Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bob Raes Depression

Yeah, I'm depressed too. After dealing with the Law Society Of Upper Canada and trying to report crimes committed in full public view by a lawyer and having my witness advised by his lawyer to stay out of it left me in a state of awareness as to how thoroughly rotten and corrupt our society really is. This awareness has lead me down a path of further awareness over the past nine years that would drive anyone to depression or else a puzzle factory where they can be experimented on by psychiatrists and turn themselves over to the meat grinder indefinitely.

The battle between materialists and "idealists" has been won by the materialists and the evolutionists and Eugenie Scott has whipped up the very forces of corruption, the forces of sophistry, licentiousness and intimidation, our courts, to defend her un-scientifically defendable theories on evolution[1]. Now these corrupt lawyers and politicians have become illusionary in that they believe they are gods, when really they are just dumb monkeys for those truly in control.

As Marcus Aurelius and many others have said, materialism is for the commoners. The people in political "power" are so obsessed with their aesthetic lives and their illusions of power that they are willing to flush all of humanity down a big paper toilet rather than allow the wealthiest of people to be exposed to the competition that ordinary people might provide.

So who thinks Bob will go to a psychiatrist and get some meds ? I don't, I wouldn't either, but any professional would advise you or me to.So much for professionals.

 Thanks to Bob Rae and others just like him (those who attourn our natural right over to banksters), depression will likely grow  - along with wars (to export our brand of paper corruption based on fear and hate) , pestilence (statutes, acts, licenses) and disease (vaccines, fluoridated water, GMO foods) because our owners want things to be this way.

And I'm ashamed to be a member of this species- this is fundamentally why I'm depressed. A squirrel does a better job of preserving its natural right than most of humanity, who can simply be fed with a big screen TV. And that is depressing.

[1] See Phlagellum Bacteria (it falsifies evolution)

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