Monday, July 6, 2009

The Path To Freedom

I am still searching for my path, I have found some of these websites to be useful, but have not looked at all of them. I am not nearly qualified to give advice on this matter, just give some ideas.

I believe a firm foundation in the philosophy of law is necessary to understand much of this. There are many potholes along this path.

I found that reading the first few chapters of Invisible Contracts was useful. Researching the topic "Lex Mercantorium" and the term "The Law Merchant" leads to some great explanations of fundamental ideas that shape our world.

Mostly its unlearning rather than learning. The fact is that the banks could not have simply taken governments over without leaving a remedy. Its un-ethical and civilizations sit on a foundation of ethics. The current underlying believe in eugenics and the promise of a just society is the driving force of the changes we see in todays world. To many these are not unethical. has alot of videos on different topics
"I can only show you the doors but i can't open them for you."


Magdelena said...

Thanks Doug - I'll check them out!

I know I still need to email you - for that 'smile'!

:) Buffy

Penny said...

hey doug, lots of links to check out!


I think I already spend too much time on the computer, but, god there is just so much to look into.....
never ending

but then life is a journey, and we gotta learn all along the way, or we should learn.

Doug Plumb said...

I received these links from a member of a group I met in Toronto on law and money.

A lot of these links are junk, I sort of expected they would all be related to law and banking.

I think that the stuff on Lex mercantoria is great - its all over the web. Anything I have seen has been good. Another is "What Is Accepted For Value?" - but it is complex and requires other reading to understand it.

Invisible Contracts is good, but repetitive. It was written by a judge I think.

"How I Clobbered Every Financial Institution Known to Man" by Mary Croft is good. It has to be read a few times - lots of unlearning here.


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