimaginable. The planet could be cleaned up as well as made to support a far greater population. But could the PTB hold their grip on power in such circumstances ? Pride is the deadliest of sins and i think not.

Ultimately money is just a tool and it shouldn’t really matter what it is made of in a just and enlightened society.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Are Politicians Seemingly So Corrupt ?

I learned this yesterday - probably one of the most important things I ever heard - from Gordon Schiller. You would be amazed at what you could learn from Mr. Schiller. Our society runs on contract law. Everything is by contract, but people do not know this and that is fundamentally why we are in so much trouble. There are some very important contracts in society that we are unaware of and we could easily fill our obligations and clean up society completely - with a few signatures. Not a single shot fired. Imagine that.

Imagine if someone was running up and down your street saying "I'm going to cut everyones lawn for free" He kept on doing this then after a week or so just dis-appeared. Everyone would sort of thing the guy is a wing-nut and that their lawns will not be cut. People would laugh about it on Saturday nights and the incident would get soon forgotten.

Suppose someone went out and accepted the offer ? Just said "OK buddy, you can cut my lawn. Thankyou very much, awfully kind of you" and all that. That guy would get his lawn cut.

Afetr we elect politicians they swear an oath. But we don't accept it and thats why the oath means nothing. Its that simple.

So here is the oath:

"I, A.B. do swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to
Her Majesty Queen Victoria."

Oh Oh. Thats not to Canada ! But wait a minute. What's Canada ? Canada is a private for profit corporation. It has jurisdiction in the waterways surrounding Canada. You volunteer to go into Canada when you go to court and state to the judge that you understand [stand under] the charges. Without them bringing you under the jurisdiction of Canada Inc., they have none. The trick they play is called the Penumbra Doctrine. When you stand under corporate rule you lose all your rights. The lawyer and the judge work to trick you into Penumbra. Judges do lots of yelling and show-boating to trick and scare you. Canada has no oath to you.

So what oath does the Queen have ? Its called the coronantion oath and it gets violated as well. Why ? Likely because no one has accepted it...

Its a nice oath and I feel pretty safe under it. Its the oath not the person...

I haven't got it all figured out yet, but when it gets simple you are usually close. I have depended on lots of great work by ex judges and real brainy and caring people to get this understanding. Its so simple I wonder why I didn't see this all myself.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last week I got called an anti-semite. I was quoted as calling someone a "shit-eating Jew". There is not an ounce of truth to this- its pure fiction. I don't believe Jews run the world - secret societies run the world and they have to operate is secrecy to do what they are doing. The anti-semite label is just the last refuge of a scoundrel.

The world is a stage, on which Zionists, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and others play a role. In a play you never get to see the director. If you look hard enough at the laws and history which has shaped our world you can see who the directors are. The rulers are the law makers, the printers of money and the same laws that work for them can work for us and they have existed for thousands of years. They are written in the Bible.

They key is to know who you are.

Friday, August 7, 2009

More Daibolical Than Warfare

Today I started reading Plato's Laws. This is Plato's explanation of how civilization is run, the bedrock under which it rests is law. Warfare is between two or more countries or people who have differing opinions with regard to what law should or should not be- in its most ideal sense or who should be making the laws. Our modern civilization uses war to determine who prints the money and therefore who writes the laws. Law and money are really the same thing. Our money system and our legal system as as inseparable as dirt and water are in mud.

Warfare does have advantages, it builds culture and gives young people a sense of purpose and a reason to better themselves. Young boys join the army to become men. Great music such as Led Zepplins No Quarter is about war. Saving Private Ryan showed us an idealized example of the best humanity has to offer through the trial and tribulation of warfare. Many paintings depict man in a state of war. Countless classical scores have been written about it.

Todays modern war is not so glorious, and we would probably be better off without war but a replacement would have to be found because war is what human society has been all about. All over the world, for a mellenia, cultures have been created around the idea of warfare and this is as true of North American Indians to the ancient tribes of Africa and everyone in-between. For some reason humanity and war seem to mix.

Our rulers, being eugenicists, want a replacement for war. War gets the best of the genetic gene pool killed off according to them. The replacement has been decided - environmentalism.

