Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Latest Terrorist Threat 1/23/2013

The latest gun threat occured at Mount Carmel school where a five year old girl threatened classmates with a Hello Kitty bubble gun, pictured below. Could this young girl be the next Usama bin Laden ? Could the toy manufacterer Hello Kitty be the next Al-CIA -duh ?

I started to realize that a lot of the people that work for this system are actually nuts more than ten years ago. This particular incident, the way that it occurred and has been reported proves this more than the incident itself - if it did happen the way it was reported.

In a sane world the school Superintendent Bernard Stellar of Mount Carmel school would have been given a straight jacket and taken to the nearest puzzle factory for close evaluation and testing, but in the world in which we live, the five year old girl with the Hello Kittle bubble gun was suspended for ten days. The suspension was later reduced to two days.[1]

Her mom and dad want her at a different school but they cannot get her in due to this on her record, even though her psychological evaluation showed her to be functioning within normal parameters 8-). This shows that Mr. Stellar is not the only one that is nuts.

The little girl was interrogated by the superintendent for three hours. Could she have been tortured if she had told the superintendent what any one of us would have said to him ?
Is the superintendent trying to make a point or is he actually nuts? My guess is that he is actually nuts, certainly the other schools in the area that will not accept this little girl are as crazy as Mr. Stellar seems to be.

Maybe the school administrators just need more parameters from which to operate. Maybe sane people that base judgment on reason should be running the schools.

Another school was shut down for hours over a nerf gun [2]


[2] ibid

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