Friday, February 19, 2010

Joe Stack

Joe Stack wrote a six page letter that was construed by many as being a diatribe against capitalism. At the end of his letter he left us two sentences:

“The Communist Creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” This is what communists have been saying about communism- it was a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. The best argument against communism that I have encountered is the famous novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. This phrase is also used throughout Atlas Shrugged by the communists.

“The Capitalist Creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed” was a mis-quote of Henry Fairlie criticizing televangelists in the New Republic, according to in “Joseph Stack, Henry Fairlie, and the ‘Capitalist Creed’”, Feb 2010.

Throughout the Manifesto of The Communist Party, the terms proletariat and bourgeois have been used to describe the position of people within society. The proletarians have been the people that do the work, the bourgeois have been the people that both own the means of production and have been able assert political control as a result of that ownership. Society has been directed by the proletarians in their effort to constantly innovate to get out from under bourgeois oppression according to Marx. Marx describes society "today"(1848) as a constant economic battle between the proletariat and bourgeois and mentions a feudal arms only once in this context. Marx explained that the bourgeois had overthrown the feudal society of ancient, the proletariat overthrew the bourgeois in recent times. Marxism has often been quoted as a "dictatorship of the proletariat.

Stack railed against the Internal Re-Venue Service (IRS) in his letter and never mentions the ideas of capitalism, communism or Marxism. His last two sentences show that his diatribe was against capitalism and places the blame solely on capitalism for the tyrannical nature of the IRS. The problem with this was that what we have been experiencing over the past century has been the result of Marxism, not Capitalism. Stack made an all too common error, mistaking what surrounds us as capitalism rather than Marxism. We have not experienced capitalism in Canada or the United States since the bankruptcy of 1933 when both countries went under the complete control of international bankers under Chapter 11 bankruptcy law and the lawyers and bankers were given what can be described as a Letter of Marque against the general population.

The international bankers have been the force behind Marxism since its inception because bankers want centralized total control, not wealth (they already own everything - all the gold, your property and the money that has been sitting in your wallet right now). I will use the tenets of Marxism as listed in Marx & Engels "Manifesto of The Communist Party" to illustrate the point that we currently live under Marxism. The Manifesto of the Communist Party” issue I have was edited for English by Engels himself, printed by Progress Publishers in Moscow, 1971 and revised in 1977. No ISBN on this puppy.

Precisely, Engels would describe our system as Bourgeois Socialism, roughly translated this is the system espoused by “Champagne Socialists”, people who foolishly believe they are part of the bourgeois and not the proletarians.(This has had its root in inflated egos that have prevented people from differentiating reality from fiction. Many of these folks could be properly institutionalized if the system were to rid itself of its Marxists underpinnings)

The assertion I have made below is complex subject matter and many will dissagree at first reading and requires further research on the part of the serious reader to see the proofs. One newspaper alone isn't enough to explain it all but the internet is full of information, exposing government documents and reports that prove my statements below. Keywords used in the text below can verify my assertions with the use of an internet search engine. Search "Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports" for a start

The communist Manifesto has been outlined below with my interpretation of its meaning and how it has been applied in modern society showing that we have been under Marxist rather than capitalist rule.

(1)Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. So you think you own your own house ? Go build a shed in the back yard without getting government permission. Try not paying your “rent” (taxes). This tax goes to the public purse to pay for public education and such. (another tenet of Marxism)

(2)Heavy progressive or graduated income tax. No comment required here.

(3) Abolition of all right of inheritance. This is developing, already heavy inheritance taxes will only get heavier under the guise of needed taxation.

(4) Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels. As a result of the USA "Trading With The Enemies Act" in 1933, we have all been considered enemies of the state and none of us have owned “our” property. Casual research will show a massive number of detainment facilities for people people just like myself. As a result of the 1933 bankruptcy, our money was taken and replaced with "war script". This war script has been the stuff we pass around as money, but since it isn't money, we haven't actually owned anything because it has been worthless and therefore hasn't bought anything. We have been trading debt for debt when we have made purchases, there has been no assets involved, "money" used produce those assets with labour was already spoken for and owed to banks. Thats why the government has been able to take your car, your house or anything else they own. That has been why we have payed "rent" on “our” property and have been required to register our cars with the government. The first casualty of war has always been money, the second has been truth. Armies have always confiscated a nations money and replaced it with their own script to confiscate and control the wealth of the nation. We have all been considered rebels and very few of us have ever “owned” property.

