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Why Did Jews Fake The Holocaust ?

 If you, gentle reader, cannot read objective fact without being offended, then you are immature, brainwashed, or both.

Jewish Hypocrisy

Before examining this question, we must first evaluate its possibility. Does Judaism permit Jews to lie, cheat and steal from the Goyim (non Jews)? Often times an argument will be created that is based on an absurdity at the outset. This technique is often used and non critical thinkers accept an absurdity and the rest of the statement makes sense as long as the initial premise remains unquestioned. This technique is used regularly in Jewish controlled media.

Judaism not only permits lying to and cheating of the Goyim, it encourages this. The Jewish Talmud is a Rabbinical interpretation of the Jewish Bible, the first five books of the Old Testament. You can look up Talmudic quotes on a search engine or look up videos about the Talmud online. It consists of about thirty volumes so you can't read the whole thing. It is a mortal sin for a Jew to expose the Talmud to the Goyim. Fortunately for us, there are many great people that are Jewish and they have exposed Judaism for what it truly  is.

Talmud Quotes  (These can be verified by downloading a PDF version of the Talmud from various places. These links are constantly being removed and replaced.)

Jews consider themselves the chosen people of God. On Sunday, God rested and it's up to the Jews to finish the job as one Jewish woman explained to me. She is a social justice warrior and considers herself highly intelligent so I guess I'll take her word for it. This is the ideology of a supremist.

Members of the Jewish religion and race consider themselves superior to everyone else and have a mandate from God to fix the world. Some things cannot be fixed and must be torn down. Western culture is being erased with nihilism. Young people that graduate university are being filled with vanity and propagandized to go along with the agenda, as if they too are superior. Vanity is the favorite sin of the devil and the favorite tool of pick-up artists. Intelligent people are not immune to the illusions created by the magician.

Without any facts, these ideologies alone, which can be verified in Jewish writings as well as the Talmud, should scare the hell out of you. Judaism is nothing like Christianity and empirically speaking, the Judea-Christian ethic is simply a Christian society run by Jews under the ideology of Jewish Supremacy.

The white countries around the world are in terrible shape, the education is bad, the media lies about everything, the economy's are failing, Western countries are at war and their forces occupy over 150 countries to protect Jewish banks and the money is corrupt. All of the governing institutions in Western countries are overwhelmingly controlled by Jews.

Although Jews are the main force behind multiculturalism, they also believe in strict racial integrity for themselves. There are always one set of rules for Jews and another set for everyone else under Jewish tutelage. Hypocrisy is certainly a sign of evil. It is a particularly virulent form of evil. Double standards rein throughout Judaic rule.

Jewish apologists and philosophers such as Stefan Molyneux state that the higher average Jewish intelligence would explain disproprtionate numbers of Jews in powerful positions. If the IQ tests and results hold water, there should still be a significantly greater number of highly intelligent White non Jews. Mathematics is not a strong point for many and there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

The movement toward political anarchy is also largely Jewish. In my movie, "Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience" I explain why anarchy creates a society of savages. I also explain the importance religion has in making the laws that govern a country. This is the science of Jurisprudence and is relevant even if you are an atheist. You may be an atheist but the courts cannot be. "There are things we know, things we don't know and things we don't know we don't know" - Donald Rumsfeld.

The Holocaust Facts

Historical records show that there were about 4.5 million Jews in Greater Germany just before World War 2. Supposedly six million Jews died, but the Jewish encyclopedia shows a Jewish population unchanging as a result of the war. All other races declined in population. The world Jewish population went from 15+ million before the war to 15 million + after the war. Where is all the survivors come from? Where did all those people that moved into Palestine come from? Did Jews and their banks that financed World War 2 really win that war ? If anyone else won, what did they win ?

World Population Records (photocopies of books)

Many historians have shown that the NAZI's (National Socialist / Zionist International) could not have carried out the killing of six million people with the infrastructure that they had. The "gas chambers" were not gas chambers, they were delousing facilities for clothing. The camps had theaters, swimming pools, etc. The holocaust death figures have gone up from just under 300,000 Jews and non Jews to 6 million Jews over time. (Zionists, by definition, believe that Jews have a God given right to live in and rule Israel)

The holocaust prevents people from asking questions about Judaism, everyone feels bad "those poor people, look what happened to them". The Jews explain questioning Judaism as persecution by labeling those who question Jewish Supremism as White Supremists. They convince the lowest common denominator of society from hearing what the so-called "white supremists" say about Jewish Supremism.

Jews have been booted out of over 100 countries throughout known history. In some countries they were even let back in then kicked out again. Some Jews explain this by jealousy of their superior intelligence and business sense. All countries need a class of people that fit this description to have a competitive economy. 

Few people realize that International Judaism went to war with Germany with a boycott of German made goods in 1933, when other Western Countries declared chapter 11 bankruptcy under Jewish banks.

USA declares bankruptcy in 1933. (Many Western nations declared bankruptcy in 1933, leading them to Judaic (communist) rule)

International Judaism declares war on Germany  (Images of newspapers containing headline)

No one can deny that Jews covertly run the world. To imagine what life would be like if they achieved an overt world government, we only need to look at Palestine. Not only is Palestine theirs, but the world is theirs as well. They are the chosen people of God, they tell you. The bible doesn't really say this, Christians were given the Scofield study bible to convince them that Jews are the chosen people. In reality, Christians are the chosen people, the Israelites, and we have created most of the great societies throughout the world. Almost any country that people would want to live was essentially made by Christians.

Why Lie About The Holocaust? 