I was reading about Brazil in the Sun a few days ago. The government is starting a campagne to get people to start urinating in the shower to save water. Whether people pee in the shower or flush urine down the toilet has absolutely zero affect on our water supply and to get people to believe that we actually consume water is an assault on reason that must surely be equal to that of the belief that cows farting will destroy the ozone layer.

Plato believed that the same political form existed in the individual, the family, the villiage and the state. Virtue for humanity leads to happiness and virtue is described as wisdom, temperance and courage which combine to make justice. Warfare creates these qualities. Aristotle had similar ideas, although not identical.

Environmentalism is just plain mental abuse. It assaults our ability to reason and there is nothing noble about peeing in the shower. There is nothing in it that will better mankind. No one will write songs or make movies about people peeing in the shower to save the environment.

Peeing on the shower and cutting meat consumption will not create a more virtuous mankind.
Environmentalism is just pure evil, even when the satanic ceremony and insane control and taxation are put aside. Humanity has never faced a greater threat than environmentalism and I see no advantage in it, other than to create a slave class.

See the cartoon video propaganda promotion:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alternative Reality Syndrome

As I learn more about the world that surrounds us I am starting to realize that the main problem may be what some refer to as A.R.S. - Alternative Reality Syndrome. Its very difficult to self assess for this affliction, possibly even more dangerous to go to a professional for an assessment because many professionals suffer from the affliction and may incorrectly diagnose their patients. Someone who was suffering from this affliction themselves once suggested I was and that I should see a psychiatrist. So, not being sure, I went to see one. He did not believe that I was suffering from this, although he was himself as far as I could determine. He believed that I was not because I could back up my beliefs but I wouldn't expect every health professional to act this way.

I recently had a conversation with a bank manager who was suffering from this - so badly that when I began to ask questions she hung up the phone. It may be that our monetary system isn't as bad as people think- for us people I mean - it forced our countries (the corporations) into bankruptcy but not its people. This gives the people a distinct advantage over the corporation, but it is poorly understood. Its very complex and I am beginning to see the light.

This advantage provides us with commercial remedies. We create the money (we are the creditors) and the banks incur debt as a result of us creating the money. We help the bank with their debt when they send us a statement but some of us have found ourselves in a bit of economic turmoil as a result of the banks unwillingness to create the number of debt notes required to keep the economy running (read "expanding" here). As long as the economy is expanding, we people have no problem helping the banks but when the economy is in contraction we do not have enough debt notes to replace the banks debts with yet further debts. We can help the banks by forgiving their debts for them but they often resist this due to many people that work for the banks suffering from A.R.S. and believing that those notes we pass around as money are actually money. Its a dangerous affliction, not only to these people but future generations as well.

We all suffer from this to a certain extent - we have all spent time in the public education system and watching TV which is the main source for this disease.

To self assess as to the degree in which you suffer from this affliction I suggest a series of questions as given below. I am no mental health professional, but I suggest this a model for what I have in mind. Count the number of Yes answers and the number of No answers that you provide to assess your degree of affliction with this terrible defect.

(1) Is George Bush God ?

(2) Do you accept Barrack Hussein Obama as your personal saviour ?

(3) Do you sometimes hang up the phone or run away when people challenge your view points about the world ?

(4) Did Usama bin Laden commit the attacks on September 11 2001 ?

(5) Is carbon dioxide a poisonous gas that will destroy the world unless something is done ?

(6) Do cows farting pose a credible threat to mankind due to ozone destruction ?

(7) Do you believe that Al Gore & David Suzuki are heroes that are trying to save the planet from certain destruction ?

(8) Do you believe that income tax helps pay for government services such as roads, police, hospitals, education and other tangible "benefits" that we are aware of ?

(9) The phrase "To Serve And Protect" is written on police cars in Canada. Do you believe this means to serve and protect the individual rights of the taxpayer ?

(10) Are you careful about self censoring and refuse to investigate things on the internet and force yourself to believe what you read and see in the corporate media ?

(11) Although you pay taxes, do you believe that you are free ?

(12) Is the world over-populated ?

(13) Do you think that you have any money, have basic human rights or own anything as a taxpayer ?

(14) Do you think that its a doctors job to heal your illnesses ?

(15) Do you believe that we will run out of water unless consumption is reduced ?

(16) Do you believe that reducing water consumption will reduce water contamination ?

