Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Afghanistan, Minerals and Natural Law

Lately there have been stories regarding the rich Afghan deposits of minerals. A reason for the war is tacitly suggested in this story.

This is careful perception management. The quickly catching on fact is that the Afghanistan war is a drug war that provides approximately 0.7 trillion per year in street value heroine. The land itself supposedly contains 1 trillion in minerals. Its never been extracted before and its been known about - simple reason - there are no sea ports or easy way of getting the minerals out of Afghanistan.

The organizations that rule the world operate at the sovereign level. No higher authority exists than the sovereign and sovereigns operate under natural law rather than civilized law. A wolf is a sovereign in the forest, it takes the lives of mice so that it can eat. This is nature. Countries going to war over resources is also nature.

The notion that we are fighting the Afghans to get their natural resources is much more palatable than the emerging truth: Our armies fight and kill there to get opium from which to help destroy western civilization- heroine goes into Europe. This is not a justification for war.

This perception management converts an unpalatable drug war war to a palatable one. Our leaders will not be perceived as drug lords but honest politicians looking out for our own interests.

The Afghanistan war is about drugs and drugs give profits which provides a means for black operations. The black operations are used to get IMF control over countries, so our banks can print their money and do to them what they have been doing to us. Not "our" banks, but the super wealthy class that is ruining our country with UN mandates, Agenda 21, etc all on behalf of the law merchant.

Perception management at the highest level cannot tolerate the emerging general knowledge that our armies are thugs for dope dealers.

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