Friday, November 27, 2009

Climate Change Exposure: The Hidden Gem

The whole climate change supporting bureaucracy has been exposed through the efforts of a few heroic hackers. We all know this - at least those of us who can still think.

But, Lord Monckton, today on Alex Jones (3rd hour starting at the beginning of the 2nd hour) was calling for the abolition of the UN. Imagine that ! He calls for the formation of a world political party to oppose these morons at the local level.

He talks about the overpopulation goals of the AGW hypothesis supporters and speaks truth at every turn, without pulling any punches.


Magdelena said...

Thanks Doug, checking it out now!

Doug Plumb said...

His website:

Anonymous said...

Oh boy the Lord is pissed


Penny said...

I actually did hear some of this interview.
It was interesting.

ON a side note I still haven't watched the video you sent, I will get around to it today.
sorry doug.


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