Friday, August 7, 2009

More Daibolical Than Warfare

Today I started reading Plato's Laws. This is Plato's explanation of how civilization is run, the bedrock under which it rests is law. Warfare is between two or more countries or people who have differing opinions with regard to what law should or should not be- in its most ideal sense or who should be making the laws. Our modern civilization uses war to determine who prints the money and therefore who writes the laws. Law and money are really the same thing. Our money system and our legal system as as inseparable as dirt and water are in mud.

Warfare does have advantages, it builds culture and gives young people a sense of purpose and a reason to better themselves. Young boys join the army to become men. Great music such as Led Zepplins No Quarter is about war. Saving Private Ryan showed us an idealized example of the best humanity has to offer through the trial and tribulation of warfare. Many paintings depict man in a state of war. Countless classical scores have been written about it.

Todays modern war is not so glorious, and we would probably be better off without war but a replacement would have to be found because war is what human society has been all about. All over the world, for a mellenia, cultures have been created around the idea of warfare and this is as true of North American Indians to the ancient tribes of Africa and everyone in-between. For some reason humanity and war seem to mix.

Our rulers, being eugenicists, want a replacement for war. War gets the best of the genetic gene pool killed off according to them. The replacement has been decided - environmentalism.

I was reading about Brazil in the Sun a few days ago. The government is starting a campagne to get people to start urinating in the shower to save water. Whether people pee in the shower or flush urine down the toilet has absolutely zero affect on our water supply and to get people to believe that we actually consume water is an assault on reason that must surely be equal to that of the belief that cows farting will destroy the ozone layer.

Plato believed that the same political form existed in the individual, the family, the villiage and the state. Virtue for humanity leads to happiness and virtue is described as wisdom, temperance and courage which combine to make justice. Warfare creates these qualities. Aristotle had similar ideas, although not identical.

Environmentalism is just plain mental abuse. It assaults our ability to reason and there is nothing noble about peeing in the shower. There is nothing in it that will better mankind. No one will write songs or make movies about people peeing in the shower to save the environment.

Peeing on the shower and cutting meat consumption will not create a more virtuous mankind.
Environmentalism is just pure evil, even when the satanic ceremony and insane control and taxation are put aside. Humanity has never faced a greater threat than environmentalism and I see no advantage in it, other than to create a slave class.

See the cartoon video propaganda promotion:


Penny said...

hey doug

ok, I have to disagree with the enviromentalism being all bad, because being aware of our environment is good, realizing we are in fact a part of the environment is good, not polluting the water with drugs, and toxins which we then drink or bathe in is good. Not spraying poisons all over our own food, not good,

And when you think about it, the government and their cronies in business do nothing to resolve the real environmental problems.

Reduce pesticides.
Stop business from dumping toxins, stop business from leaving massive dumpsites, and on and on.....
I am thinking of some of the hotspots left to exude poisons for years to come.
How about ending warfare to stop dumping DU around the world, with it's radioactive life of however long it is.
Nope, nothing about that?!

But when pseudo environmentalism is used against us...
That is another story.

Doug Plumb said...

The government version of environmentalism has nothing to do with saving the environment at all. Getting people to believe that CO2 is poisonous to the environment, pissing in the shower saves water and cows farting destroys the ozone layer is a war on the mind. This is the implementation of fascism.

The book "Political Ponerology" (of which there is a free 30 page PDF summary on the web) explains how this kind of thing actually damages the brain and inhibits logical and normal moral thought. It turns people into robots physically in the brain. Its destruction from the inside - there are no outer bruises but they are inside the brain.

Penny said...

I have heard repeatedly of this book, but have never read it or came across the actual book itself, have you a link to the pdf?
Perhaps you could post it here and then myself, and others could read it?

Doug Plumb said...

Hi Penny,

You have to buy the book to read it, I'd send you mine but I lent it out - don't have it back.

You can read a summary here

The book itself is a very exhausting read, since it was translated from Polish. Also the book itself was a summary of a collection of medical reports on autopsies - so not terribly well organized from the start. Also they had to introduce lots of new terms.

Its well worth the effort. If you buy it, you will NOT be sorry you did. It is the biggest eye opener that comes in book form I have ever seen.


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