Friday, April 5, 2013

The Science Delusion

The powers that be have a serious interest in generating faith in science - that is that science does or will ultimately determine the nature of reality.

Science explains observations using the lowest standards of proof that are possible. If these standards of proof were used in honest courts of law (we don't actually have these but if we did) then you could be arrested and convicted for murder based on circumstantial evidence. That circumstantial evidence could be a small motive and no one else having a known motive. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone has to be responsible.

The scientific method is just the creation of a theory that no one can disprove. This is why physics is constantly changing its view of the atom.

A link to a banned TED talk discusses this and some other aspects of science not mentioned here in 18 minutes:

The belief that science will or has already explained the ultimate reality is the true meaning of materialism. A good, but very very difficult book on this topic is Kants "Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science". Kant shows that we must consider material as constructed of atoms to apply science to it. The idea of the atom has been around thousands of years. The description of the atom changes every month when a new magazine on physics gets printed.

A good example of how science can be wrong and how this error can be ignored is known as the Two Capacitor Problem. It consists of the following - charge an ideal capacitor to a known charge then connect another ideal capacitor to it. How does the energy or charge compare before and after the new ideal capacitor is connected ? Use the equations Q=CV and E=(CV^2)/2, C=capacitance in Farads, V = Voltage, Q= charge in coulombs. Either charge or energy must remain constant but not both as must be by our scientific "laws". This shows that Maxwells equations do not describe actual reality. Its a old and well known problem but our computers and telephones still work so no one really talks about this.

Science is great if you want to make a better cup of coffee, a better computer or telephone, but its useless in determining ultimate reality. Thats OK because science still allows magnification and concentrations of power and of course comfort.

Materialism turns scientists into gods and the "powers that be" control science. Its all part of a society based on authority rather than reason, ethical relativism rather than a true ethic, a legal system rather than the law. Materialism is just a vehicle for power concentration and the separation of most of us from the idea of reason itself.

No wonder the talk was banned.

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