Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just A Reminder

Justin Trudeau is running around warning everyone about the perils of global warming. In the Trudeau tradition he will motivate Canadians to get excited about more slavery and the media will congratulate him every step of the way.

His father Pierre (RIP) was the Club Of Rome member and former prime minister that sold this country out to the private banks in the mid-seventies. Before Pierre Trudeau, Canada was in debt by only about 20 billion. Half of our money was created by the Bank of Canada while the other half was created by the private families that print most of the worlds money. This allowed Canada to have a manageable debt to the private families.

Pierre Trudeau began to borrow all of the money from private individuals to start the creation of what is now an unrecoverable debt at nearly 800 billion. Now Justine wants us to start paying tax for the fake environmental threat too.

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