Jews wish to destroy every race that is non Jewish and subjugate them to Jewish rule. Christianity is first on the list. The media is being used to manipulate people into hating white Christians. Christianity is a religion that operates against authoritarian rule with its fundamental doctrines of the Trinity, Separation Of Powers and the Tree Of Knowledge. Not many sources explain these concepts correctly and many people get them wrong. I explain these concepts in my YouTube video, "Law, The Light Of Reason and Conscience". Aided by the philosophy of Immanuel Kant I explain the role that law, science and religion play in society.

Mychannel (contains many links + "Law, The Light Of Reason And Conscience")

The Jewish holocaust was not the only instance of racial genocide in history. The Russian Bolshevik revolution killed sixty million Christians and burned down or destroyed almost all of the Christian churches. This was a Wall St Banker lead Jewish Revolution. Recently Christians and others in Africa have experienced mass Genocide, Rwanda and Whites in South Africa. No one questions these realities.

There is no business like Shoa business. Not only does the holocaust give Jews permission to take over society without questions being asked, it also makes them billions of dollars. Western countries pay holocaust reparation fees. People too young to have ever participated in the holocaust pay the Jews for the holocaust. Germany gave them a nuclear submarine. The holocaust is mentioned regularly in Western newspapers even today. In the last two months I have seen it in the Canadian Globe And Mail and Toronto Star. Why aren't white Christians being compensated for the Jewish Revolution in Russia, how about those Rwandans ? They do not matter, they are not Gods chosen people. Those mass killings of the Goyim can be forgotten by the Jewish controlled press and education system.

Countless Jews blame white people for black slavery, but this is the Jewish version of history that you see on Jewish media, learn from Jewish controlled education, and read in books published by the Jewish controlled publishing industry. In real history, black slavery was a Jewish institution.

Truth about the Jewish run Black slave trade (one of many links on this topic)

How could a people pull off such a diabolical hoax ? Jews call it Chutzpa. Why would they do this ? It helps enforce their double standard and sense of superiority as well as make them billions of dollars. When have they done this? The six million figure has been used many times before WW2 to gain sympathy for the Jews and to give them power for their agenda of world domination.

Who among the Jews has been doing this? Not all Jews are a part of all this. Research Judaism and you find people like Henry Makow and Brother Nathaniel (see YouTube) as well as many others. They are the best sources regarding Judaism because they were Jews and have since converted.


Am I being Objective ?

  It is impossible to be completely objective using history and current events. These are empirical and cannot lead to any absolute truth, only opinions. We all have lenses from which we see reality and these are colored and warped from our own experiences and prejudices. All thinking people discriminate and have prejudice. Stupid people have none because they do not think.

If truth cannot be discerned from empirical experience, how do we find it? Do we look to authority? Do we need to determine absolute truth?

To be truly and absolutely objective about the holocaust and the subsequent holocaust reparation fees, we may look at it from the perspective of Christian English Jurisprudence and say some things that are absolutely true.

(1) The requirements of
Habeas Corpus has never been met by those charging not only the Germans, but Canadians and Americans as well as others for the crime of the holocaust. ( You are being charged when you pay reparation fees. Being charged in a court of law doesn't mean anything different than being charged for a tank of gas. Courts operate on money and charges)

(2) No
motive has ever been shown.

These are absolute facts and they pertain to the law.

These are basic requirements of a court based on Christian English Jurisprudence, these requirements were not met by our accusers but we still pay for the holocaust. For that, it must be that our courts do not operate according to English Jurisprudence. Our courts are slowly being metamorphosed into Talmudic courts. Only if the owners of the private banks that fund our government and take our income taxes expected to be judged by Talmudic rather than Christian law, could this organization and its theft exist.

What Can We Do?

What can you do? Politics has become a taboo subject. Talking about it offends people and the social justice movement, created by the Jews, creates a class of people that place feeling above fact. Adults use objective reason and children judge by feelings. The world is ultimately governed by political will: change political will and you help change the world. We change political will by talking about the truth. This holocaust has given Jews a license to change the world into one governed by Jews. Most people will not survive a world governed by Jews, understanding creates a need for political action.

The Jewish expectation is for people to change to being Noahides, people that are permitted to live to serve the Jew. There is no reason for anyone to live unless they serve the Jew under Jewish law. You agree to be their slaves or be decapitated under Noahide laws. Many people believe that the Noahide laws are ideal human laws because they read them and do not look for definitions of terms. Non Jews are not human under Noahide and all these laws written to protect humans are only there to protect Jews. Noahide creates only obligation and no right.

Jews hate Christianity because of the Trinity. The trinity is trial by jury rather than authoritarian rule. The Trinity is: God (The Law Giver) The Son (Reason) and the Holy Ghost (Conscience). These correspond to the prosecutor, defense and jury. No law or man is perfect and Christian courts require informed juries, ones that know what "Jury Nullification" means, although the Jewish courts do not require juries to know this. Both Muslims and Jews want authoritarian rule without responsibility. Christianity stands against authoritarian rule, it prevents absolute power from dominating society. People have rights under Christianity.

Too many Christians fail to understand their religion and the fact that Christianity is the basis for English Jurisprudence. Multiculturalism dilutes Christianity and foreigners will tend to vote along the lines of authoritarian rule.

How Much Do Jews Hate?  (a little Jewish TV)

You will lose friends, family members, maybe even jobs, but the alternative is far worse. The alternative is an empty replacement of happiness with pleasure across all culture, and a not so kind ending.

We are being Jewed. Ordinary Jews are being Jewed, the holocaust creates a culture of fear and fear makes people more susceptible to propaganda [Jaques Ellul, Propapaganda...]. Be afraid of this, not phoney global warming, alien attacks, fake terrorism, or anything else not having to do with this. It's all a distraction and the lowest common denominator have the greatest numbers and they determine political reality.

Fear is the tool of the NWO, it is the tool of propagandists.

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