Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Puff The Magic Dragon, Who Lives By The Sea

If your refridgerator broke down 30 years ago, you would call the refridgerator repair man and he would fix it and present you with a bill, which explains the "charges". You would pay the bill and cover the charges to compensate the repairman for his time and his labour.

Now you would simply order a new refridgerator from China, because of other bills presented to those whom we elect and the merchant free trade agenda. In reality they are both the same kind of bill. In this case the refridgerator repairman loses his job, and for the same reason you too will soon lose your job and no one will be able to afford a new refridgerator from China. This is globalization and its being inacted through the creation of laws from bills presented to elected bodies, but onto bills and charges and the laws...

Our countries are financed by the government when they create bonds. These bonds are then bought by the banks as well as citizenry, but the citizens cannot afford to buy all the bonds and support all of the wars. Private banks are needed to help fund the country as well as all of its wars. Private banks and merchants want it this way - wars create waste and make it so we cannot afford to control our governments. Wars create culture to keep us occupied. Wars also create the need for the Men With Guns, necessary to enforce all the new laws.

Its all about control.

When a bill is presented to our elected officials, its the bond holders saying "do this" or we will collect on the bond. The bills are created by outside bodies such as tax free foundations who cannot be audited in any way and then presented by elected officials. The true purpose of the bills they create cannot be determined because of the shroud of secrecy around those who create them.

The money is based on the good faith of the people of the country and its natural resources. It is printed at the mint and paid for by the tax payer. It costs about $0.75 to create a note, whether it be for $5.00 or for $500.00. These notes are essentially given to the private banks through the mechanism of fractional reserve banking so that they can be lent back to the public and governments with interest. Sometimes money is created electronically and never gets "cashed" for bills.

We do not have to sign these bills into law, because in reality we owe nothing. Its all just paper and that paper is based on us. This land is my land and this land is your land. "Money" doesn't represent real wealth and in reality the banks haven't lent us a thing.

The elected officials must sign these bills into law, because there are already so many laws, including those for elected officials that to get elected one cannot help but to break the law. If the elected official decides to blow the whistle he can lose his position for breaking the law and a shocked law abiding public would never see him/her re-elected. They are caught between the agenda of the bankers and merchants and a stupid public that watches too much TV, which is also controlled by the merchants to keep us brain washed.

The bills, when signed into law get enforced by the courts. The courts are just that - courts. They are filled with actors. The judge is an actor, the prosecutor is an actor and you can be one too - if you learn how. When you go to court it is a game and you hire a liar (Lawyer) to help defend you. It is the job of the liar to keep the realities of law hidden from you. When a law is broken there is a value associated with the judgement and you are "charged". These judgements ( charges ) represent more paper and are traded to create more money for governments. Laws are written to be broken and create wealth, all at the expense of the citizenry. The charged individual goes to jail because he cannot afford to pay the charges. Jails are essentially debtor prisons.

The law hasn't changed in 6000 years. The law is ultimately based on admiralty law, uniform commercial code or some other term. Ultimately they are all very similar and commonly referred to as The Law Merchant. The law originates in trade on the open seas. Anyone can take advantage of these laws, and many are. In the bible it says that Jesus walked on water. It also says that we will do far greater things. And we are- at least some of us but not me yet.

Its not the Vatican, the Jews or the English Monarchy that runs the world, its run by law and this law is carefully hidden for us by the liars so that the merchants can enforce their will upon us. One of the best ways to learn this law, according to Winston Shrout (look him up, watch his videos) is to read the King James Bible. Religion, law and money are all linked.

To learn more about The Law Merchant, the reader is referred to many free online PDF documents. These are not hard to find. A good beginning document is called "Introduction To The Law Merchant" by Byron Beers and can be found at www.goingtopeace.dom or other places such as

For a beautiful presentation on all of this, check out "Puff The Magic Dragon", but a fair bit of reading is required before you understand Puff. Its doubtful that the original authors of Puff The Magic Dragon even had all this in mind, but they have seals and strings and other things and courts and liars and pirates in this story- just like in real life merchant law. The main character in the first of three episodes is Jackie Draper who becomes Jackie Paper. Jackie Draper cannot speak for himself (that is why we hire liars to represent us in court - we cannot speak for ourselves either). Jackie Paper can speak for Jackie Draper. It all fits so well it makes you wonder if Puff was written by a couple of Cambridge sophomores.

The song was written by the Cambridge students and describes the loss of innocence as little boys and girls become adults. The story is about admiralty law and how little boys and little girls can learn to speak for themselves and deal with the liars.

Once we all realize that its all just paper, the whole hoax can end. No more wars, codex, NAZI style health care and gun control and the giant monopolies that run governments.

The pen really is mightier than the sword.

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Oh good grief - that song always, always made me cry.

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