Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lindsey Williams Tells Us About 2010

Lindsey Williams has come out with new information regarding 2010 and forward and has a set of DVD's with the new information. He has synopsized this information on an interview with Dr. Stan Monteith on Those of us who wish to know the future need only to listen to Williams, he predicted $50.00 a barrel oil early in 2008 as well as many other things. He has been consistently accurate in predictions. Here are his predictions for USA in 2010 (I assume these are valid for Canada as well): (But Canada will enjoy selling its currency to the Chinese, the Chinese will be getting out of USD so we Canadians may be safe from all this- its the Republic they want to destroy, not Canada where people only imagine they have rights. We will see the iron hand under the velvet glove after USA goes down - just my opinion)

(1) No war with Iran unless started by Israel but not until another year to a year and a half. Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan - only sabre rattling - its to distract us.

(2) Currency to be devalued by 30 % to 50 % and this will translate to astronomical food prices in 2010. Food will be on the shelves but most of us will be unable to afford it.

(3) Gold and silver will be the only usable currency - all the paper will be worthless by 2012. Gold will be worth $1500 - $2000.00 an ounce at todays value of money. Devalued money will make it go higher. No paper (bonds, all kinds) will not be worth anything other than what its written on by 2012.

(4) Crude oil will be going up as the currency deteriorates but will only reflect the devalued dollar and will still be priced in dollars, it was taken down to make the OPEC countries go broke.

(5) The health care bill is gov takeover - read the fine print. There is gun control, euthanasia, etc built into it. Its a straight gov takeover and has little to do with health care.

(6) Drug trade is number one in terms of "money" value. They need Afghanistan to stay the way it is for the drug money. (most of which is laundered by the Royal Bank of Canada according to Dr. John Coleman ex MI6)

(7) Leadership of the world will be transferred to China. The elites currently control every single nation of the world, including Russia. "Chinese are the strong ones" a quote according to William's informant. Another quote: "Inflation big" (in 2010). Buy anything you NEED - NOW.

(8) No relief in the economy anytime soon.

Williams says that his informant says that the only chance for change is in the USA if the lawmakers can be chained to the constitution. No other country stands a chance.

His DVD's at at - prophesy club has been warning us about all this since I was a little kid, I'm 45 years old now.

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