(17) Do you believe that the government & media could not have lied to us about the moon landing ?

(18) Do you believe that it is the job of the government to work for the people ?

(19) Do you believe that when you hire an attorney, that his/her job is includes ethics and that they are not allowed to lie to you to protect other "interests" ?

(20) Do you believe that change in the world can affect with its change agents knowing almost nothing about the law ?

(21) Is the Bible irrelevant to our society - is it just a pack of man made fictions ?

These are all questions that I would say no too, but there may be other questions that show I do have a slight case of A.R.S. But I am willing to consider other questions, which makes me curable if I do have this affliction. Others are incurable.

I'm sure there are questions that I haven't thought of. I welcome additional ones.

Monday, July 13, 2009

December 18

(A Shministim is a conscientious objector. These men and women have decided not to fight in the Israeli army against the Palistinians)

From the website

"I support the Shministim and their right to peacefully object to military service. I call for the release of those teenagers who have been jailed for their principled refusal to serve in an army which occupies the Palestinian Territories. The imprisonment of these conscientious objectors is a violation of their human rights and contrary to International Law.

I am inspired by these caring students and their counterparts in Palestine, whose nonviolent resistance to the Occupation points the way to a just peace and security for all people in the region. They are our best hope for the future. I urge you to heed them, and not punish them."

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama: What An Ass

On the front page of the Toronto Star today (7/11/2009) has a picture of Obama and Sarkozy on the front page. A lady is walking away from the camera while Obama checks her out from behind. Sarkozy has a "what an idiot" look on his face as he smiles. Must have been his "hottie" wife.

Its priceless, check it out if you see a newspaper stand today. See it here if the link is still good:

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Path To Freedom

I am still searching for my path, I have found some of these websites to be useful, but have not looked at all of them. I am not nearly qualified to give advice on this matter, just give some ideas.

I believe a firm foundation in the philosophy of law is necessary to understand much of this. There are many potholes along this path.

I found that reading the first few chapters of Invisible Contracts was useful. Researching the topic "Lex Mercantorium" and the term "The Law Merchant" leads to some great explanations of fundamental ideas that shape our world.

Mostly its unlearning rather than learning. The fact is that the banks could not have simply taken governments over without leaving a remedy. Its un-ethical and civilizations sit on a foundation of ethics. The current underlying believe in eugenics and the promise of a just society is the driving force of the changes we see in todays world. To many these are not unethical. has alot of videos on different topics
"I can only show you the doors but i can't open them for you."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singularities In The Canadian Armed Forces In Afghanistan

I've heard this term thrown around lately, and I have heard that we are headed for an economic singularity. Its an odd term but I am familiar with it so I shall explain it. In control systems and communication theory in electrical engineering a singularity is a value for which a function cannot be described, it is a 1/0, such as in y = 1 / (x-1), the function has a singularity at x=1. Singularities are undefined entities that lead to great understanding, and define the behavior of an important class of systems.

The Canadian Armed Forces have seen 118 deaths in Afghanistan, mostly due to combat and road-side bombs from people our corporate controlled media call "insurgents", which is of course rediculous because we are invading them. There are a couple of singularities in Afghanistan that may explain the true nature of what is happening over there, and lead to important questions regarding truth is being hidden from Canadian citizens.

There has been no official reason given for the 2007 death of Maj. Raymond Ruckpaul, who was killed by a bullet wound in his Kabul sleeping quarters. The 2009 death of Maj. Michele Mendez also occurred in living quarters shortly after her promotion to major and the beginning of her second tour in Afghanistan. These two deaths also represent what some may call a singularity. They were the only two majors to die in Afghanistan, they both died in the quarters and there has not been an official explanation as to why or how they died. Was it suicide ? It certainly seems to be the case, but why ? Did they discover another singularity that makes absolutely no sense - that is the reason we are in Afghanistan ?

People of this rank must love the army, they likely do not go and then become sorry they went. The rank will lead to well paying jobs in civilian life - if all of the wars ever end. They are key decision makers and players very much in control of their game.

So what were the reasons for these apparent suicides ? Were these people privy to what is comming next ? Did they learn about the drug trade that is the real reason for us being there ?[1] Were they killed off because they would not go along with army plans after learning of them ?

