Friday, May 31, 2013

The Legal System and The Law

See This isn't the law, its the legal system. It is the fundamental definition of administrative tyranny. The laws are something everyone knows. Kant calls it a-priori knowledge. We know the laws, they are in our hearts like we know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This is our reality.

Laws form the basis for all religions and religion is about our law-maker, whatever we conjecture this as. It certainly isn't a gang of hoodlums sitting on capital hill. These people are just punks, and if they are anything like our parliamentarians, you wouldn't want them as neighbors. Good people are just too comfortable or too gutless to speak out about it.

The legal system is for the unwise. They do not know that the legal system presupposes that any of its victims are debtors. A maxim in law is that a debtor has no rights. Think about this.

Our so-called debt isn't real either. Its monopoly money and nothing more and in every sense of the word monopoly. It is backed by neither substance nor promise from its creators. We work for it, we promise to work for it and that is its only value.

Its our money and we don't owe a thing. And us citizens of this North American Union should not be subject to such an abuse as this legal system really is because we owe these bankers and attorneys nothing.

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