Monday, November 23, 2009

Science, Morality and Sanity

I have an absolute obsession with globalism and what has been happening around us and I have had this obsession since 2001. Its the most interesting thing that I have ever come across and there is something that is telling me there is hidden key someplace in the understanding of all of this. The hidden key may be all we need to magically make it all go away.

Maybe I can be the dude that connects the dots, win fame and fortune, and be loved all over the world - book signing tours, and ultimately having big fences to keep hoards of beautiful young women from breaking into my place - or least thats what Freud would probably say my real motive is. But I haven't read Freud yet so maybe thats not it. Maybe I am just trying to save my own ass in the most interesting way I know. Maybe I am bored because I don't have a "job" because I never liked regimentation to begin with (I don't confuse it with discipline and am self employed). My motivations are certainly important in considering my conclusions and I am not really sure what exactly my motivations are, all I know with absolute certainty is that I am motivated in figuring this out. Maybe an outside reader is better at figuring out my motivations than I am.

I don't read much because I have read someplace that is more important to read good material thoroughly than it is to read volumes of material. This is also in the bible, as I have recently discovered, so it must be true. It is for this reason and not my own natural intelligence (I am only average) that I have enough confidence in my beliefs to write them down.

Lately I have been thinking about the behaviour of people on newsgroups wrt agrguments related to globalism and how it can easily be shown to be at least childish, more than likely closer to insanity than simple childish behaviour, but this in a way not immediately evident on its face. I have the biologist that a fellow blogger (MaggiesMusings) in mind that she spoke about on my previous AGW post. The biologist said that the earth tilt has nothing to do with seasons, but in fact it defines seasons. To confidently state this about the earth tilt is a sign of arrogance, which is a sign of insanity (or just idiocy) when the speaker is wrong.

I know that the people who argue ridiculous things such as the AGW hypothesis to be true, or that buildings just naturally collapse straight down through their own axis (of greatest resistance) after fires actually know better. No one is really this stupid. Some of these people believe that the earth is overpopulated and something must be done. They believe they are in the moral right and are thus able to keep their sanity. How sure they are of the overpopulation problem I can not say. All I can say is that I don't believe it even a little bit - I don't think there is even a 1% chance that it is true.

But, what about the people who just work at jobs and are slowly being driven to exhaustion from long hours and stressful work that they actually hate ? They haven't had time to really consider all of this in most cases that I know of and they don't like talking about it. They are the driving force of the establishment just as the NCO's are the backbone of the army, as col Potter once said in M*A*S*H*. Their ability to reason is slowly being eroded.

We are all scientific to a certain extent, and the scientific method is really just a natural way that we think IMO, it was just brought to light from words on paper. Science and morality are a bad mix and we are forced to mix the two setting one above the other. For people that do not know the real agenda is depopulation, their morality is in constant conflict with their scientific mind and this is driving them insane. This is best illustrated in a book called Political Ponerology that describes that physiological changes in brain structure that occur in people when they are part of system where these two aspects of their minds are in constant conflict. The book was written from the perspective of polish doctors doing autopsies on soldiers and people in the establishment in the 1920's and 1930's and previous.

What was the real purpose of 9/11 ? Some may argue, including myself, that it was perhaps a distraction to confuse everyone from something bigger in the backround (end of 1933 bankruptcy) and/or to put a police state in place that will be necessary to enforce globalization. Some people argue that the attacks erased a lot of debt, both moral (demolishing CIA, etc records of wtc7) and monetary (destruction of records in towers), but the "debt" isn't real -its just imaginary and entirely dependent on a belief that it does exist so that is probably not it IMO. These two ideas are well supported, but lets consider the purpose of the AGW hypothesis for a moment.

Could anyone reasonably expect the AGW hypothesis to actually "fly" ? Many people knew it was a scam in the 1990's. Anyone who has any brains at all, confidence in their own discernment of political reality and who chooses to look into the AGW hypothesis can clearly see that its probably one of the most blatent and biggest frauds ever attempted. If it wasn't so serious many people would probably need to be medicated just to stop laughing.

The risk of failure of the AGW hypothesis had to have been considered, and what seems like a failure on the face may not actually be a failure at all. Maybe we were supposed to figure it out. That certainly must be true of the building collapses of 9/11.

