Monday, April 27, 2009

"Colloidal" Silver

The outbreak of the latest Pentagon engineered virus has brought my old silver kit out from the cupboards and into action. I researched colloidal silver a few months ago and intended to do more research before writing this, but now seems to be the time. I hope to clear some confusion up regarding the making of colloidal silver at home by providing a filter from which wheat can be separated from chaff while finding documents on this important topic. Most of the stuff posted on this topic is harmful in that mis-information is actually spread (imagine that on the web)

There is much confusion regarding colloidal and ionic silver, many people are making "colloidal silver" using the method of electrolysis. This method actually makes ionic silver which is an excellent topical treatment for killing germs. It cleans skin and can be a good mouthwash. It can also be used to clean cuts. The problem with ionic silver is that it instantly turns to silver chloride when it enters the digestive system. The user of pure ionic silver does not get any colloidal silver buildup in the body.

In the process of making ionic silver we hope to obtain a small amount of real colloidal silver(as a side affect). This actually enters our systems and kills pathogens that may be harmful inside the body.

Silver doesn't kill any of the good gut bacteria, but only the bad. A discussion of this would likely lead into the terms "gram positive" and "gram-negative" as types of bacteria. I'm no biologist so I'll stop here on that.

I have a degree in electrical engineering so I'll talk a bit about the electrical properties of all of this. The one thing I did notice about researching colloidal silver is that some of the so called authorities posting on the internet had no idea of what they were talking about. I noticed that many of the so called "alternative energy" "experts" who promise to make electric motors with no "back EMF" were among the crackpots. (with no back EMF you have nothing to turn a motor)

To discuss the electrical properties of this, the term "resistivity" must somehow enter the discussion. Great papers on the topic explained and used this term while the crackpots just said to place the electrodes x distance apart, with no discussion of surface area, shape or resistivity. Both the shape of and distance between the electrodes is important.

Resistivity is the resistance of water (in this case) and specifies the materials resistance to current flow. Its units are ohms per cube and this is where the confusion sets in. If I have a 1 cm cube and place an electrode plate on two opposing sides and apply a fixed voltage across the electrodes then a certain amount of current will flow through the cube. If I make that cube a 1 meter cube and apply the same voltage then the same amount of current will flow. The bigger cube has a wider cross sectional surface area that lowers resistance but the current has a longer way to go, this increases resistance. The two affects exactly cancel. Thus any sized cube made of material of specified resistivity will have the same overall electrical resistance. Current flow is a critical aspect of making colloidal silver, so resistivity has to be part of a complete discussion on the topic, unless a specific geometrical arrangement is specified.

Current density is the meat of the electrical properties of this process, the current density between the electrodes is the critical parameter. Current density is obtained by dividing the total current flow by the surface area of the electrode that is normal (perpendicular) to current flow. The current flow can be found from the resistance by the formula current = applied voltage / total resistance. The resistance can be obtained by dividing the resistivity by the distance between the electrodes and then multiplying that result by the surface area of the electrode that is normal to current flow. Measure your distance and surface area in any unit you like, from millimeters to furlongs - just use the same unit for area as distance. Lowering the current density slows the process and cause finer silver particles to be created.

A search for colloidal silver yields both scientific papers and the so called basement-crackpot. Here is one way to filter the wheat from the chaff. There are likely others that may be required to further filter this sub group.

As for advice on this I usually turn to Len Horowitz, Rima Laibow or Bill Deagle, all real doctors and all are fully aware of what globalization is doing to us.


Penny said...

I am going to have to come back and reread this.
I have wondered about colloidal silver, have you heard of Rebecca Carley??

she touts colloidal silver, that was the first time I had heard of it.

I started to do some reading on it but didn't get to far.

I'll be back!!!!

Doug Plumb said...

The ionic silver is totally safe, from what I found in my investigation.

The real trick is actually making colloidal silver and not ionic silver. Ionic silver is great but everyone wants colloidal silver because it goes throughout your entire body.

The "blue man" is just a scare, as far I can see. But I am neither a doctor or a pharmacist and I hate chemistry.

Doug Plumb said...

Rebecca Carley is a one in a million. These single reports don't bother me. I think one in a million have 11 toes, have an eyeball growing inside their head, and grow a third arm out of their backs.

Magdelena said...

Okay, time for me to drag out my chemistry books - it's been a while.

Once I've looked I'll get back to you.

Can't one buy the stuff? I'll have to look next time I'm at the 'health' food store.

Doug Plumb said...

You can buy the ionic silver, but not the true colloidal.

I'll look forward to hearing from you. Almost anything you say can be challenged though... it really is that confusing and conflicting.

Back in the 70's 'they' used to say use tap water, the minerals in the tap water will give the ions something to bond to so they can get past your digestive tract and into your blood stream. No they say use steam distilled water.

Penny said...

I think you can buy colloidal silver, I think?

I was recalling I saw it at the healthfood store.
Oddly enough the other day, Rivero from what really happened was talking about silver, and why utensils and goblets were made from silver and it was indeed to get the health benefits from the silver, when using them as eating utensils

Doug Plumb said...

The stuff you buy is pure ionic. If you buy some I think the silver hydrosol is the best from my research. This is true colloidal silver and a jug will last you a very long time.

You can get it on the web. I don't have the link but its easy to find. Rima Laibow also has some recommendations and some to sell I think, why not support them ?

I'm interested to see what B_Cat comes up with.


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