Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Root Of The Problem

A few days ago I received another email with a link to a video where the authorities were ordered to break into a home, hold the occupants hostage and take their stuff. The reason for all of this always has something presented as something to do with organic food or non pharmaceutical medicine. Non pharmaceutical medicine doesn't make people sick and it interferes with corporate commerce. It must be stopped. This is not the real reason, the real reason is to incrementally train law enforcement to follow more and more diabolical orders.

In one of these videos the victim described how the soldiers pointed a gun at their child and kept the gun trained on the child - who could pose absolutely no threat. These are NOT cops. They follow orders and they are not required to arrest law breakers - "police" are at their own discretion wrt arresting or stopping people from breaking laws. They are soldiers because they are there to follow orders and nothing more.

If you go down to the police station to report a crime they may laugh at you and tell you to get a lawyer to talk with them. If the person that committed the crime is a lawyer there is nothing that can be done, because a lawyer will not go against another lawyer because the ride can be expensive and time consuming. This has been my own experience. The person that committed the crime against me was a Luciferian and did laugh about and admit that some of them rape and torture little kids as part of satanic ceremony. This experience woke me up to the new world order.

The establishment needs to accustom the police to follow more and more diabolical orders so that the banks can have absolute authority over the people. At some point the police will be ordered to conduct executions in public.

After these orders have been carried out, the police and military will no longer be needed. Machines will eventually do the job and the police and military will be ordered to kneal down in a ditch and receive a bullet to the back of their heads. What else can the authorities do when these people are no longer needed ? They will pose a threat when they are no longer useful.

The only way the new world order can be stopped is if the "police" and military stop following orders. They must learn that the people who create these orders call themselves Luciferians and Satanists.

If doesn't matter if you believe in God or not when authorities call themselves Satanists and Luciferians. The rights of man come from God. Once God is dead then the rights of man become only history. Our history must be erased along with the idea that there is a God.

Strauss, one of the philosophical leaders in this movement has written that common men will have no rights, not even the right of happiness[1]. We all become chattel for the ruling elite and the world will become a giant share crop with the many serving the few so they can have their own just society while most of us live in hell.

Police and military will either die at the hands of their own masters or stop following these sick and diabolical orders. Dogs follow orders. Humans have consciousness. Its time for everyone to start becoming human again or we will all die or become hopelessly enslaved.

[1]Natural Right And History, Leo Strauss, University Of Chicago Press (Ch1)


Penny said...

it does seem the police are willing to carry out the most outrageous of orders lately doesn't it?

I think of the g-20 protests, the officers that didn't wear badges and covered their faces??

IMO they were the bashers, the people beaters, and you ask yourself, is this law enforcement or something else entirely?
Are the keeping the peace or , are they beating people into submission??

seems the beating people into submission is the answer.

golden*nugget said...

If you were a real CHRISTIAN you could easily see that JEWS(Zionist and Atheist) are the Real Problem, don't follow blindly behind CHRISTIAN ZIONISM, its a false doctrine contrary to Gods Word of truth. Jesus is the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Doug Plumb said...

But I never claimed to be a real Christian, and whether I am or not is irrelevant to my arguement.

This arguement is presented for both believers and non believers.

It seems like Jews are at the front, there has never been a World Bank president that wasn't Jewish.

I don't care if the World Bank and UN is made by Jews or not. Its what they are doing to us that matters. I do not come from a Jewish background, but a member of my family is a Luciferian. So I wonder if its Jews or not.

I suspect that the Catholic Church is at the top, but I am not much of a speculator. I know that our money is corrupt and that we have been given democracy - the most oppressive form of government that can exist - it is government by and for the parasites: gun runners, dope dealers, human slave traders and dealers of human misery in general.

golden*nugget said...

What is a Luceferian?

Doug Plumb said...

All major members of the UN must pledge allegiance to Lucifer and if they do not they will not survive the NWO.

Many judges (I think all) and lawyers, high ranking police, etc pledge allegiance to Lucifer.

This whole thing is all about destroying the rights of man which God created and protects so that man may take the position of God and common men will have no rights.

Its a group of people that are working to enslave the planet.

There are sites that give various quotes regarding the UN, I believe it was Brock who said that those who do not pledge allegiance to Lucifer will not be part of the NWO, but I may be wrong.

Magdelena said...

Good grief... these stories are becoming way to commonplace Doug.

I think too the the Jews are scapegoated - those in the high places certainly are not spriritual beings whatsoever, and as we know they haven't a problem with sacrificing their own and ruling them with fear.

William Scott Scherk said...

Doug says: A few days ago I received another email with a link to a video where the authorities were ordered to break into a home, hold the occupants hostage and take their stuff.Can you please post the link to the video?

Doug Plumb said...


Here is the link to one. There are many.

Doug Plumb said...

William Scott Scherk said...

I dug around for some kind of story that had facts, Doug. I found a report that comments on the internet rumours:

'Raid' at Manna Storehouse.

This story doesn't in the least support the alarming exaggeration of your story. Take issue with the law, take issue with law enforcement, side with the Stowers in their rightful struggle if you wish, but you should try a little bit harder to get at the truth, Doug.

Doug Plumb said...

It was a mistake with the link, not what I said. I was describing what occured with a homopathic doctor and gave the Mana link in error. I will find the right link for this.


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