Saturday, August 27, 2016

Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience

The video below explains in precise ways exactly why government is corrupted. The basic reason is the structure of government being changed from a Christian based structure to a materialist basis in structure. This stuff is a little bit complicated, so it doesn't often get explained in ten minute YouTube videos.

Most of this stuff is what a high school graduate would know a hundred years ago. Its based on the Bible, works of Immanual Kant and other Enlightenment philosophers, the early Greeks, research I have done reading the Jewish philosophers, and the history and ideals of Bolshevism.

It took me about fifteen years to learn this.

I managed to shrink the complete explanation down to two hours and forty minutes, in ten sections:

Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience Full Playlist

There are some snippet sections listed on a Playlist here:

Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience Snippet Playlist


Doug Plumb said...

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