I do not expect to ever know the reason for the seemingly unexplainable deaths of these two officers. Soldiers of a lower rank that die are just as important, but their deaths seem to be so much more explainable. The gunshot death of Bombardier Jérémie Ouellet in 2008 (22 yrs old) was admitted to be a suicide, so the military is not in the habit of hiding suicide deaths. But this suicide may be due to the fact that Ouellet perhaps didn't like the army and being ordered around to shoot people. He may have seen to much "adventure" for one person to handle. It seems to me that officers would have been screened to filter out those that could not psychologically handle all of the "adventure".

We will never know why Ruckpaul and Mendez died, just as we will never define one divided by zero and that in itself uncovers an important truth. The fact is that its none of our business, they don't work for us and we are supposed to forget or not care.

We have all these wars because we have income tax to pay for them. We pay the income tax for the single privilege of passing around that paper some call funny money to trade with and to have courts which cost us two or three hundred dollars per hour for "representation" by liars (lawyers) [2]. The income tax pays for the wars which ultimately lead to the citizens of the countries being invaded having the priviledge of using funny money in trade and paying income tax for this privelidge and ultimately to have more wars. Maybe this is the reality that these officers had to confront. Its carefully guarded secret by the liars as well as one judges are required to take secret judicial notice of in income tax avoidance trials[2]. Income tax doesn't pay for anything except war and funny money - human misery. All the other taxes pay for roads, police, hospitals and everything else our governments provide.

I hope that we don't forget one important thing, in many ways these soldiers represent the best of us. They put themselves in harms way to make the world a better place. Their lives had purpose. This is not just my opinion, its in The Report From Iron Mountain as well[3]. Its a sad fact that intelligent people with a sense of purpose are the best targets for our propagandists[4].

[1] Published UN statistics show the sharp decline in heroine production during July 2001 due to the Taliban burning crops and then the subsequent rise in opium production after the invasion (that was supposedly to look for the evil terrorist mastermind, Usama bin Laden). The opium exports have been steadily growing to be now over 700 billion per year. Dr. John Coleman in Conspirators Hierarchy says that the Royal Bank of Canada is involved in drug money laundering.

[2] George Mercier Invisible Contracts

[3] The Report From Iron Mountain is widely available for free on the web.

[4] Jaques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Attitudes

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Solsbury Hill

The times I have heard this song I have experienced the tingles down my spine because this is a truly beautiful song and I am sure that Gabriel is trying to say something with it. People sometimes think that Springsteen represented the eagle and was an example for Gabriel to strike it out on his own, but the reference to liberty and empty silhouettes suggest that the song has a much deeper meaning. The song is distinctively American as explained by other musicians in various places on the web[2]

Many people count it as one of their favorites. The music is magnificent but there may be an underlying truth here that people cannot bring to the surface of their thinking and express it in words. Beauty and truth are strongly related and this song speaks of a truth that we can feel but not yet quantify - this is perhaps why the song has had such staying power after initially released with only moderate success.

I believe that Gabriel in his first verse:

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still

that Solsbury Hill, by being a real place also refers to the "rabbit hole" that Alice falls down in Alice In Wonderland. When we climb up a hill we see more, just as the old expression "going down the rabbit hole" refers. Time is measured by change. Things change when time changes but to say that time stands still is to say that nothing has or is changing. The wind blowing is always a literary reference to something going south.

Our cities are shaped for war making, almost every aspect of civilization as we know it in the West is about war making, this is best explained in The Report From Iron Mountain (you can find free of this on the web). The city light may even be a direct reference to Lucifer. No doubt a highly placed musician such as Gabriel knew of the Luciferians. This hypothesis has its strongest evidence in the last verse, so bear with me.

The above verse goes on:

Eagle flew out of the night
He was something to observe
Came in close I heard a voice

Standing stretching every nerve

Had to listen had no choice

I did not believe the information

Just had to trust my imagination

It may be that Gabriel separated from Genesis for political reasons, he is known as a humanitarian and songs such as Red Rain also suggest a political undertone. The Eagle flying out in the night must be a symbolic awakening to a greater truth. Evidence of that greater truth was likely from America because the press was free back then. Many things were happening around that time, the world which we see now was in its early stages of being set up. Humanity was threatened according to the environmentalists. GATT was signed. Soldiers were home from Vietnam and many were awakened to the waste of war (its true purpose). It was a time of political awakening.

