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20 Indisputable Facts

I was never able to write this until now. I recently found an English copy of the Talmud. The Talmud is the highest book of Jewry. I have read through some of its nine thousand pages and learned much. I know enough now where I can state things about the world and about organized Jewry and Christian Zionism.The quotes from the Talmud posted on the web are all true. Look up Talmud quotes, text search a PDF copy of the Talmud in English. (its nine thousand pages in total) See video's Talmud Law in English Courts, Testimony of Yossi Gurvitz, July 15, 2012 See

Fact 1. Adults use objective reason and fact to make judgements. Children do what is best for themselves and are easily duped by opinion. Growing up is when we learn this. Discipline is when we apply this to govern our lives. Adults believe only those who take responsibility for their words. Children can be fooled by anyone that "sounds reasonable".

Fact 2. The world is run by the printers of the money. These banks are owned by Jews. You can check this by looking up a government report called the Grace Report, commissioned by Regan. (That's why they shot him.) The money powers have always been the ones to assassinate US presidents. See the free online documentary called "The Money Masters". It explains everything I say about the banks in a magnificent three hour documentary on the history of money. See Ron Paul on youtube on responsibility of the Fed. See also The Money Masters

Fact 3. The UN is owned and operated by the Big Banks. Rockefeller donated eight million dollars in property value for the construction of the UN. Rockefeller isn't publically Jewish, he may not be, but he is surrounded by them. You can see this by researching the names of the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank in the Grace Commission Report as well as many others sources. See also The Money Masters. "100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt ... all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government." -Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan - January 15, 1984 (Links for this get broken all the time, new ones appear)

Fact 4: If the UN is owned by the banks, its organizations such as the IPCC are controlled by the banks. Other government organizations such as NASA are also controlled organizations, because they are government organizations. The media is mostly controlled by Jews. This is what Hitler meant when he is quoted as explaining how the people are so easily manipulated by simple repetition. He was being descriptive, not prescriptive.
“It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” ( See Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man (free) , also see (free) Fearful Master

Fact 5: The UN IPCC, as well as other UN organizations have been caught numerous times fudging data. Their models have never predicted reality. You can look up countless youtube videos of actual climate experts explaining this. You can hear them speaking and see their lips moving. The information they give is unfiltered by corporate interests and is the most reliable available today because it is raw and unfiltered. Science requires that both the data and the mathematical models used to draw conclusion are exposed for criticism. Bullshit occurs when results are shown without supporting math and data. Bullshit is not science. The IPCC and other government "scientific" organizations do not publish their math models. Therefore they are practicing bullshit, not science.

Fact 6: Both political Zionist Jews as well as orthodox Jews absolutely hate all of the rest of humanity, with a burning passion. They are in fact racists. You can download an English copy of the Talmud and do text searches on words like "Goyim", "Nine Year Old", "Three Year Old". They believe themselves entitled to rape, rob and kill the rest of humanity because they are the chosen people. The Talmud is the top book of the Jews. They claim that even God goes to the Talmud for guidance in the Talmud. They study the Talmud and punish any Jew that exposes it to the Goyim (you and me). In the Talmud it states that the only reason for the Goyim to live is to serve the Jew. You can see Jews explain this on youtube - unfiltered by corporate media. You can see their lips moving as they speak so you know its them really saying it. More reliable than National Geographic, Time Magazine and all the TV channels combined, who speak mostly from rumor (filtered expert statements). Also see to hear what famous people in history say about the Jews. See See also

 Also see "Hard to believe how bad Chabad hates non-Jews".

Fact 7: Most of the people that have been exposing Jewry have been Jews. They have gone to jail for this. They are the very best of what humanity has to offer. They stand for your rights and nothing else. People like Henry Makow and Brother Nathaniel are only two of hundreds, maybe thousands, proving and exposing truth. Many Jews are afraid of their religion and afraid to speak out. Many Jews fought for Hitler. Many Jews have exposed the holocaust as a fraud. Many believe Hitler was a dupe for the Jews to create Israel and put the Allied nations into debt to better serve the Jew.

