Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dialogue With Law Enforcement

I have heard quite a few of these on You Tube, I have a fictional account of how it should go.

Law Enforcement: (LE) Would you step out of the car please ?

Man: Why ?

LE: We don't need a reason. I'm asking you to step out of the car now please sir.

Man: Isn't this because your job is to bitch slap everyone you encounter and remind them who is in charge because you are the minion of the dope dealers, pedophiles, murderers and child molesting satanists that run this planet and that are trying to subjugate humanity into a society in which they no longer have the right to freedom or happiness ?

LE: We are just protecting you from terrorists sir.

Man: What terrorists ? I am not a terrorist ! I have never even applied for a job with any intelligence agency or police force. You do know that all these attacks are inside jobs don't you ? Who do you think did 9/11 ?

LE: We get attempted terrorist attacks all the time. You would be surprised.

Man: Don't tell me, let me guess, you hear about these so called attempted terrorist attacks all the time don't you ? And you and all of your buddies on the force have never encountered one but yet it happens all the time - right ?

LE: We are just trying to do our jobs.

Man: And your job is to bitch slap everyone that comes along because you have the belief that it is plausible that there has been terrorist attacks that you have heard of inside your organization and these threats have been kept from the public to prevent them from being afraid - right ?

Did you ever think that these terrorist attacks you hear about aren't real and that you believe them because you are not given all the details and that you have no way of seeing any evidence that would falsify them ? - that these are fake and there is the fact that you are paid to believe them ? They give you the necessary weak excuse to treat everyone you encounter as your enemy- right ?

Did you ever think that these rumours would not stand up to public scrutiny and be exposed as inside jobs or rumours if the public ever heard of them ?

LE: Why do you think we are here doing this ?

Man: To bitch slap the population into submission, to remind us whos boss and to help us along in getting comfortable with it, to make us accustomed to fear. Also, to generate waste and make the country go broke faster so that the ruling classes (Borgeoise) take over faster.

LE: What do you think we should do about it ?

Man: Bitch slap anyone who is drinking the kool-aid. Bitch slap them into the realities of the police state that will not only destroy people like me, but you as well. You will be next on the list, soon after taking our guns away they will take your guns away. Force them into understanding reality and understanding that cowardice is not a form of protection.


Police are people too. The maintenance of truth is the public responsibility because truth is in the public interest. If we do not maintain truth, how can we expect anyone else to acknowledge it ? If we do not maintain it, it is a dying entity. It is a waste of effort for our governments and law enforcement to maintain it. If we do not maintain it, it will die and no one wants to be flogging a dead horse.


We are a society that has a very loose relationship with truth. We forget that the dielectic (basically argument) is the path to truth. We are fearful to argue to find truth for fear of offending someone, we do not acknowledge and espouse truth when it matters- especially when it matters most because that is when we offend the most. If we fearlessly spread it we will win- because we will be wiser. It is a war of words and ideas, not bullets. Argument forces us to use reason and it detaches us from the emotional aspects of what is being argued, exposing and justifying eternal truth.

Conflict brings about change and understanding, great philosophers such as Plato, Renaissance philosophers such as Locke, Rousseau, and Hobbs come from times and regions of conflict.

Challenge one-anothers beliefs. John Stuart Mill wrote a book called "On Liberty" in which he discusses censorship. It is the common belief that people that go around challenging accepted truths or espouse lies do us damage and that they need to be censored. People that spread lies make us think and remember why we know what is true to be true, otherwise we forget and soon after forget the truth itself. Without challenges we forget why we believe what is true to be true. Challenges are the only important dialogue we can have - they enhance understanding and a maintain truth.

Sitting around and agreeing with each other all the time can only make us stupid- its like buying a new house and never painting it and letting it fall apart. Only a challenge to an accepted belief can preserve a valid accepted belief- and it can erase a falsehood.

Ask questions that create arguments.

People that would censor are not truth seekers or preservers of truth. They are the egotists and will never add anything worthwhile to a movement or participate in the discovery or unveiling of new ideas that challenge the ideas and morality that got us to where we are.

We have been brainwashed to reject argument by the very people who wish to dumb us down. Taking argument away in our culture makes us forget why certain truths are true. It is part of the psychological war directed against us. People who argue are our friends, just as our true friends tell us things we may not wish to hear.

Argument returns us to reason and reminds us how to think.

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