The eagle comes in close and he hears a voice. We do not see certain truths until someone points them out to us. The truth is something to observe because it is so radically different to beliefs held common. We have to listen, we have no choice. Events such as the Kennedy assassination and the wars enter our consciousness whether we realize the broad significance right away or not. We trust our imagination when we see the need to look into things from a deeper prospective.

The next verse describes what I had felt and what I think many others felt during their first encounter with the truth - climbing up on Solsbury hill and seeing the product of the city (our civilization, the light of Lucifer)

To keep in silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
So I went from day to day
Tho' my life was in a rut
Till I thought of what I'd say
which connection I should cut

This verse is mostly self explanatory to anyone in the truth movement except "turning water into wine". I believe this is turning the massive lies and fairy tales provided by the establishment into a few simple, perhaps bitter truths, maybe sweet for some.

I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery

When we notice certain things we also feel more a part of things and our surroundings. Patriots play a role in the changes we experience while others turn a blind eye as referenced in the verse below:

When illusion spin her net
I'm never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouette
When I think that I am free
Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes but still can see

A pirouette is a spin, in the case of ballet dancing the dancer spins to the return position or to "whirl about".

Liberty has turned around to work for government. In government and law there is the maxim that freedom and value is interchangeable[1]. Value is obtained through the loss of freedom for those who take or give up freedom. Government now has freedom that we used to have, freedom in speech (with no responsibility to truth). Our freedoms are being taken away to create more freedom of speech for government. Another example of this would be seat belt laws whos fines result in payment to the banks rather than increased safety awareness as one would expect. The concept of rights being interchanged for value is fundamental to the UCC (see Puff below).

The empty silhouettes refers to the corporate machine that governs us, a corporate entity cannot be a person. Each person is a corporate identity just as the government itself is a corporate entity, sometimes this is referred to as a vessel. In the story Puff The Magic Dragon, the dragon makes reference to Peter Pans shadow that is always getting away from him. It is the shadow government or empty silhouette that is taking over government. It is empty because it is morally empty. Governance must be based on morality to be valid.

The above verse goes on:

No one taught them etiquette
I will show them another me
Today I don't need a replacement

Etiquette is social law, but the empty silhouettes that govern us do not follow the law. "I will show them another me" is referring to the private vs public person, people did exit the public as part of taxation and war protest. This is no longer done since we now know it to be impossible by law.

I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant

There is a way out, of this I am certain, but I have a lot more thinking and research to do. No one understood the way out back during this time.

My heart going boom boom boom
Yeah, mine too.

Grab your things its time to take you home

I believe this is an awakening to a grander truth and to step into it and away from the illusion. Maybe I am a nut.

[1] What Does Accepted For Value Mean , Byron Beers (available free at

[2] Links to other essays at

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ayn Rand on Laws

I recently finished Ayn Rands "Atlas Shrugged". I cannot recommend this book enough, its been recommended to me so often in the past I finally broke down and read it. Not only is it one of the best novels I have ever read (and I have read hundreds) but it is also a very easy read and teaches a very good lesson about morality. I have had a casual interest in this topic since dealing with the Law Society of Upper Canada more than 8 years ago. I have wondered why our society has gone so corrupt and why blatent criminals sit at the top.

I wonder how many ex FBI, CIA and police agents it would take before people realize that governance has been taken over by a group of murdering, drug dealing, child molesting satanists that want world domination? (Ted Gunderson, Mike Ruppert, Bill Cooper, Jack McLamb, Gen Bert Stubblebine, ex head of US army intelligence world wide, Pentagon 5 star Gen. Al Cuppet - just of the top of my head). These were the very best, the top of the respective law enforcement and military fields. McLamb was one of the most decorated police officers and served in Vietnam. Why don't people hear them ?

This is socialism, communism, globalism and fascism and these are doctrines created by the merchant bankers to destroy civilization and conglomerate their power. It is driven by lies: overpopulation, man made global warming, omni-potent evil mastermind terrorists that appear as though they came from a comic book.

