Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mortgage Defaults: The Second Wave

Nothing has done more to make monkeys out of men more blatantly than these home foreclosures. The fact is that the banks no longer have the paper (contract you signed), its been sold on speculative markets. Your bank has to have the paper to demand the payment, so if you can't make your payment, demand that your bank produce the paper. Maybe you don't have to make these payments after all.

Most people just hire lawyers thinking lawyers will represent them and tell them the truth. The fact is that the lawyers first represent the Crown and the Crown is one of the forces behind the corruption and robbery that we see. Your lawyer first works for the thieves, dope dealers, pedophiles, child molesting satanists, murderers, war mongers and phony environmentalists that are all supported by the Crown in their efforts to rob you and depopulate the planet through financial terrorism, warfare and direct psychological abuse. Your lawyer re-presents you in a context so that you can be taken advantage of by these forces.

In legalese, represent means "re-present" and the re - presentation of you to the courts is the re -presentation of a man who has willingly given up his natural right to be a slave and therefore has no more rights. So your lawyer isn't going to tell you that your bank has to have the paper. Your lawyer isn't going to tell you that when you are done paying your mortgage you can recover every penny because its abandoned funds.

You see, the bank doesn't lend you anything when you get a loan, its just worthless paper. We the people earn it into existence and the when you pay your mortgage the payment is in sweat equity- its from your labour. You can replace their paper with kind - that is pay the bank back in kind with worthless paper and recover your sweat equity.

Does this all make sense ? Yes, actually it does, but you have to spend a great deal of effort de-programming yourself and learning that the country went bankrupt in 1933, and the law profession and its associated bankers are all morally bankrupt and they haven't done a thing to earn yours (and mine) wealth other than lie, cheat, steal and extort. The whole whole system is based on subterfuge because there isn't any money. Its all paper, the banks took the money in 1933, got the government to make a formal declaration that citizens are now enemies of the state, replaced money with war script, and gave the lawyers a Letter Of Marque to rob the populations, technically as pirates, but without physical violence. They use lies instead. This was all done to save the corporate governments and keep them in business.

We fight wars to bring the people of other countries under the same system. This is called "democracy", and democracy isn't a good form of government for man because man has a pack mentality and can easily be taken for a ride with propaganda.

See HJR 192, learn more at site such as CanadiansInCommerce- they have discussion groups and explain how to get out of mortgages and loans.

The same thing is happening in Canada as in the USA. Their dollar has the same value as ours but theirs is being devalued. Then, so is ours.


Doug Plumb said...

The very fact that video cameras are not permitted in court rooms makes it self evident that what I say is true. Everyone just accepts this, just as monkeys accept the whip when they are trained for the circus. It becomes normal.

Only criminals have something to hide. Once you escape the matrix everything becomes clear and there is no turning back.

Anonymous said...

youl never evon have a morgage

Penny said...
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Penny said...

sorry doug, did an edit there....

And often times it is not even paper, it is just electronic 'credits' shifted from one to another.

And the way the mortgage is created?
We magically conjure a figure, then we lend that magically conjured figure to a mortgagee.

Then the persons labour creates the actual wealth, what a racket eh doug?

BTW: I wonder if your anonymous responder is one of those that..has been told "you'll never even have a mortgage"?

Seems to be the embittered type?

Doug Plumb said...

By "paper" I mean the actual signed contract. If they don't have the wet ink copy, they don't have a claim. You can get you deed and your money back.

I haven't read into this part much, because as the fella above says, I don't have a mortgage.

As far as the anonymous poster fella goes, well we have seen this before.

Anonymous said...

im not bitter i owne my home after paying for multible years im morgagefree ive always pay my debts and never faulter on what i owe not like some who run up credt card debt and the refuse to pay it back and people who take personal loans and never pay it back and you wonder wwhy we pay higher rates its those loosers who dont onwer ther debts that are ruining the econamy in this country as well as the world we all need to owne something or anther and soone or later you need to borrow somthing but for those who fault there loans ruin it for the rest who pay and we must pay more fore those thieves who dont pay ther debts

Doug Plumb said...

Thats just not true. First of all, the money isn't money- its war-script. The system was created so that there wouldn't be enough of it to pay the debts to make people feel guilty.

The economy is being managed to put everyone into a poor house and turn North America into a slave state while China takes its place as the manufactering center. They will have the wealth, we will have the corrupt governments and poor populations that the governments of China will use as an excuse to build up armies and have wars to "protect" the Chinese from us.