(5) Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly. This gets a little complicated. The banks that you and I bank at have been owned by the State and are subject to the dictates of the Fed (yes even in Canada - the 13th district of the Fed), and this has been illustrated through the subject matter of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The State has maintained two sets of books, the one most people have known as the Annual Financial Reports, the one that has been for the liabilities which have been blamed on capitalism and used to justify heavy taxation, and one that has contained the assets from which they have excercised veiled Marxist control. In fact, the government has been the majority shareholder in every big “capitalist” organization in recent history; IBM, Ford,GM, Microsoft...the list goes on and on (Really, see the CAFR). The bailouts have been government feeding itself by dining on us. The BAR association exists to strip us of our rights and feed us to the banksters. We have been getting tricked with the courts getting us to volunteer for this slavery. "Nothing is new under the sun" -Jordan Maxwell.

(6) Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

See department of transportation and communication. Try starting your own radio station or building your own road on your "own" property. Try putting up a web site that questions the holocaust.

(7)Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of wastelands, the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan. The soil improvement has not been done since before the thirties when crops were regularly dosed with minerals before government declared war on its citizens and started putting fluoride in the water, but the government has been very much in control of agriculture. Food prices have been kept low through subsidization of farming, putting the farmers under direct government control in return for subsidies. The UN controls the land which would normally be said to be "wasteland" - that is the land that exists outside normal human living areas through the UN conservation authorities. The UN is a product of the international bankers, and therefore the government. Rockefeller himself donated eight million dollars worth of land from which to construct UN headquarters in NY.

(8) Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

Unions accomplish this, there hasn't been much pay difference between that of an auto worker, nurse or city employee. What is normally referred to as the petty bourgeois, doctors, lawyers, etc do make more money but actually form the dictatorship of the proletariat and believe, through egoism, that they form part of the ruling class. They themselves are governed through occult (secret) societies, as are all self governing professionals. In reality none of them have had any more power than the everyday shoveller of excrement, but have their egos stroked so often as to believe themselves the equivalent of Greek gods. It has been well understood that the so called "educated classes" have been the most easily propagandized (See Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, Jacques Ellul). Marx could not have foreseen the industrial revolution and the part machinery would play in agriculture as he and Engels wrote the manifesto in 1848, just at the time the revolution was beginning. He did believe in the creative nature of the proletariat and its need to constantly innovate. With this innovation, clearly, armies for agriculture would not be needed.

(9) Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equal distribution of the population over the country This was accomplished through the industrial revolution and the automobile as well as the telephone and more recently the world wide web. The Federal government can find its way to your hind quarters just as easily in the country as in the city. They patrol the wildlands, and are not nice people when you meet them.

(10) Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production. Aside from the obvious, the universities and colleges very much work for the state in research, manufacturing methods and social science through grants from the state. The entire global warming scam was a creation of the universities and its paid off professors who were hungry for government grant money for research. We are an intellectual society and have depended on innovations to maintain the proletariat class required constant state of change. Schools can therefore be said to produce for the State. The industrial age is nearly over, replaced by the information age. Most people work in union protected or government jobs or in self regulated professions who have maintained high demand for their labours through restriction and control of membership numbers to keep demand high. Trade unions have also served the task of leveling the playing field of the proletariat.


The society we live in has not been based on anything remotely connected to "free market capitalism", many people have been calling it “monopolistic capitalism” but in reality this could be interpreted as a monopolization of power which is the goal of wealth and therefore just another term for communism.

The only reason that has been in existence to suggest we live under capitalist rule has been that the TV, public education and politicians keep telling us that we have been free. Have we felt free ?, are fifty hour work weeks a result of freedom ? Is being pulled over at police checkpoints freedom when no evidence of bad behaviour presents itself freedom ? Is random CRA/IRS audits freedom ? Do we have freedom of speech ? Is public education freedom ? Are body scans freedom ?

Therefore it has been foolish to criticize the idea of free market capitalism using todays society as an example. Stack made an error in judgment, but his letter has expressed the frustrations that many of us feel. In the end I believe this to be a propaganda stunt to make people hate capitalism and the final Marxist screws can be put into place. There has been no reason to believe Stack was even on the plane, other than the government has told us he was. Remember the 9/11 terrorist, of whom many were found alive long after the initial incident.


Doug Plumb said...

