Thursday, December 24, 2009

What To Do If The NWO Can Be Stopped

Tax free foundations, corrupt debt based script (money) and secret societies have lead us to where we are today. The problems can be fixed.

Suppose for a moment that the NWO was stopped, all the corrupt bankers, drug dealers, murderers, high ranking environmentalists, and child molesting satanists were thrown in jail. What could we do to fix civilization and prevent pure chaos ?

I think it could be done, and maybe much more easily than people think.

(1) Send all members of the BAR association back to the City of London - every single one of them. Build a wall around it, no one goes in or leaves. Let the lawyers lie and escheat one another.

(2) Replace the money supply with government issued asset bonds that would be issued to banks to be re-issued to communities for upgrades and repairs in the form of bank notes that are particular to each bank, ie Bank of Nova Scotia notes, Bank of Montreal Notes, etc. Keep the current fractional reserve system and have severe penalties with public oversight to stop any group that seeks to undermine the system the way it was undermined in the late 1800's, bringing in central banks. Give everyone a bare minimum allowance for sustainance as business grows through the rebuilding and repair of roads and industry via private means.

(3) Establish new courts consisting of "Articulators", judge referees and juries. Articulators would simply help each side articulate their cases in a logical manner and call witnesses on behalf of their clients and replace lawyers. Juries would judge. Laws would be as in the New Testament Christian bible, as it is now but without the secret societies and secret agenda related corruption, or in other places the Koran, Hinduism or Judiasim.

(4) Publically governed professionals - no more secret societies. Make journalism a publically governed profession. The elimination of all tax free foundations. The wealth of these foundations could be converted to the bonds mentioned above and replaced with bank notes to keep sustainance of the population while industry is being rebuilt.

(5) School cirriculum under total control of communities with no outside forces such as from the federal government. Law and government would form a major part of the cirriculum, gun usage and knowledge would also form part of the cirriculum. A well armed population is the best way to prevent crime. Establish guideline requirements for language, logic, computational mathematics, history, and the arts to ensure pupils graduate competitive in a creative knowledge based world.

(6) Re-establish the hyppocratic oath for medical professionals. Privatize health care. Everyone would be able to afford it with a new strong economy.

(7) Discharge the countries bankruptcy (1933 and in the States twice prior). End the wars and bring the soldiers back home.

(8) Legalize hemp and marijuanna, make alchohol illegal. Altered states are a part of every civilization, marijuanna is safer than anything else. Create a hemp based rather than petro-chemical economy.

(9) Provide an island or a place for the self considered elite who believe that humanity and our ethics are holding them back from greatness. Let them be great using their own resources and labour and ethics.

(10) Let other foreign cultures re-emerge. Re-hydrate through desalinization, the continent of Africa. Give it to the blacks to re establish their old cultures and beliefs and shape them to fit into a modern world. Give India back to the Indians, etc. Let all the countries print their own money rather than have it under control of the drug dealers, murderers and satanists of the IMF, UN and World Bank. Have a truly multicultural rather than mono-cultural world where humanity develops by learning from one anothers cultural and ethical mistakes and evolves accordingly.

The wealth would quickly be re created and more evenly distributed than in the past leading to shorter work weeks and greater productivity, a more educated and healthy population with a future quite different from the oppression, death and poverty we currently face. There would be no more wars because the countries would all be printing their own asset based money, populations would quickly feel the cost of war in their wallets.


Penny said...


Merry Christmas, nothing but best wishes to you!


Doug Plumb said...


Magdelena said...

Did you ever read 2150? Your plan reminded me of that book, at least the part where all the greedy micros were in their own 'borders' where one couldn't step out the door without their lawyer in tow.

Doug Plumb said...

I have never read a sci-fi novel in my life. I like sci-fi, and would probably enjoy Asimov, but I am enjoying my research into law too much for anything else. I gave up on "The Idiot" half way through - too dry and no heart in it whatsoever- which was the point of the book.

I got these ideas mainly from Lyndon LaRouche, Charlotte Iserbyte, Canadian Action Party, Ron Paul, Catherine Austin Fitts, and Alex Jones as well as a few well known intellectual patriots from Financial ideas come from the freeman movement.

Right now for relaxation, I just look through a great big mean 6 Lb Blacks Law dictionary. That is interesting for anyone who wants to poke their head out of the matrix for a while. Lots of people do this.


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