Fact 8: Our Christian nations no longer operate by Christian law. Christian law forbids robbery. Your "income tax" is something you pay because you are tricked into claiming your wage labour as income by the Jews who own the private revenue collection agencies such as the IRS (they look like government organizations but if you phone them (as I did) and ask them they will tell you the truth !!!). Only Talmudic law permits robbery. The income tax does not go to the governments, it goes to the banks as interest on a debt created from thin air. It pays for all the wars. Look up "IRS agent income tax" on youtube. Hear the agents for yourself, see their lips move as they form their words - unfiltered by corporate media. Look up Joe Bannister or Sherry Jackson, both ex IRS agents on youtube. See (Sherry Jackson) (Joe Bannister)

Fact 9: Muslims hate Christians because Christians are easily duped into being donkeys for the Jew. Many Christians believe that the Jews are the chosen people and so therefore, by extention, must believe that Jews have a fundamental right to rape, rob and murder all non Jews.  Jewish doctrine is to create disciples meaner than they are. It's in the Talmud. The holocaust didn't happen.

Fact 10: Global warming is the best vehicle to rob and subjugate mankind. It robs us economically and provides motivation for world depopulation. Every Jew shall have twenty slaves (text search your copy of the Talmud for the word "twenty"). This is Talmudic Law. The AGW hypothesis is the best motivation for writing laws to subjugate humanity. Eliminating fossil fuels will be (1) bad for the environment ( (2) Cause billions of Goyim to starve. (3) Farming is done by tractors and machinery which use fossil fuels. Food depends on fossil fuels. See (Stephan Molyneaux and Alex Epstein)

Fact 11: The vast majority of world scientists are saying that Climate Change is a fraud. Only a very few support it and they are constantly repeated in the media. Jewish controlled media does not expose the greater, more scientific opinion that it is in fact pure 100% fraud. You can see this at as a signed and mailed in statement by over 32,000 scientific people from only the USA. Imagine how many would say this in the entire world. How many scientists have you heard stating the AGW hypothesis as fact without media filtering and with responsibility ? See PetitionProject

Can the media be trusted? For fun

Fact 12: Whether you believe in God or not, all Laws come from theology. Acts are acts of man, but acts are not laws. This is also a fact of law. The reason for this is that man's laws multiply and balloon into something unmanageable. Its explained in The Republic Of Plato. Your personal beliefs are irrelevant to this fact, as they are for all other facts- remember Fact 1.

Fact 13: If you are listening to opinion rather than researching fact, you are an idiot. If you get your information from government or corporate sources, you are getting opinions because they carefully obfuscate responsibility for their word.

Fact 14: The New World Order is getting meaner. Its going to get a lot meaner if we don't do something. From Chem-trails, trade deals that will collapse and already injured and dying economy, to GMO foods, mandated vaccines, and more wars things are getting worse, not better.

Fact 15: Syria doesn't have a central bank and it doesn't have "Free"masons. Syria was a country listed in the Pentagon document "Plan for the New American Century" (PNAC) See

Fact 16: Doing an act of terror feeds the machine and creates a need for a bigger police state. If you want to build a bomb or commit an act of terror, join the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc, go fight in a Zionist war. At least get paid for it. All acts of terror from 9-11 to the underwear bomber have been shown to be "inside jobs".

Fact 17: Communism is a creation of the Jews. Research this on Communists always want to take the guns and do mass population culling. See 

Fact 18: Public opinion rules the world. It always has and it always will. If we immersed ourselves in verifiable, objective fact, we would live better and deserve to live better. If we continue to be guided by the opinion of government, and government funded organizations, most of us will die. The rest will be subjugated further by Jews. (Do not repeat opinion, use your mind, spread facts). 

Fact 19: This is only a small number of facts that clearly show where the world is going. For instance, another fact is that 9-11 was never investigated. NIST is not an investigative body. The fire marshal was not allowed to investigate 9-11. They are an investigative body. Calling NIST to do a fire investigation is like calling a plumber to fix a light switch.

Fact 20: If you choose not to do something about this then you will deserve it. If you cannot stand up for yourself and yours, why should anyone else ? If you do not stand for what is right, why should you deserve any consideration for what is right by others ?

Finally, something to look at, right from the "horses mouth",  Education Day. The Noahide Laws are not mentioned in the Bible but part of an oral tradition handed down by Jewry in their highest book, the Talmud. There is no reason for the Goyim to live except to serve the Jew. Adopting the Noahide laws makes the Goyim righteous in the eyes of the Jew. Jew's do not follow Noahide Laws. They follow the 613 laws of the Jew explained in the Talmud. Two different people, two different laws. It is unlawful for the Jew to kill the non Jew, but the crime has no punishment.

Much of how our current state is run can be explained in The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. Initially this was said to be faked, but history shows otherwise.

See also  The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview 1976

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