Friday, March 6, 2009

Illegal Word

Every once in a while I get a notice from a friend or customer that my email was rejected due to an "illegal word". Its been happening for months.

These words are ordinary words, they are not words that I use to describe the governments and their minions in other writings such as: smack dealers, child molesting satanist, luciferian, liberal, corruption, torture, war crimes, burning people alive, devil worshiper, psychopath, terrorizing populations, stealing money, extortions, inside job, threats, Goebbels Big Lie, illegal wars, poisoned vaccinations, etc.

These were just ordinary words used in answering questions about software and some measurements, nothing political.

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Penny said...

illegal words

illegal words

the very concept of that

that words, letters put together can be illegal

boggles the mind doesn't it?


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