Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Oil Spill

According to Lindsey Williams, the oil drilling that BP was doing in the gulf was wholly unnecessary and entailed unnecessary risk. The Bakken Formation in North Dakota contains eight times the amount of oil that is in Saudi Arabia according to Williams but the American government would not allow the drilling. The oil found in Alaska alone would be enough to supply America for the next 200 years but it is protected because it is also a wildlife reserve.

The gulf drilling went to a depth of approximately 30,000 feet from the surface of the earth, 25,000 feet of crust and 5000 ft of water. Drilling to this depth is the absolute limit of human technology - on land. The Russians have drilled as far as 40,000 ft- on land.

The Russians have been successfully deep drilling for oil on land for a long time and its well known that massive oil reserves exist at great depths below the surface of the earth. Peak oil was a scam, just like global warming, and muslim terrorism. Peak oil was a myth to justify high oil prices and give further reason for austerity measures.

When something goes wrong with the drilling on land the accident can be contained and controlled. The risk of doing this underwater at 5000 ft depth was too great. The unanticipated pressure burst the safety valves and was guessed at being approximately what the Russians had experienced when drilling to 40,000 feet. In reality the pressure was far greater and uncontainable. The safety valves used were the best available.

The magnitude of the oil spill dwarfs any oil spill of the past and only theories provide means of dealing with it. Its cause was the environmental policies that restricted access to oil located elsewhere to save us from the phoney myth of global warming due to CO2 production from burning oil.

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