Saturday, December 12, 2009

End Global Warming: Stop Polar Bears From Melting

Polar bears are melting everywhere causing a decrease in the population of ice caps which is causing global warming and its all YOUR FAULT.

Petition the EPA today to stop these cute little man eaters from melting away and ruining our environment.


Anonymous said...

Good one...

How in the world did these bears make it through the last interglacial? (Which was warmer than this one)


Doug Plumb said...

I don't know, I say we can do without these critters, eat seal meat. My guess is that seals fart less than bears anyways. (because you can see farts under water). Therefore less global warming and MORE MEAT !!

Penny said...

because you can see farts under water.
but how come the farts don't cause the water to boil.

man made global warming, ya know!


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