Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alternative Reality Syndrome

As I learn more about the world that surrounds us I am starting to realize that the main problem may be what some refer to as A.R.S. - Alternative Reality Syndrome. Its very difficult to self assess for this affliction, possibly even more dangerous to go to a professional for an assessment because many professionals suffer from the affliction and may incorrectly diagnose their patients. Someone who was suffering from this affliction themselves once suggested I was and that I should see a psychiatrist. So, not being sure, I went to see one. He did not believe that I was suffering from this, although he was himself as far as I could determine. He believed that I was not because I could back up my beliefs but I wouldn't expect every health professional to act this way.

I recently had a conversation with a bank manager who was suffering from this - so badly that when I began to ask questions she hung up the phone. It may be that our monetary system isn't as bad as people think- for us people I mean - it forced our countries (the corporations) into bankruptcy but not its people. This gives the people a distinct advantage over the corporation, but it is poorly understood. Its very complex and I am beginning to see the light.

This advantage provides us with commercial remedies. We create the money (we are the creditors) and the banks incur debt as a result of us creating the money. We help the bank with their debt when they send us a statement but some of us have found ourselves in a bit of economic turmoil as a result of the banks unwillingness to create the number of debt notes required to keep the economy running (read "expanding" here). As long as the economy is expanding, we people have no problem helping the banks but when the economy is in contraction we do not have enough debt notes to replace the banks debts with yet further debts. We can help the banks by forgiving their debts for them but they often resist this due to many people that work for the banks suffering from A.R.S. and believing that those notes we pass around as money are actually money. Its a dangerous affliction, not only to these people but future generations as well.

We all suffer from this to a certain extent - we have all spent time in the public education system and watching TV which is the main source for this disease.

To self assess as to the degree in which you suffer from this affliction I suggest a series of questions as given below. I am no mental health professional, but I suggest this a model for what I have in mind. Count the number of Yes answers and the number of No answers that you provide to assess your degree of affliction with this terrible defect.

(1) Is George Bush God ?

(2) Do you accept Barrack Hussein Obama as your personal saviour ?

(3) Do you sometimes hang up the phone or run away when people challenge your view points about the world ?

(4) Did Usama bin Laden commit the attacks on September 11 2001 ?

(5) Is carbon dioxide a poisonous gas that will destroy the world unless something is done ?

(6) Do cows farting pose a credible threat to mankind due to ozone destruction ?

(7) Do you believe that Al Gore & David Suzuki are heroes that are trying to save the planet from certain destruction ?

(8) Do you believe that income tax helps pay for government services such as roads, police, hospitals, education and other tangible "benefits" that we are aware of ?

(9) The phrase "To Serve And Protect" is written on police cars in Canada. Do you believe this means to serve and protect the individual rights of the taxpayer ?

(10) Are you careful about self censoring and refuse to investigate things on the internet and force yourself to believe what you read and see in the corporate media ?

(11) Although you pay taxes, do you believe that you are free ?

(12) Is the world over-populated ?

(13) Do you think that you have any money, have basic human rights or own anything as a taxpayer ?

(14) Do you think that its a doctors job to heal your illnesses ?

(15) Do you believe that we will run out of water unless consumption is reduced ?

(16) Do you believe that reducing water consumption will reduce water contamination ?

(17) Do you believe that the government & media could not have lied to us about the moon landing ?

(18) Do you believe that it is the job of the government to work for the people ?

(19) Do you believe that when you hire an attorney, that his/her job is includes ethics and that they are not allowed to lie to you to protect other "interests" ?

(20) Do you believe that change in the world can affect with its change agents knowing almost nothing about the law ?

(21) Is the Bible irrelevant to our society - is it just a pack of man made fictions ?

These are all questions that I would say no too, but there may be other questions that show I do have a slight case of A.R.S. But I am willing to consider other questions, which makes me curable if I do have this affliction. Others are incurable.

I'm sure there are questions that I haven't thought of. I welcome additional ones.


Penny said...

it is funny, now that you mention it how Bush was a godhead, albeit a more limited godhead, but he was considered by far to many to be some kind of holy roller on earth.

Obama is a demi-god of another kind, rather then the cult of religion, obama is a cult of personality.

He has broader appeal, not narrow like religious groups.

Either way, though there demi-god status is the same.

Penny said...

oh and I like that alternative reality syndrome, so many sufferers, perhaps a drug is in order???

Doug Plumb said...

I believe the Truth Movement has been suffering from A.R.S. with regard to its monetary policies. I think we have been mislead as much as the environmentalists. This was made possible from our lack of knowledge regarding law.

What a waste of energy..

Penny said...

doug was it you speaking of mercantilism??
I can't recall, and if it was, you may be interested in the article I have up on the blog.

If it is in your realm of interest let me know, as I was reading through it I thought of you

Doug Plumb said...

Mercantilism is protectionism - that is a theory of government which puts tariffs on imports to maintain a favourable position over other nations in actual wealth.

This is independent of Merchant Law which is equitable law (commercial paper) rather than substantiative law (gold / silver currency).

The law and money are the same thing. If you have equitable law then you have the Law Merchant and commercial instruments that take the form of money in the minds of people that are not familiar with law. If you have substantiative law then you have gold/silver currency and a legal system that mirrors what most people think is the operation of laws and courts.

We have equity law, we will not be going back to substantiative law, such as advocates of Ron Paul, et all want. Its not going to happen.

What we need to do as activists is learn how to work within equitable law. The current problem with our money system is that much more is owed than is present in the system. This is squeezing people out of their assets, but one not need to lose their cars and homes because of this. We need to learn about the law to stop this.

Lawyers, judges and police all work for the Law Merchants. But the Law Merchants must work according to their own laws, else their world falls apart. We must learn to become lawyers to beat them at their own game.

Crying about everything is a uselss waste of energy.

Doug Plumb said...

The system is adversarial by necessity. Lawyers Add-Vice (give advice) and make sure you stand under (understand) charges. Stay away from lawyers. Be your own lawyer. Lawyers are corrupt and dishonest and live within the dens of inequity. They are truly awful people and work hard so that their sons and daughters can be sold into slavery in exchange for trinkets and bobbles and a false and undeserved respect from the community.


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