Ayn Rand reminds us of a distant past when capitalism ruled and everyone had plenty, there were no hungry beggars on the streets and Canada and the USA led the world in innovation because they were free societies. Life was getting better and easier until the socialists started taking over in the mid seventies. Its sad that many people graduating from the universities that hate capitalism and want socialism don't realize that socialism has caused the very problems they associate with capitalism. Their thinking is totally upside down - fascism.

Ayn Rand reminds us of the beauty, power and near perfect ethic of capitalism.

Here is Ayn Rand on laws from Atlas Shrugged:

"Dr Ferris did not notice the sudden look on Reardons face, the look of a man hit by the first vision of that which he sought to see. Dr. Ferris was past the stage of seeing, he was intent on delivering the last blows to an animal caught in a trap.

"Do you really think we want all those laws to be observed ?" said Dr. Ferris. "We want them to be broken. You'd better get that straight that its not a bunch of boy scouts that you are up against-then you'll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We're after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick and you'd better get wise to it. There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law abiding citizens ? Whats there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted-and you create a nation of law breakers- and then you cash in on guilt. Now, thats the system Mr. Reardon, thats the game, and once you understand it you'll be much easier to deal with"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puff The Magic Dragon, Who Lives By The Sea

If your refridgerator broke down 30 years ago, you would call the refridgerator repair man and he would fix it and present you with a bill, which explains the "charges". You would pay the bill and cover the charges to compensate the repairman for his time and his labour.

Now you would simply order a new refridgerator from China, because of other bills presented to those whom we elect and the merchant free trade agenda. In reality they are both the same kind of bill. In this case the refridgerator repairman loses his job, and for the same reason you too will soon lose your job and no one will be able to afford a new refridgerator from China. This is globalization and its being inacted through the creation of laws from bills presented to elected bodies, but onto bills and charges and the laws...

Our countries are financed by the government when they create bonds. These bonds are then bought by the banks as well as citizenry, but the citizens cannot afford to buy all the bonds and support all of the wars. Private banks are needed to help fund the country as well as all of its wars. Private banks and merchants want it this way - wars create waste and make it so we cannot afford to control our governments. Wars create culture to keep us occupied. Wars also create the need for the Men With Guns, necessary to enforce all the new laws.

Its all about control.

When a bill is presented to our elected officials, its the bond holders saying "do this" or we will collect on the bond. The bills are created by outside bodies such as tax free foundations who cannot be audited in any way and then presented by elected officials. The true purpose of the bills they create cannot be determined because of the shroud of secrecy around those who create them.

The money is based on the good faith of the people of the country and its natural resources. It is printed at the mint and paid for by the tax payer. It costs about $0.75 to create a note, whether it be for $5.00 or for $500.00. These notes are essentially given to the private banks through the mechanism of fractional reserve banking so that they can be lent back to the public and governments with interest. Sometimes money is created electronically and never gets "cashed" for bills.

We do not have to sign these bills into law, because in reality we owe nothing. Its all just paper and that paper is based on us. This land is my land and this land is your land. "Money" doesn't represent real wealth and in reality the banks haven't lent us a thing.

The elected officials must sign these bills into law, because there are already so many laws, including those for elected officials that to get elected one cannot help but to break the law. If the elected official decides to blow the whistle he can lose his position for breaking the law and a shocked law abiding public would never see him/her re-elected. They are caught between the agenda of the bankers and merchants and a stupid public that watches too much TV, which is also controlled by the merchants to keep us brain washed.

The bills, when signed into law get enforced by the courts. The courts are just that - courts. They are filled with actors. The judge is an actor, the prosecutor is an actor and you can be one too - if you learn how. When you go to court it is a game and you hire a liar (Lawyer) to help defend you. It is the job of the liar to keep the realities of law hidden from you. When a law is broken there is a value associated with the judgement and you are "charged". These judgements ( charges ) represent more paper and are traded to create more money for governments. Laws are written to be broken and create wealth, all at the expense of the citizenry. The charged individual goes to jail because he cannot afford to pay the charges. Jails are essentially debtor prisons.

The law hasn't changed in 6000 years. The law is ultimately based on admiralty law, uniform commercial code or some other term. Ultimately they are all very similar and commonly referred to as The Law Merchant. The law originates in trade on the open seas. Anyone can take advantage of these laws, and many are. In the bible it says that Jesus walked on water. It also says that we will do far greater things. And we are- at least some of us but not me yet.

