Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free Sex

The most important issue facing humanity as a whole is taking place in Copenhagen. The ridiculousness of the pro AGW hypothesis is laughable, nothing the pro AGW supporters say is actually true. Mostly its colourably true, but can be shown to be more colourably false. Statements such as "The AGW hypothesis is supported by the majority of the IPCC scientists" is such a statement. Many of the IPCC scientists left because of corruption. You can learn more about this by watching a free online movie called "Global Warming or Global Governance". This movie will illustrate the trick science espoused by the AGW hypothesis supporters.

In Copenhagen, the delegates are being offered free sex. Human beings are not always reasonable, and this may be just enough to change a delegates mind if it works the way I suspect. I think that a hooker would be propositioned by some delegate then she would call into a center with a database to see if this if this delegate is approved. If the delegate is approved, then he/she/them get a free-bee.

I doubt the ladies of the evening organized this themselves and were motivated somehow, therefore being organized. Isn't this so typical of the whole AGW scam ? A bunch of prostitutes gathered in a place for freebes, which is what they get with the carbon tax.

Downtown Copenhagen there is a display of a polar bear in ice. The sculpture is slowly melting exposing the skeleton underneath. This reminds us of the statement from the pro AGW camp that polar bears are dying because man uses too much energy and puts too much carbon dioxide into the air. Polar bears are not dying, and mans output of CO2 is insignificant.

In another place there is a group of people peddling bikes to generate electricity to power a Christmas tree. Never mind the irony of display like this being funded by a bunch of bankers, who were forcibly thrown from the temple by Jesus Christ, or the fact that the Christmas tree power is organized by a bunch of satanists, but the fact is that humans are not very efficient at generating power by peddling bicycles. There would be an order of magnitude greater carbon output with humans doing the peddling rather than having it generated by conventional means.

Does this not really and completely show us the nature of the pro AGW camp ?

Are they just doing this to insult us ?


Anonymous said...

Great little rant Doug,

It's a freakin' circus!!


Penny said...

free sex, sexed up dossiers and in the end, the masses are all f'd!
I am on a swearing roll today, sorry Doug.

Doug Plumb said...

Its worthy of swearing about.


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