Friday, February 26, 2010

The Solution

This solution has some great ideas and many of them are becoming the ideals of citizen organizations. It does not explain why this is all happening. You can read my post called "Joe Stack" to see one well supported idea.


Penny said...

Hey Doug

You said

"The British Lords stood up to the King and church creating the Magna - Carta. It was written for the British lords to protect them from the Empire after the church failed.

I wonder if Judiasm was created in response to this and used in subterfuge to take over the English Crown (as opposed to the banker Crown we have now)

Its just a theory but would explain a lot."

In response to an another comment, I left a comment asking you to expand on this thought, what did you mean by this?
still wondering?

Doug Plumb said...

The empire has been around for a few thousand years - before fiat currency was used in Lydia for the first time which was about 3000 years ago.

Religion has been used to control the masses, it has been the ethical science in which civilization exists. I'm wondering if the Church created Judiasm as a response to the Vatican trying to take over England through (George ? ).

At the time of the Magna Carta, the Church was trying to take over the English Crown because they wanted the money that the english crown owed them.

The Crown is a bunch of bankers, but the English crown was the actual king. This was true up until Rothschild took over after the Battle of Waterloo.

We have always had an empire, always had free men and bondsmen (slaves), just like today. The world has always worked the same way - its just the last 100 years or so that the Fabians, the BAR association, the bankers and their paid off politicians have distorted reality to trick people into being slaves.


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