Its not the Vatican, the Jews or the English Monarchy that runs the world, its run by law and this law is carefully hidden for us by the liars so that the merchants can enforce their will upon us. One of the best ways to learn this law, according to Winston Shrout (look him up, watch his videos) is to read the King James Bible. Religion, law and money are all linked.

To learn more about The Law Merchant, the reader is referred to many free online PDF documents. These are not hard to find. A good beginning document is called "Introduction To The Law Merchant" by Byron Beers and can be found at www.goingtopeace.dom or other places such as

For a beautiful presentation on all of this, check out "Puff The Magic Dragon", but a fair bit of reading is required before you understand Puff. Its doubtful that the original authors of Puff The Magic Dragon even had all this in mind, but they have seals and strings and other things and courts and liars and pirates in this story- just like in real life merchant law. The main character in the first of three episodes is Jackie Draper who becomes Jackie Paper. Jackie Draper cannot speak for himself (that is why we hire liars to represent us in court - we cannot speak for ourselves either). Jackie Paper can speak for Jackie Draper. It all fits so well it makes you wonder if Puff was written by a couple of Cambridge sophomores.

The song was written by the Cambridge students and describes the loss of innocence as little boys and girls become adults. The story is about admiralty law and how little boys and little girls can learn to speak for themselves and deal with the liars.

Once we all realize that its all just paper, the whole hoax can end. No more wars, codex, NAZI style health care and gun control and the giant monopolies that run governments.

The pen really is mightier than the sword.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wave

I remember seeing the movie "The Wave" as a teenager. It was about how fascism can take over society and how it fills empty spaces in peoples lives.

I just learned the title of that movie today off the website. Watch it at . This is a great tool to educate the Obamanoids before they take it off.

Its the best movie about the New World Order I have ever seen, best of all its fiction and nothing drives a point home better than fiction.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Root Of The Problem

A few days ago I received another email with a link to a video where the authorities were ordered to break into a home, hold the occupants hostage and take their stuff. The reason for all of this always has something presented as something to do with organic food or non pharmaceutical medicine. Non pharmaceutical medicine doesn't make people sick and it interferes with corporate commerce. It must be stopped. This is not the real reason, the real reason is to incrementally train law enforcement to follow more and more diabolical orders.

In one of these videos the victim described how the soldiers pointed a gun at their child and kept the gun trained on the child - who could pose absolutely no threat. These are NOT cops. They follow orders and they are not required to arrest law breakers - "police" are at their own discretion wrt arresting or stopping people from breaking laws. They are soldiers because they are there to follow orders and nothing more.

If you go down to the police station to report a crime they may laugh at you and tell you to get a lawyer to talk with them. If the person that committed the crime is a lawyer there is nothing that can be done, because a lawyer will not go against another lawyer because the ride can be expensive and time consuming. This has been my own experience. The person that committed the crime against me was a Luciferian and did laugh about and admit that some of them rape and torture little kids as part of satanic ceremony. This experience woke me up to the new world order.

The establishment needs to accustom the police to follow more and more diabolical orders so that the banks can have absolute authority over the people. At some point the police will be ordered to conduct executions in public.

After these orders have been carried out, the police and military will no longer be needed. Machines will eventually do the job and the police and military will be ordered to kneal down in a ditch and receive a bullet to the back of their heads. What else can the authorities do when these people are no longer needed ? They will pose a threat when they are no longer useful.

The only way the new world order can be stopped is if the "police" and military stop following orders. They must learn that the people who create these orders call themselves Luciferians and Satanists.

If doesn't matter if you believe in God or not when authorities call themselves Satanists and Luciferians. The rights of man come from God. Once God is dead then the rights of man become only history. Our history must be erased along with the idea that there is a God.

Strauss, one of the philosophical leaders in this movement has written that common men will have no rights, not even the right of happiness[1]. We all become chattel for the ruling elite and the world will become a giant share crop with the many serving the few so they can have their own just society while most of us live in hell.

Police and military will either die at the hands of their own masters or stop following these sick and diabolical orders. Dogs follow orders. Humans have consciousness. Its time for everyone to start becoming human again or we will all die or become hopelessly enslaved.

[1]Natural Right And History, Leo Strauss, University Of Chicago Press (Ch1)


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