Friday, August 6, 2010

Facts, Values & Stupid Patriots

This short commentary regards the three minute video posted here, it is also posted below.

The speaker of this video asks the congressman a very simple question, which requires a simple factual answer. Can the government do anything it wants ? The congressman answered that this is usually true - the government can do almost anything it wants. The woman cries out as if the congressman was giving a value judgement on her statement regarding the constitution when in fact, the congressman gave an honest answer to a straightforward question.

When Patriots learn to use their critical thinking rather than emotions in thinking about these issues, we will win. Crying about facts only makes us look stupid and it has likely discouraged anyone that may both have a brain and be on our side from joining us.

The fact has been that Americans have been living in a free country, and the government, like Americans has been able to do whatever it wants. It has been up to the American people to accept or reject these offers. Most Americans have been trapped in slavery and cry out for freedom while at the same time not recognizing that freedom requires courage, prudence and wisdom. Those lacking these qualities, particularly wisdom, will be forever enslaved.

Smarter Americans have been learning about the law and cognizing the matrix. Dumber ones are crying and complaining about how corrupt the government is as if the government has owed them something.

The first thing people need to learn is that the government is bankrupt, it being a corporation, must abide by the rules set out by its Ch 11 creditors. Part of doing this involves tricking Americans into believing they they must act as sureties for the debt and therefore must follow these rules. The legal system is adversarial and the government is in mo way obligated to spoon feed the people the facts to show them how they are being conned. These people choose to be lie-able rather than learn about the law.

The constitution is a meaningless document for those who volunteer to be lie-able. Most people choose to be lie-able and therefore the constitution is only a document of historical significance that reflects the freedom Americans used to have when they had wisdom and courage.

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