All the while, the slaves will have guns pointed at them (us and the Chinese) while the banks get richer from all the warfare.

Thank the British Crown banks and the BAR association for giving them the legitimacy to rob us using corrupt money.

Doug Plumb said...

The whole system is slaves fighting with slaves and slaves robbing and oppressing slaves and making bankers rich.

You anonymouse, are a slave. How much income tax have paid ? Do you think that income tax goes to run the government ? Its interest paid to those who print money with their printing presses. Thats all it is. IRS/CRA are privately owned and operated companies that steal your money.

Anonymous said...

well doug im faer from being poor i drive a nice car and owne my home and have alot a liquid assets in my account what do you have? and the reason being is i work for a living and dont sit on my ass all day

Doug Plumb said...

Anonymous, first of all, when I learned of all this in 2002 I was making a $4-$6K/month residual income + $75/hr and had as much work as I wanted with virtually no expense associated with the work. It was all done sitting on my ass, as you put it, in my apartment, in Toronto. I'm a programmer/engineer and I was just getting started.

Secondly, you don't own anything. The government owns your car, your house and your bank account and they are soon going to take it all away.

You make an excellent case for evolution, as long as you have a banana, everything is fine.

I learned of the depth and breadth of what is being done to us in 2002, both through research and practical experience with lawyers, accountants and big ivy league schools. The whole system is absolutely corrupt and we are quickly being destroyed- from the inside. A civilization rests on an ethical foundation and ours has rotted away. Soon the house will fall down and there will be nothing from which to build a new one.

The foundation of the house has been destroyed by other monkeys who think the same way you do - as long as I work, I don't have to think and everything will be OK.

You have to learn to start thinking and understanding yourself, and not depend on experts to tell you what you should think. The experts are all just monkeys who will do whatever they are told. Right now they are being told to destroy people like you. You will soon lose your job, as all manufactering (and therefore all wealth) is being sent to China. You will have no way of generating wealth and the gov will take your house and car to pay your taxes (that will only increase). Then you will remember pictures on TV of starving people in Africa, because you will be hungry and it will be illegal for you to grow your own food.

The same think that happened in Germany, Russia, China, etc is being set up here, by the same people (international financiers), but much more efficiently.

I currently still work, (sitting on my ass) but my company is going broke, and so will yours.

Anonymous said...

no it wont im retired and have over 2 milion dollars saftley invest so im not worried but buy the sounds of it you should your life is slumpiming to the piont youll be a very poor person very soon you lost your politial clout and now your busness is falling good luck your going to need it just remember positive though is better than negitive thing

Anonymous said...

i also think doug if you would stop freaking out about whays happenning around and put some positive energy into your proaming skills you might be able to regain your self essteem of which it seems youve lost some were along the ling pull u your socks and tighten that belt and get on and enjoy lif its wy to short to worry over these trivoluos thing that write

Doug Plumb said...

There is no such thing as a safe investment. Remember 1929, all those wealthy people jumping out of windows ? They lost their money on speculation, selling short, buying long.

But the market now is almost all speculation. The money you have invested gets re-invested in derivatives and could just dis-appear - actually will just dis-appear. The whole market is speculative because we don't actually generate wealth. Even the money is based on promises.

There is no escaping any of this, BUT if we somehow wake up, and recognise the money scam like we did the carbon scam it can be fixed, both quickly and easily. A complete economic turn around could happen within several months to a year. We could be free. No more 40 hr work weeks, more like 10 hours. Everyone would have a comfortable home. We could live our lives in persuant of knowledge and enlightenment rather than materialism and staying above water. Technology could work for us instead of against us. We could have the Garden of Eden right here on earth for every living man on the planet. Its either that or hell on earth - our choice and there is no escape. I cannot escape it - only prolong it.

Anonymous said...

my god doug you truly live in a world of dillusion when you are living on a streetconer selling pencils reflect back that if id only payed my debts and worked for aq living

Doug Plumb said...

I've spent the last 8 years deprogramming myself and taking a close look at reality. The people that just put their noses on the grindstone and don't think are living the illusion. Stop telling me that I don't work, because I do.

I'm wondering if there will be any market at all for my next product - it won't be done for another 6 months.

Anonymous said...

i personaly know you and what your doing is not what id call work it called parinoid dillusion get a life

Anonymous said...

ive spent way too much time on you if your friends aassocited knew the truth about you youd have even less people on your side resreasrch finds all its all avalibe on the web and i know more about you than i want to your deffinely a troubled sole may god you before you completley loose your mind

Doug Plumb said...

