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Singularities In The Canadian Armed Forces In Afghanistan

I've heard this term thrown around lately, and I have heard that we are headed for an economic singularity. Its an odd term but I am familiar with it so I shall explain it. In control systems and communication theory in electrical engineering a singularity is a value for which a function cannot be described, it is a 1/0, such as in y = 1 / (x-1), the function has a singularity at x=1. Singularities are undefined entities that lead to great understanding, and define the behavior of an important class of systems.

The Canadian Armed Forces have seen 118 deaths in Afghanistan, mostly due to combat and road-side bombs from people our corporate controlled media call "insurgents", which is of course rediculous because we are invading them. There are a couple of singularities in Afghanistan that may explain the true nature of what is happening over there, and lead to important questions regarding truth is being hidden from Canadian citizens.

There has been no official reason given for the 2007 death of Maj. Raymond Ruckpaul, who was killed by a bullet wound in his Kabul sleeping quarters. The 2009 death of Maj. Michele Mendez also occurred in living quarters shortly after her promotion to major and the beginning of her second tour in Afghanistan. These two deaths also represent what some may call a singularity. They were the only two majors to die in Afghanistan, they both died in the quarters and there has not been an official explanation as to why or how they died. Was it suicide ? It certainly seems to be the case, but why ? Did they discover another singularity that makes absolutely no sense - that is the reason we are in Afghanistan ?

People of this rank must love the army, they likely do not go and then become sorry they went. The rank will lead to well paying jobs in civilian life - if all of the wars ever end. They are key decision makers and players very much in control of their game.

So what were the reasons for these apparent suicides ? Were these people privy to what is comming next ? Did they learn about the drug trade that is the real reason for us being there ?[1] Were they killed off because they would not go along with army plans after learning of them ?

I do not expect to ever know the reason for the seemingly unexplainable deaths of these two officers. Soldiers of a lower rank that die are just as important, but their deaths seem to be so much more explainable. The gunshot death of Bombardier Jérémie Ouellet in 2008 (22 yrs old) was admitted to be a suicide, so the military is not in the habit of hiding suicide deaths. But this suicide may be due to the fact that Ouellet perhaps didn't like the army and being ordered around to shoot people. He may have seen to much "adventure" for one person to handle. It seems to me that officers would have been screened to filter out those that could not psychologically handle all of the "adventure".

We will never know why Ruckpaul and Mendez died, just as we will never define one divided by zero and that in itself uncovers an important truth. The fact is that its none of our business, they don't work for us and we are supposed to forget or not care.

We have all these wars because we have income tax to pay for them. We pay the income tax for the single privilege of passing around that paper some call funny money to trade with and to have courts which cost us two or three hundred dollars per hour for "representation" by liars (lawyers) [2]. The income tax pays for the wars which ultimately lead to the citizens of the countries being invaded having the priviledge of using funny money in trade and paying income tax for this privelidge and ultimately to have more wars. Maybe this is the reality that these officers had to confront. Its carefully guarded secret by the liars as well as one judges are required to take secret judicial notice of in income tax avoidance trials[2]. Income tax doesn't pay for anything except war and funny money - human misery. All the other taxes pay for roads, police, hospitals and everything else our governments provide.

I hope that we don't forget one important thing, in many ways these soldiers represent the best of us. They put themselves in harms way to make the world a better place. Their lives had purpose. This is not just my opinion, its in The Report From Iron Mountain as well[3]. Its a sad fact that intelligent people with a sense of purpose are the best targets for our propagandists[4].

[1] Published UN statistics show the sharp decline in heroine production during July 2001 due to the Taliban burning crops and then the subsequent rise in opium production after the invasion (that was supposedly to look for the evil terrorist mastermind, Usama bin Laden). The opium exports have been steadily growing to be now over 700 billion per year. Dr. John Coleman in Conspirators Hierarchy says that the Royal Bank of Canada is involved in drug money laundering.

[2] George Mercier Invisible Contracts

[3] The Report From Iron Mountain is widely available for free on the web.

[4] Jaques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Attitudes


Penny said...

hey doug:

those deaths are unusual, in that I wouldn't think the higher ups often commit suicide.
and as you point out there is usually an explanation given for the deaths of the "grunts"

but I don't know enough about military hierarchy to be certain.

Would the drug trafficking have bothered them.
It is hard to say, and depends upon how naive these individuals are.

Drugs, military and covert ops have gone hand in hand for a while, would they really be that unaware? I just don't know?

Doug Plumb said...

The younger guys would not know what is going on. A 22 year old corporal does not have the same view as a 30 or 40 year old captain or major.

If we ever found out we would sure learn a lot - too much I guess, else we would know.

There are big secrets over there - big unknown quantities and that tells us its wrong -undefinably wrong.

Magdelena said...

Hey Doug, one of your best posts ever and I appreciate your analogy with mathematical singularities! I love functions - don't you? Math is nice and friendly that way.

As for our soldiers - yes these events were in a way 'singularities', which on any official level will not be explained.

Your post oddly has reminded me of Asimov's Foundation series, which I am currently re-reading after close to thirty years. In the Foundation and Empire it is hinted at that when people uncover a truth that is so far against what they were taught to believe in, many cannot handle it and suicide is the likely outcome.

Perhaps this is the case here.

Anyway, good books (outside of his rather antiquated view of women).


Doug Plumb said...

Thanks Maggie, I like functions as well. As you probably know, engineers spend their 4 years being immersed in the theory of simple functions.But I lost an ability to read while doing all that math- something I work very hard at now by reading political philosophy.

I've decided not to read anything unless its thousands of years old or written by someone retired - with the exception of Whore House' Philip Dru. Now I read the KJB, Aristotle & Plato along with Admiralty Law/ Lex Mercantorium.

Anonymous said...

Jeremie ouellette never saw any combat when his death occurred. He was being sent home, and didn't want to go.


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