Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Gold Standard

The gold standard will not save us. The system espoused by Ron Paul and the rest of the gold bugs will be identical to the system we now have. We still have a natural right because our money is made out of paper. When the money becomes real, we will have no viable natural right defense in the courts- as we do now - or at least the few of us that read do.

Our natural right, the philosophy which the America was created by has dis-appeared, but it still exists in practice because the money is fake. When the money becomes real, our natural right will dis-appear. The philosophy of the forefathers of America will be gone - "ancient history". When America loses her freedoms the restof the countries will follow. Only America carries the torch of natural right.

The Law Merchant is the most important concept that describes our society the way it truly operates and attourneys and money are really the same system. If we switch to a gold standard and keep our attourneys we will be lead into an iron yoke of slavery. The banksters will still lend the country money, they will control any kind of gold mining. All of the gold will be lent into existance.

The attourneys will be empowered to attourn yours and my own wealth over to the banksters just as they do now, but we will be forced to enter the BAR in court cases and be re-presented by attourneys (as slaves to the crown bankers).

What people do not understand and desperately need to understand is that attourneys rule this planet. The same BAR association members are the attourneys, judges and politicians in every "westernized" country. They make the rules, they interpret them. This is precisely why no one will ever get investigated for 9/11, all the wars will continue - because the banksters of the Crown and their attourneys want it that way.

See the posts below regarding attourneys and what they actually do. Learn the difference between an attourney and a lawyer. Above all else, we MUST stop electing attourneys.

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