If the purpose of the AGW hypothesis and of the terror attacks of 9/11 was actually to start driving a large portion of the population insane, then everything would make sense. Maybe when the last bits of the scientific dictatorship fall into place it will be the result of everyone figuring out that both 9/11 and AGW were a cruel hoax proving our own stupidity and lack of ability to govern ourselves.

To create a scientific dictatorship based on the use of carbon, it would make sense that a large portion of the population must be driven insane. Everything about our culture and religion speaks against this type of top down control and by driving the majority of us insane, we slowly learn to not trust our own judgement making us ripe for takeover and erasing the essence of who we are - we are anti-authoritarians to the very core of our beings in the West.

This idea came to me after waking from a nightmare, during which I was forced to lie to a friend who was a cop for the purposes of both saving my own ass from embarassment and from saving other people from having a target for which they could hate, after me doing something utterly stupid (an act of vandalism that speaks of teenage boredom and mischief). This is a mirror of which many other people face in reality, as the little people in the establishment get off on their little childish power trips in the same way I initially got off in my dream, but I could awaken. Those people that cannot awaken from the constant shocks (conflicts) in their minds must slowly be driving them insane.

In this moment of clarity I felt the need to get up and verbalize this idea before it faded away.

The motivation for all of this nonsense must be to drive the population insane and prepare them for a scientific dictatorship. I've been working on this idea for a long time, and have verbalized it before in other ways. I would really like it if someone could show me I am wrong. I'd hate to be on the wrong track all this time.


Magdelena said...

Hey Doug,

Isn't there a movement about which says that anyone who believes in 'Conspiracies' is mentally unstable?

Don't they make up mental illnesses to suit a 'newly' discovered psycho-active drug?

Are we not drugging our children at rates never before seen?

Is it not acceptable behaviour these days to simply attack, ridicule and malign anyone who doesn't follow the 'plan'?

Is the reason, for all this, as you state to drive us insane? Perhaps, but the other outcome could be that people will simply become even more apathetic that they already are - so perhaps apathy itself is the goal?

(Oh and as far as the 'biologist' goes, I am sure she is NOT alone, as biology tends to look at very short timespans (wrt climate). Geological understanding here is KEY, and sadly not nearly enough people fathom the age of our beautiful planet itself. Keeping in mind that we are in one of the coldest eras EVER.)

Doug Plumb said...

"Don't they make up mental illnesses to suit a 'newly' discovered psycho-active drug?"

They have a pill for everything. I just watched the Scientology DVD movie about psychiatry. They have a pill for you if you are bad at math. Interesting movie. In the free online PDF "The Art Of Soviet Brainwashing" it says Christians and Scientologists are their #1 enemy.

As far as apathy goes, I think there is a point where its really insanity. If a mother just sat and watched someone drive over her 4 year old, would that not go beyond mere apathy ?

I think the real target of the globalists are the daily prime movers, people who form the backbone of the economy need to be broken so they can be made to do anything. Imagine yourself as a bank collections officer with children - you know the banks are ruining our future by now - what happens to you as you foreclose on other peoples homes - people that are just like you ? What are the mental stresses experienced ? similar to an executioner ?

Jones says executioners can only do it about 10 times then they go crazy.

I think these bastards want to kill EVERYONE. Thats what I would do if I wanted to own and rebuild the earth, we are just one big experiment. What do you do after an experiment in a chem class ? You wash out your test tubes. They cannot let any memory of freedom survive. They need to have a whole new type of human to pull this off over the long run. The existing kind will go insane in time under authoritarian rule. The insanity will make us destroy ourselves.

Doug Plumb said...

Human beings have consciences (at least 96% do) and we have all done things that we are sorry for, if nothing else, in the battlefields of romance.

We had the church where we could confess our sins, now we no longer have a place where we can go to ease our consciences.

Magdelena said...

Hi Doug, this is sorta off topic, but I whacked a link up on cloudwatching to a lecture my old prof gave - just look for the one titled: The Geologic Record and Climate Change by Tim Patterson.


Doug Plumb said...

Thanks, I'll do that.

Its not really off topic - its the center of the topic, and really, we should all be hammering away at these bastards.

Have you listend to the Tim Ball / Black Krishna interview ? Thats the one to pass around to less scientific people. Black Krishna is a very good interviewer and Ball explains the topic very well. Its at:


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