Monday, December 22, 2008

Question For Monday Dec 22 2008

I remember a conversation I had with a friend about a lawyer. My friend said that the lawyer costed $800.00 per hour. I questioned this figure and wondered why it wasn't $15,000.00 or $953.25 - how did they come up with $800.00 per hour for this particular lawyer ? The answer was that the advice was worth it.

The fact is that lawyers cost a lot of money because they are maintained in short supply. They work closely with the banks. The law and the Men With Guns maintain the value of our money by collecting taxes. The law profession protects the fake money suppliers and in return they are allowed to keep their numbers low, prices high and can do pretty much whatever they want, including law breaking, at least in Canada. Its sort of like incest. Lots of big bankers have served on the governing body of the law society. So what else could banking and law have in common ?

I had another conversation with a lawyer and I wondered what justified her $320.00 per hour. She explained that the market justified it. I wondered if toilet paper was in short enough supply, would toilet paper be worth more than lawyers ? I guess it depends on the time of day. Who wants to see a lawyer first thing in the morning ?


Magdelena said...

Hee hee...

Well, if the crash comes bigtime and people are scrounging - toilet paper and toothpaste will be worth triple their wieght in gold.

Lawyers... not so much.

~ Buffy

Penny said...

true enough, perhaps we could hord toilet paper and sell it to lawyers?

Doug, hope the christmas holidays were good, sorry for the late wishes.

Penny said...


happy new year,and best wishes for health, happiness and hell, wealth right, we can hope , right.....

anyway all the best doug, all the best.

Penny said...

doug: where are you at?


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