Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nuttier Than AGW

I looked through my community newspaper this morning when I was out for coffee. My God, we are running out of water !!!. Imagine running out of water on a planet that is mostly covered with water !!

People "use" up to 100 gallons per day I am told. I'd like to see one of these people - they must be awfully big. I don't use any of it myself, I just borrow it. It all gets returned to where it came from soon after I use it. When I die the water that I carry around as part of my body mass will be returned as well.

There are several new movies about this coming out. I hope that someone takes a picture of people standing in line in the rain waiting to see one of these movies. Environmentalism is going local, so if anyone takes a picture of this, please send it along for a laugh.

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