Stack did the establishment a huge favour by propogating the propaganda of all propaganda - that we live under Capitalism and Capitalism is the fault.

This is what they need us to believe.

So lets see what happens to private pilot individual rights now.

A war of violence cannot be won against this establishment. Their lawyers, judges, and politicians are just cannon fodder.

We need to read things like the Commie manifesto, about The Law Merchant, the Venetician bankers, the British Empire, the history of money, about our social contract with government and about the history of our political philosophy.

Otherwise we lose. The establishment wants to destroy us, reduce population and create the just society as dictated by The Great Architect. There will be no room for these corrupt politicians, judges and lawyers when this stage of deconstructionism ends.

They must know that but the stupidity of the public is scaring them IMO.

Penny said...


his last two sentences never even mention the word marxism.

in fact the word marxism is never once uttered in the entire letter.

Not all of us, can know everything, and we all learn each and everyday, that includes myself and that includes yourself.

I resent the accusations made towards me, and the reference to reading material was in regards to fascism.

I was in no way taking the discussion on my blog personally, but, I do feel you hijacked the entire discussion with this fixation on marxism, which as I said doesn not appear any where in this man's letter and by doing so you detracted completely from the very real words he was actully saying in his final words.

You see Doug, that is what those pages represent, the final words of a soon to be dead man.

Doug Plumb said...

He wasn't a hero. He didn't help the freedom movement.

The last two sentences in his letter prove that he was a Marxist.

His whole letter was a diatribe against capitalism. This is a trap many people are falling into, its what the dope dealers and pedophiles want.

Do you think suicide bombers who kill others should be above criticism ?

Doug Plumb said...

"I resent the accusations made towards me, and the reference to reading material was in regards to fascism."

Why would you tell me I need to re-read the letter ?

You watch and see many people will interpret that letter as from a Marxist. I asked a friend what he thought of Joe Stack and he emailed me back and said "of course he was a Marxist" to my question "What do you think of Joe Stack ?" He doesn't listen to Jones.

You are missing something that is obvious.

Doug Plumb said...

My fellow 9/11 truther friend responded to my question about what he thought of Stack:

"Of course it's Marxism. We've been a communist society for a long time (Marx's planks of communism)"

I got that reference to Marxism that I put on your blog by searching Marx's planks of communism on the web.

Penny said...

"Remember the 9/11 terrorist, of whom many were found alive long after the initial incident."

except no one has reported Stack alive.

By all accounts he is dead, unlike the cases of the hijackers, when their families reported them still alive immediately after they were reported to have died in the hijackings.

Doug Plumb said...

I don't believe anything I hear on the media or from the government.

This looks like an inside job to me, to plant certain ideas in the minds of people that believe the government is treating them unjustly. Once those ideas are planted its hard to make them go away.

Currently the large bulk of the population believes their oppression is due to capitalism. In my post I prove otherwise, yet you do not comment Penny. Do you have a personal issue with me ?

Doug Plumb said...

Joe Stack is probably dead, yes, but does not prove he was on the plane, or intended to crash it into the IRS if he was ?

In his letter he claims to have done deep research into the IRS. First and foremost the IRS is a Marxist organization, yet he does not say that in his letter.

Anyone who has done deep research into this knows its Marxism.

Penny said...

no, Doug, I do not have a personal issue with you.

Everyone get's to have their opinion and you have yours and i have mine.

In fact, I have left two comments here, so I am not sure, why your asking that?

Doug Plumb said...

I would censor my forum if some members seemed to add posts that contained nothing but personal insults toward another. I don't censor ideas but...these are not ideas.

Penny said...

"Comments are never moderated."

I generally stick to that rule.

I think the problem Doug is you repeatedly drag posts off topic.
Your bring up points that aren't relevant and/or are only relevant to you.
The Israel post was clearly about the use of propaganda, and you didn't address the core of the issue which was manipulation of the masses.
And manipulation of the masses is a huge problem.
Would you not agree?
I think you would and yet, you went on about your subject.
If you find your pet subject BAR and all that why don't you start posting on it here?
Make it a running commentary.
Start by explaining exactly what it is. How it affect an individual, etc. etc.

Another thing I want to mention, you contradict yourself in your own post.
Let me show you

You call Joe Stacks final words a rail against capitalism,
then you make an arguement that this is false since the entire system is marxist, which Joe Stack was in your opinion supporting.

therefore your arguement falls apart.

