Saturday, January 2, 2010

Global Dimming

When I first got this email from BrassCheck TV, I thought it would be a video about the death of the Socratic method. I guess that died a long time ago and is as forgotten as or dead soldiers that fought totaliarian governments in World War 2 and previous.

But I was wrong. The BBC has done another green movie, it hasn't aired (I wonder why not 8-) ), but, be afraid, be very very afraid...another climate scare is just around the corner, and when combined with global warming, temperatures could rise twice as fast as currently predicted and be entirely irreversible by 2025.

Global Dimming

Around 30 minutes into the movie, we see water burning with an array of special sound effects, such as that one that sounds like a saw going through bone.

It turns out the climate scare has been grossly underestimated by scientists, we could soon see temperatures unseen in the previous FOUR BILLION years. Its not a prediction, its what will happen if we clean up pollution while not doing anything about the dreaded greenhouse gases.

Humanity is most certainly doomed if we don't do something about burning fossil fuels NOW, or DIE !!!!

Scary stuff, Hollywood hasn't produced any great horror movies lately that I'm aware of, perhaps its time to connect the computer to the big screen, cook some popcorn, shut off the lights and sit down for an hour of great entertainment.


Penny said...

I have read about this global dimming, the first time I noted it mentioned was maybe about a year ago.

But then if the sun is less active perhaps it won't be as bright.

Then perhaps we should just roll the dice?

Doug Plumb said...

The idea is that this in combination with global warming is certain to be devestating. Did you watch the movie ? Did you like the bone saw and the water on fire ?

Anonymous said...

may be you should stop watching to much tv and stay off the net for a while and enjoy your coffie

Doug Plumb said...

If the sun radiation really decreased by 20 %, the average temperature would go to well below freezing and all the oceans would be under hundreds of feet of ice.

Its a total crock of shit, as the Greeks would say and its dependent on another crock of shit, global warming.


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