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Codex Alimentarius

Few people in this truth movement realize the full character of what we face. It is going to be very hard to write this, and read it for those among us who are still conscious.

All of the wars, vaccines, torture, child molestation, police state abuse, fake environmentalism, funny money, water fluoridation, chem-trails, and everything else is a mere speck on the hind end of a big smelly psychopathic hog when compared to the hog itself, Codex Alimentarius.

We have been assaulted in the mind through mainstream media predictive programming to numb us and make us accept the things we are aware of as well as distracted from Codex. We have been assaulted for over 50 years with water fluoridation. We have been robbed through a corrupt money system run by the robber barons of the 19th century. We have been lied to to fight wars to enslave other countries through a corrupt money system in this global system of control.

Ultimately, as Stalin once said, a population is controlled through its stomach.

Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius is latin for “food code” and the policy was introduced in the United Nations in 1962. Codex has been the United Nations laws for food under their world government. It was adopted by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1994.

Codex was created by the Nazi industrial giant IG Farben's Fritz ter Meer initially as a result of having the time associated with being incarcerated as a war criminal for 4 years from the Nuremberg trials after world war 2 in 1952. Ter Meer, after designing Codex Alimentarius in prison, went back to work to head Bayer pharmaceutical which was formerly part of IG Farben. Ten years later a committe on Codex Alimentarius was officially created at the UN.

Codex introduces us to legal positivism. Legal negativism refers to a legal system in which anything that has not been forbidden is legal. Legal positivism has refers to a system where anything not explicitly permitted is illegal. These are two very distinctly different legal systems. English common law has been a system based on legal negativism, which means that anything not explicitly forbidden is legal.

Any food or drug product that is not explicitly allowed will be forbidden under Codex. This will drive alternative health care producers out of business and prevent people from getting vitamins and alternative health products that are not explicitly permitted. Codex protects big pharmaceuticals and the current allopathic medical system by restricting access to alternative health care products. Alternative health care stores have been told their profits will increases with synthetic products to keep them quiet about Codex. [Codex Alimentarius (free internet video) Ian Crane] They become establishment outlets rather than alternative product outlets.

The WTO has since adopted Codex Alimentarius policy in 1994. The WTO has been empowered with setting trade regulations and deliverying trade sanctions. Any nation that creates a barrier to trade can be sanctioned and all traded food must be compliant with Codex Alimentarius.

If a codex compliant country has a trade dispute over food with another non codex compliant country, the codex compliant country will automatically win the dispute and the loser faces financial penalty in the form of trade sanctions, forcing all countries to become Codex compliant. WTO compliant nations are required to be Codex compliant by Dec 31 2009.

Monsanto has stated that it will be in control of the worlds food supply by 2010.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) are public-private partnerships that fund Codex Alimentarius and have contracts with the UN to run the Codex Alimentarius process. Each Codex Alimentarius meeting has representatives from both organizations. The WHO contributes 1/3 and the FAO contributes 2/3 of the funding for Codex. They are deeply involved in the process of creating Codex recommendations.

In 2002 the WHO and FAO commissioned a consultation (independent) and the final report came back with the recommendations to kill Codex. The report was softened and in 2005 came back with one recommendation in particular (#18) that suggested that Codex Alimentarius commission must decide if it has a relationship with nutrition, and if so, what that relationship is.[Dr. Rima Laibow, Health Freedom USA]

Codex classes alternative natural remedies as drugs and they must be approved before being available. Many people take Vitamin C in doses of 500 mg – 5000 mg, particularly when they have a cold. Five thousand milligrams of vitamin C will kill a cold in this authors experience. In zoo's they feed the gorillas 5000 mg of Vitamin C daily. Codex Alimentarius requires a doctors prescription to get it and the amount that would be available would be a fraction of what could normally be found on health food store shelves today. Codex requires that the dosage not be sufficient to actually make a difference.

Alternative health healing has been embraced by many physicians, treatment with mega doses of conventional vitamins has been believed to be more affective than patented pharmaceuticals by many MD's. A 1992 FDA task force published a report announcing the FDA’s desire to remove these products from the shelves as they have represented a “disincentive for patented drug research”. [KISS YOUR VITAMINS GOODBYE! NewsWithViews.com, June 19, 2005 (Dr. Carolyn Dean)]. Canadian Bill C-420, an amendment to the Food and Drug act has placed supplements in the food category rather than drug category and has temporarily protected our rights to use supplements from the drug companies. This bill must become meaningless as the world slowly changes to food rule under Codex Alimentarius.

Leading causes of death according to many alternative medicine research groups as well as doctors is big pharmaceutical drugs when used as directed. Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D has written: “The medical establishment works closely with the drug multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs MUST be sold. In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud, and kickbacks. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug companies. They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish perks. The principal buyers are the public - from infants to the elderly - who MUST be thoroughly medicated and vaccinated...at any cost!”. This list of doctors that essentially say the same thing is endless, but will seldom be heard from on corporate media. Others include Dr.Mercola and Dr Len Horowitz, both have their own web sites that have explained a great deal of truth to public that has wanted to deprogram from mainstream media.

Countries in the European Union have lead the way in implementing Codex Alimentarius, while Canada has been leading in the introduction of Internet 2 and the USA and Britain have lead in implementing the visible police state. Its a race to the bottom- to globalization, and all countries have been testing and imnplementing different routes.

The path to Codex Alimentarius has been partially paved with New York Ciy laws against trans fats in restaurants and retail baked goods. The early environmental movement seemed innocous at first and gained widespread acceptance. Through incrementalism the environmental movement gradually introduced the rediculous into the public mindset (man made climate change) through advanced inferential propaganda techniques.

There are many great sources of information available on Codex, the best is the site www.HealthFreedomUSA.org. Rima Laibow and Gen. Bert Stubblebine have been a target of establishment propoganda and Hollywood will soon be releasing a movie starring George Clooney called "Men Who Stare At Goats" to destroy the reputation of the once head of army intelligence, Gen. Bert Stubblebine.

A free movie is available on Google Video called "The World According To Monsanto".

Codex is the biggest evil that we have ever seen in the truth movement by a very long shot. I cannot convey this in a simple essay. I don't know how to convey the full nature of this evil. If I was an omni-potent artist I would paint the sky of the world red and leave it that way for a month. I cannot even describe my fear and anger when thinking about Codex.


Penny said...

hey doug:

goodness I have been meaning to get over here.
I gave you an award on the blog, one third of a kick ass trio, eh?

I still have got to catch the monsanto movie, been trying to do calm things lately.

good post.

remember the bill the Harper gov wanted to get through to control vitamins, it didn't fly, bill c-51.
I thought this is what they were really up to, that bastards.

Penny said...

"Legal negativism refers to a legal system in which anything that has not been forbidden is legal. Legal positivism has refers to a system where anything not explicitly permitted is illegal."

that is interesting, any more on this?

Doug Plumb said...

There are a lot of confusing explanations for legal positivism and negativism. Go figure, you would think it would have a simple definition but when the practioners of everything to do with laws are involved, everything works better for them when its complex.

This definition seems to be exactly applicable to Codex. Laibow uses it.

Thanks for the award !

As far as Harper wanting to control vitamins, it doesn't matter. When we start losing trade disputes we will have to adopt Codex. Its the beauty of interdependence. We will need almost all goods from China so we will need to comply.

stylewell01 said...

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