Now if the case you were making was correct and the populace has been mislead to beleive one thing is really another, then propaganda must always be addressed.
You fail to do that, when it matters and chose to do it when it doesn't. (us missiles surrounding china vs Israel's use of)

and here is a big flaw in your arguement for marxism

"Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly"

The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a reserve. It is a consortium of privatly owned banks, run by private bankers who have the power to bring a country and a government to it's knees.
That the capital is promoted by the state is irrelevant, it is the private bank, that controls the quantity of dollars or amount of capital in circulation.
And they shrink or grow the money supply through the setting of interest rates, as it is the Fed, the private banking cartel, that sets the rates.
This private banking cartel, blows away the concept of marxism completely.

Doug Plumb said...

"You call Joe Stacks final words a rail against capitalism,
then you make an arguement that this is false since the entire system is marxist, which Joe Stack was in your opinion supporting."

Joe Stack railed against capitalism, but the things he railed against were really Marxism.

I think this whole "Israel bad, Israel cover up" thing is a huge distraction from the real problem. Thats where the propaganda lies, not at the surface, but beneath.

I'm just peeling back layers to see whats really going on.

I have tried doing posts on the "legal" system and how it isn't the same as the law. Its hard to explain. I always answer questions about it the best way I can.

Doug Plumb said...

"The Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor a reserve. It is a consortium of privatly owned banks, run by private bankers who have the power to bring a country and a government to it's knees."

Due to the Ch11 bankruptcy, they have become the rulers, they are effectively the State.

Penny said...

"I think this whole "Israel bad, Israel cover up" thing is a huge distraction from the real problem."

Do you think for the Palestinians it is just a distraction?

Or for the people who want to see justice done for the Palestinians?

For them it is THE real problem, and your are belittling their problems, by making statements such as that.
think about it.

Doug Plumb said...

I explained that the goals of private wealth and communism are the centralization of power. The forces behind communism have always been the "super" bourgeois. They are one in the same.

Doug Plumb said...

"Do you think for the Palestinians it is just a distraction?"

Partly that and partly a crucible for testing what they intend to do to us.

"Or for the people who want to see justice done for the Palestinians?"

The Palestinians ARE us. We are just in line for similar treatment. If we don't get to the bottom of why this is all happening. Iraq was invaded for the same reasons as the US economy is collapsing and its the same reason why Afghanistan was invaded. Its all the same problem.

Doug Plumb said...

That fundamental problem is a corrupt JUSTICE system, which allows a corrupt money system to exist which creates all these wars and poverty.

Doug Plumb said...

Penny, Around mid to late 1800's, the Americas got the BAR association, the Fabians, and massive swings in the economy created by the ruling classes. This created the perceived need for the Federal Reserve, which created the wars and more bankruptcies. 1933 was the USA's third bankruptcy.

Socialism began in the late 1800's in the USA. But really it has its roots in the constitution itself.

The constitution says that contracts are king and that gov cannot interfere with contracts.

In 1933, everyone got a new social contract, under HJR 192 and the Trading With The Enemies Act. Thats when the gov turned against the people.

What I am talking about is the United States, not America. America has been taken over by the United States, this has been a gradual process starting with the constitution.

The constitiution itself was created as a result of the USA beholding to Britain, Britain wanted its money. The constitution made everyone warm and fuzzy and join the United States. Britain has been tightening the noose ever since.

slozo said...

My first comment on your website, Doug, but the discussion you initiated was fascinating . . . and the article you wrote beforehand very compelling.

You make excellent points all around - about the law stuff I would have to take your word for it from what little I have read, as I don't have the enormous amounts of time needed to research that Gordian knot. But communism is something I have studied.

A person like myself, who has read the entire communist manifesto, understands perfectly what you mean and will agree with all your points. I urge Penny (who I really do respect and follow her blog as well) to read it, it is integral in understanding things.

Important for all is not to get caught up in superficial details (calling the Fed a private banking cartel that has hijacked the gov't, as opposed to the people in power who create money and enforce 'debt' repayment and effectively control money supply, making them the gov't as it were).

Excellent work Doug, well written, I am now adding you to my must read list of blogs.

Doug Plumb said...

Thanks Slozo.

I just moved to Belleville and gave up my beloved African Grey Parrot, Leo, who was named after DeVince and I had for seven years. So I'm a little out of it lately.


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