Thursday, October 17, 2013

Karen Hudes Speaks

Karen Hudes, a senior attorney from the world bank has become a whistle-blower. I've been thinking that these attorneys are nothing more than dupes for the powers that be for a long time. Hudes and a few others are the exceptions to the rule.

Here are some of the things she says:

(1) Your tax money goes to the City Of London then the Vatican. The Jesuits are robbing the people of all their wealth.

I've heard this before and it makes sense but this ideas never formed part of my world view because I have no means of checking or verifying them. I've never heard something like this coming from the mouth of such a highly esteemed ex member of the establishment. Paul Craig Roberts (the colonel or the economist) don't say this but both are highly critical of the establishment.

Agenda 2, better known as sustainable development is the means of the robbery.

She knows this because she followed the money, not from reading conspiracy theory web sites.

(2) They have tried to bribe her but she will not be a dupe.

There is no honor among thieves.

(3) She believes the world will return to the rule of law before everything falls apart. 

 She says she has many people on her side. She says that we need to watch and learn the facts - us little people have to be involved, both watching and learning.

Of course we have to be involved. If we wish to preserve a free society we must be involved and this has been true for all time. Aristotle explains that any civilization has an oligarchy on the top. The political body serves both the people and the oligarchy. This is the basis of the philosophy of Legalism, first applied in ancient China and before the Confusionists threw them out. People need to be involved to preserve their rights.

The reason why the powers that be are robbing us and destroying our conception of society is reasoned out and explained in Plato's Republic. The members of the oligarchy have a different conception of justice than commoners and to create the just society ordinary people must have their knowledge limited and be focused on their task in society and be prevented from thinking outside their box. Everyone over the age of ten years old must be killed off so that the new just society can be built upon the beliefs of the people. These beliefs are carefully shaped by education.

(4) Secret Societies will be eliminated.

This is a well known part of the plan. Exactly how does this get accomplished - certainly not by tearing down Masonic and Rosa Crucian meeting halls and buildings. It can only be accomplished by tearing down the members of the secret societies themselves. Masons and the like would do well to research things like the Georgia Guidestones. I don't recall where I read that secret societies will be eliminated but it seems necessary for a rule of law to apply.

There is a huge awakening happening, a woman that was a stenographer at the White House stood up and said that the congress is just a bunch of devil worshipping free masons. Not far from the truth - most belong to the highly secretive and exclusive BAR association.

She has many interviews on You-Tube and they can be found with a simple search of her name.

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