If you know me than don't you think its a bit cowardice to post anonymously like this ? If you knew me than you would know that (1) I work (2) I produce goods - goods that are both well known and well respected in my business.

Most of the people that work do not produce anything useful and are actually employed to impede others from doing useful work. This is true of most government employees, and most people doing gov contract work. Its also true of people who work to bring goods over from China. We would be far better off if these people quit and just went on welfare.

The work they do mostly just impedes production and extracts wealth to be wasted on corruption and removing freedom, which helps kill an economy. Only a free economy is strong, that is why the US was so successful until the gov started violating the constitution -then they started getting poorer.

Most people working are in fact working to both destroy themselves and those they deal with.

This is called nihilism or deconstructionism. Most people don't know that - most people can't even figure out change they should get when they buy something with cash and most people never read anything - they just watch TV and get dumber by the minute.

When you learn, and spend your time increasing your understanding rather than wisdom or knowledge you learn that the path of understanding is the only true way of being happy and sleeping soundly at night.

Doug Plumb said...

One of us is crazy, I don't think its me. I have questioned my own sanity and gone to see doctors many times. I've done tests. I am about as sane as a person can be and this is what I hear over and over again.

The fact is that the world is going mad, its being driven that way by an incredibly far reaching and wide scope of a massive conspiracy. The pack mentality of humans is being used against us.

Anonymous said...

Good grief Doug,

This dude can't even spell, I wouldn't put too much wieght to what he says.

He even sounds a little threatening - do you know who he is and why he is harrassing you? A competitor?

Crazy people abound.


Doug Plumb said...

I suspect he is foreign or just not a good speller. I wouldn't say that makes him stupid.

Remember, you are talking to someone who thinks we are all roughly equal in intelligence. Many people just don't use their minds as others, much like some don't excercise.

His viewpoints are typical, and those resulting from mass propaganda and brainwashing. It could have happened to any of us. It does happen to most of us. The only reason it didn't happen to me is because I had to develop a keen sense of bullshit at a young age.

Most people that have these beliefs have probably never seen real trouble in their lives and never were really forced to think.

Doug Plumb said...

My posts probably scare the shit out of him and his posts are a defensive mechanism because he cannot escape what I am saying, nor can he ignore it. He's (or she) is probably in the process of waking up. Not an easy process for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm funny about spelling - call me anal but I think that correct spelling and grammar are indicative of one's mind and how clearly it works.

You might be right though, fear could be his motivating factor, it is afterall quite terrifying to learn that most all of what one holds as 'true' is really a lie.

Waking up is a soul wrenching event, many simply don't want the dream to end.


Doug Plumb said...

I couldn't write worth a crap when I graduated from school - it wasn't required. I learned by getting involved in this movement and getting a bit of tutoring on the side.

This guy is probably new to the web and is out of practice writing. Many people never read or write.

Anonymous said...

doug its me you know who i am im no refugee im your neabour and i know one thing about you your freinds dont youve run to the country side to hide from your fears and i know more about you than i like to we talked alot and you know how i feel about you how would your freinds like to know the thimgs i know if they new what i know they would thimk the for my spelling my keyboard need batteries and it misses

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug,

I know, I'm just wierd about it. I have always enjoyed both reading and writing, though I admit to having to break the habit of past passive voice due to my scientific background - it is rather dry.

You are correct though, I too believe that most of us are intellectually equal, yet with the brainwashing and dumbing down of society this isn't always apparant.

I worked for a gentleman, for a time, for whom I had to proof read EVERYTHING he wrote. While is business was successful, mostly due to him cornering the market with one of his products, he couldn't spell or write his way out of a wet paper bag. In short, he was lazy wrt learning proper english and the use thereof.

It's a pet peeve.


Doug Plumb said...
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Doug Plumb said...

I don't know of anyone that fits the description given by this anonymous poster. My neighbor sure doesn't.

Anonymous said...

as for my spelling my keyboard need batteries and it misses


Uh, I don't think so buddy. If that was the case your mistakes would show up as simple typos - easily picked out from simple BAD spelling.

country side
alot .as

These are NOT typos - this is REALLY bad spelling.

Keyboard - my ass!!

Buffy the Spelling Nazi.

Doug Plumb said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

im may not have the greatest spelling but im no lazy ass and i dont run away from my problems into a world of fantasy

Doug Plumb said...

I gotta work. C programming- fun fun fun.



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