Thursday, November 5, 2009

Remembering What We Should Remember

Remembrance Day is a day that we should all remember what it is exactly that we should be remembering. As Donald Rumsfeld once explained, there are things that we know we don't know and there are things we don't know that we don't know. For many members of our populations, many do not know that they do not know why we actually have wars and how to figure out who the winners and losers are.

World War 1:

Winners: The central banks and governments of both countries won this war. The banks accumulated more debt to be recovered through the (then new) income tax and were able to use these profits to expand their puppet governments to get them to accumulate even more debt and eventually drive the USA into bankruptcy (1933) and the German people into shame and debt in believing they actually started the war. The bankruptcy of the USA allowed the banks to entirely take over the government in the same way a Ch 11 bankruptcy takes over a bankrupt corporation. The government was now run by Trust Law as a result of Ch. 11, making government the parent and the people the children. Parents can and sometimes must lie to their children. Its OK, go back to sleep...

Losers: The people who fought in the war who were killed or maimed on the battlefield from all countries involved lost. The people back home whose government borrowed the money from private banks to pay for it all and received a bigger more corrupt government and higher amounts of taxes and corruption to pay for the ballooning debt. They also got the beginnings of a public education system to dumb them down even more and keep them fighting more wars. People became children and the corrupt government their parent, giving the government tacit control over the thoughts and actions of the populations.

World War 2:

Winners: Nazis who wanted world government received the UN after the initial attempt at the League of Nations failed after World War1. (Americans were too smart to fall for it after World War 1, but a few more years of public education eliminated this problem.) . Big Nazis such as Prescott Bush and the Royal Societies in Britain as well as others did well as a result of World War 2. Governments of both sides got bigger and more corrupt, banks profited from massive rebuilding (and massive borrowing) after the bombings and destruction. More debt gave more power to banks and in turn to the public government. Administrative Procedures Act adopted in USA as a result of bigger and more corrupt government in 1947, giving governments more power over dumber citizens. The arms race started as a result of World War 2 leading USA to weaponize space, necessary to enforce world government as well as waste all kinds of privately borrowed money in an arms race that no one could ever win assuring them that a nuclear standoff could never occur (MAD).

Losers: The people who got the UN to govern over them now face Codex Alimentarius and Vaccines, the most diabolical plans likely ever developed by mankind for the purposes of depopulation. The people now are accustomed to giving up all their rights when they enter a court room, thanks to the Administrative Procedures Act. After a few years of public education after world war 1, were now ready after world war 2 to receive Fluoride in their water to dumb them down even further. More income tax, more wars and more drugs to dumb everyone down even further over the next 50 years. People also got massive amounts of street drugs to dumb them down even further and drive them into poverty while providing CIA with black operations funding to corrupt other governments, start even more wars with the goal of putting private central banks into other countries so that their populations could get what we have been getting.

All The Other Wars: Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, the Cold War, + All The Other Wars such as the ones in the Congo and Haiti That No One Is Supposed to Know Or Think About:

Winners: The banks have been consistently winning all wars, the wars and black operations have put privately owned central banks in all the countries we have had wars with. The central banks have brought income tax and public education for the people to meet their Marxist ambitions of a centrally controlled government, along with Fluoride in their water to keep them silly enough to keep going along with all this. What the silly Marxists often forget is that these are corporate controlled governments, not governments of "the people".

Losers: Same as always, the people who receive public education, fluoride in their water, drugs on their streets and higher taxes and a bigger police force and more corrupt courts and more taxes to pay for it all. Because of their new found stupidity they get duped into fighting more wars to expand the diabolical UN system of control to other countries. The space race will soon give governments absolute rather than tacit control over the world citizenry as we exchange our wooden yokes for iron ones.

The end game is forced vaccinations and Codex Alimentarius, necessary for a 95% world depopulation as fewer slaves will be needed in the technological society.


Magdelena said...

Great post Doug, and certainly spot on!

People moan and whine, lamenting the loss of life, but then say stupid things like: but WW2 was a good war!

The best thing we can do with our soldiers is making sure we NEVER have to use them.

Penny said...

Hey doug, i will read the post, just wanted to tell you, I am almost through money masters in it's entirety and it is better then I could have imagined.

I should have taken notes!

Doug Plumb said...

Yes Maggie, wearing the poppy and supporting our troops is contradictory.

Penny: Money Masters is magnificent. The new Money As Debt 2 is very good as well but for explaining the mechanics of money rather than its history. Grignon is a good thinker.

Have you read Web Of Debt or The Creature From Jekyll Island ? I have read the Creature, and bits of Web Of Debt. My guess is that Web Of Debt is even better

Penny said...

web of debt?
is that ellen browns book?

I think I have the first chapter book marked, but I should just spring for the book, maybe I will put it on my christmas list.

Have I got the right author?

creature from jekkyl island haven't read it
Was able to get a copy of the federal reserve book Eustace Mullins, read it?
Let me know?

Doug Plumb said...

Ellen Brown wrote Web Of Debt. She has also done a few essays for Global Research and a resourceful web site. I haven't read the Eustace Mullins book, but I suspect its more conspiratorial than mechanical - I'm really interested in money mechanics now- the stuff Mullins and Ezra Pound exposed is now well known. We can get ourselves out of this.

We should remember Ezra Pound for asking the questions about why so many of his friends dies in WW1.

Maggie, thanks for the compliment. I think many people are all on the same track and see exactly what the system is. I would be surprised to hear anyone that looked into it and dissagreed.

Penny said...

Ezra Pound, is this the poet also?

Doug Plumb said...

right. He's the guy that woke up Mullins. Many people hate him.


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