Saturday, July 3, 2010

Plato & The Law Merchant

Most of the law that people consider as actually law is really statutes given by what is commonly called "The Law Merchant" (banksters). The merchant / bankers have owned our governments since before 1933, consequently our courts are all merchant courts. Socrates explains the futility of the legal system that is likely to evolve below. (edited by Allan Bloom, book 4 sect 425 d)

.."And in the name of the gods" I (Socrates) said "what about that market business- the contracts individuals make with one another in the market, and, if you wish, contracts with manual artisans, and libel, insult, lodging of legal complaints, and the appointment of judges, and, of course, whatever imposts might have to be collected or assessed in the markets or habours, or any market, town, or habour regulations, anything else of the kind-shall we bring ourselves to set down laws for any of these things ?"

"It isn't worth-while," he (Adeimantus) said "to dictate to gentlemen. Most of these things that need legislation, they will, no doubt, easily find for themselves"

"Yes my friend", I said "provided that is, a god grants the preservation of the laws we described before"

"And if not," he said "they'll spend their lives continually setting down many such rules and correcting them, thinking they'll get a hold of whats best"

"You mean," I said "that such men will live like those who are sick but, due to licentiousness, aren't willing to quit their worthless way of life"

"Most certainly"

"And don't they go on charmingly ? For all their treatment, they get nowhere, except of course, to make their illnesses more complicated and bigger, always hoping that if someone would just recommend a drug, they will be-thanks to it- healthy"

"Yes," he said, "The affections of men who are sick in this way are exactly like that".....

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