Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Psychiatrist Convention

There is a story that I heard on YouTube last week, I've been telling it to a few people. Some of them get it. So I'll tell it below and lets see what everybody thinks.
  Psychiatrists were at a convention and a paper was presented. It was not much of a paper but more of a complaint.
  In it the doctor described how his practice had grown, how he was understaffed and could not keep up with the workload. People were coming in for the first time and he had to perform tests to determine if they were crazy or not. Another psychiatrist during a question period mentioned that he had the same problem, having to rent the office next door for additional waiting room space for all of his new clients. Others echoes his concern citing the well known fact that it takes between forty and sixty man hours to properly evaluate a persons sanity.
 Then one doctor stood up and explained that he had a small office in a basement with no secretary and had a small waiting room consisting of a few chairs and he was easily able to keep up with the workload, help his patients and quickly determine their sanity. He explained that his waiting room contained only a tap and in the corner, some old mops, and some chairs.
  He said that when he came in in the morning he would let everyone in, sit them down, then turn on the tap in the corner and watch the waiting room from the window in his office. Patients that turned off the tap were judged sane and the ones that picked up a mop to known to be in need of help.

  When we discuss politics in the conventional framework set forth by mainstream media, wanting the Fed to adjust rates, changing social policy, etc, we are using the mops to clean up a mess created by the fact that we have Jewish money. The monster debt is really nothing but a hoax. There is no possible promise that could back the promise that our promisary notes use as backing. No consideration has ever taken place between the Fed and the government, the Fed simply operates under its own agenda with no oversight from the government, nor obligation to the government (Alan Greenspan says this on YouTube so don't start calling me an anti semite again)
  The only possible solution to get us out of this mess is to turn off the tap and recognize those folks who want to keep mopping the floor as nuts. Political will and knowledge for monetary reform would get us monetary reform. For people unfamiliar with the idea, see movies such as The Money Masters on YouTube.

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