Saturday, December 6, 2008

Real Change: Its In Your Pocket

The forces that shape our world originate with private banks and their ability to finance various think tanks, focus groups and other NGO's that create government policy. Very little changes from election to election. Note the "president-elect", the Senator from Manchuria, the next president of the United States, Barack Obama, for proof of this. The USA will continue its war footing to continue the Plan for a New American Century (PNAC) Pentagon document as its domestic populations continue along a socialist agenda. Obama was a major force in the bank bail out, protecting those who “push pencils around” while leaving the real economy high and dry- to be bought for pennies on the dollar by international private interest.

The banking system is going to collapse just like it did in 1929 and for the same reason. The bankers simply release control on credit during good times and the populations go into debt thinking the good times will never end. Human beings, by nature are not reasonable creatures and this weakness is exploited to sink them into debt. As debt increases more and more money must be created to finance this debt as well as keep the economy growing - even if it growing to buy more goods from the East.

The difference between the cash in the economy and the greater money owed to the bankers (principle + interest) becomes greater as currency supply is expanded and the bank slowly gobbles up society like a tape worm[1]. Movies on the topic are “Money As Debt” & “The Money Masters: How The Federal Reserve Stole America” both can be viewed for free on Google video.

Banks keep printing more and more money from nothing to finance both people and their government. They gradually own the earth in exchange for absolutely nothing but the expense of printing numbers on paper. Ultimately a currency cannot truly be based on nothing, rather than gold or silver, ours is simply enforced by lead. The war machine is necessary to keep the bankers in business and does so by forcing foreign governments to use their currency, and by getting it in the form of loans from the World Bank and IMF. People pay for the wars in the form of the income tax. It all boils down to armies created and used to reinforce the value of private banker created money from nothing. A handful of families sit at the root of the worlds money creation tree.

The bankers know full well that with the current war model for running civilizations, all the wars will have been fought and won when globalization is fully implemented. War no longer works after control of currency creation lies at a suitably and amicably small source. A new method of governance is necessary. Enter environmentalism. The carbon tax creates the debt from which a new fiat currency can be created.

The change in your pocket is not actually created by these people. It is not a fiat currency. The metal used to create a penny is worth about a cent. The same can be said for coins up to the Toonie. The Toonie has been on a bit of a diet due to inflation and is getting much thinner and the Nickle is no longer nickle. Although it loses value through lowering specie, this money is not borrowed from private banks and it is not fiat money.

It has more grainularity than pure gold or silver and is our only honest money and its value may ultimately always be recognized– if everyone understands economics and money. If the price of bread skyrockets to ten thousand debt instruments per loaf you should still be able to buy one with the change in your pocket if the nickles you have are not made of wood.

[1]Catharine Austin Fitts first coined the term “Tape Worm” and is an ex high level banker who learned of the scam before it became widely known. Her site is the best on real monetary reform.

Note: The composition and value of coins can be found by finding the composition from various sources on the web such as Wikipedia. Current prices can be found from the markets. The Canadian nickle is no longer nickle and the penny is no longer copper. The wooden nickle may be months away. Currency value began declining in the 1960's when silver was replaced with cheaper metals. Valuable metal coin is the only access to honest money for a population, the cheapening of coin is a loss of freedom, a loss that creeps slowly on us as freedom slowly gives up territory. Gold bars and silver bars may be valuable, but try and buy a loaf of bread with one.


Magdelena said...

Hi Doug!!

Glad to see you swallowed the blog pill! Your insight is always appreciated!

Given your preference to gold and silver, what are your feelings wrt the Lakota establishing their own banks - based solely on precious metals?

Oh - and I'm going to add you to my blogroll!!


Doug Plumb said...

I'm not really stuck on precious metals, it just may be our only choice for true honest money. Even nationalized fiat based systems can always be usurped I guess - unless backed up with education in the schools - even then.. The USA had a dept of monetary education before 1913 as well as the monetary branch of government.

I wasn't aware of the Lakota banks. Honest money is always wise and good. The world runs on morality, not greed as I have always assumed.

Magdelena said...

Hey Doug:
Free Lakota Bank

"The Free Lakota Bank is the world's first non-reserve, non-fractional bank that issues, accepts for deposit, and circulates REAL money...silver and gold. All of our deposits are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn at any time in minted rounds.

Some may confuse our economic structure with isolationism...which it is not. Since we currently produce much more than we consume, we have the right to decide what medium of exchange to accept for our effort. And so, we accept only value for value. Across our great land, over thousands of tribes and merchants participate in our system of trade. We invite others to trade with us and bring value back into our transactions. "

Gotta say, as I was talking with my sis last night, I am quite interested in this and may just make a deposit.

Doug Plumb said...

This sounds great, but remember what happened to the liberty dollar - their bank was essentially robbed by a private corporation with permission from the government. Same could happen here.

I just think most people have a few hundred lying around in spare change. I want people to save more pennies, nickles, quarters and dollars. It could save an underground economy when the entire above ground one goes criminal.

I looked at the Lakota web site. Morally I feel obligated to help the Six Nation peoples but cannot at this time afford to. This bank certainly makes it easier.

Maybe if we all got behind Six Nations we could get out of this mess, given their experience dealing with the "problem".

Penny said...

hey doug:

catherine austin fitts is quite good on money matters, I first heard her beleive it or not on Meria Heller's show. Some years ago, she was the first person I had ever heard say things like vote with your dollars, use your dollars to your advantage, etc.....

Doug Plumb said...

Fitts thoroughly understands the problem and how to deal with it at the community level. She speaks a common language and few people would guess she could have been a big shot at the Fed. Her resume is impressive with top positions at the White House.

Penny said...

hey doug:
will we be enjoying a new post any time soon?

Doug Plumb said...

I hope so, I'm working on something about morality and society but it involves a fair amount of reading on my part first. Thanks for asking.

Doug Plumb said...

I don't want to leave the impression that I am a scholar, I am far from that. I just need the right words to explain how I believe morality is being ruined and how morality is the basis of our present society (not material greed)


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