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Why Are Christians Being Persecuted ?

Does law come from authority or does authority come from law?

I've been studying the New World Order for many years. I do this by reading philosophy, watching YouTube videos about true history and reading essays on sites such as www.henrymakow.com.

I believe that there is a developing race war and that it is meant to distract us from the true nature of this conflict. In reality it is a religious war and this has been hidden behind the scenes of the media nonsense. 

Jewish Hollywood  depicts Jewish criminals as Christians in movies such as Eastern Promises or Amistad or in TV shows such as the Supranos. This creates an underlying belief that Christianity somehow permits these ideas and organizations when in fact real history shows that criminal organizations on the scale of international slavery and organized crime are mainly Jewish organizations. 

Jewish slave traders are not sinners under Jewish law. Women captured and forced into brothels in Israel are victimized under Jewish law. This practice continues today as Jews push for compensation to blacks for slavery from white Americans. (hypocrisy)

See David Duke - Anti-White Propaganda and the Slave Trade. (Anyone demonized in mainstream media and news is someone that deserves to be heard. Anyone incapable can be said to be immature, brainwashed, or both)

Hollywood, the news media, the government, the money system, and the educational system are controlled by a small and largely secretive and closed ethnocentric group. They behave the way any small ethnocentric group would reasonably behave to preserve its own culture and people. Its well worth noting that multiculturalism is a Jewish idea that does not include Jews (more hypocrisy).

Basic underlying ideas for a culture come from the philosophers, most of whom work in universities, which are in turn now teaching mainly Jewish philosophy, and are controlled by Jews. "Impossible equality and arrested development" - Winston Churchill.

Universities have nearly forgotten the great Christian thinkers such as Immanuel Kant or C.S. Lewis. Kant and Lewis are sources from which one can learn about Christianity in a greater depth than perhaps what one can learn from a church sermon or by reading the works by oneself, or by watching videos of sermons on the web, of which many are excellent.

The ideas of this essay, like my others, come in principle from the works of Kant. I am not a great thinker and do not expect to have original ideas. I fundamentally believe that most new ideas are intentionally bad ideas and are usually Jewish ideas in the Jewish universe in which we live. 

Many people are unaware of the fact that laws in a country come from its adopted religion. Ideas that form law must have an immutable basis to prevent the law from being corrupted. Christian based societies have English Jurisprudence, itself based on Christianity. This guarantees that certain rights cannot be removed or trampled upon by any accuser of any accused. You would find many bibles in a Christian based court.Thou shalt not steal, etc are laws from which all man made laws are derived.

Judaism is statutory, a living law, and lives from new ideas such as an ever expanding set of acts and statutes we are to obey. It has no absolute truths other than Jewish Supremacy itself. Non Jews have no rights and Jewish males are incapable of sin under Jewish law. Christianity is built on a few universal core concepts that are outlined below. All men stand equal under the law in Christianity. Racism does not exist under Christian law.

In a religion that has no absolute truth other than the supremacy of its own followers, law comes from authority. If a religion is built on a few universal core concepts, authority operates under these concepts and authority comes from law.

Christians are being massacred all over the world, and have been over this past century. World war two was a Christian war. It was mostly Christians killing Christians. Only the banks and Israel can be truly said to have won the second world war. Ground zero for one of the bombs dropped on Japan was Japan's largest Christian church.

In the Bolshevik Revolution, up to sixty million Christians were killed, often by torture that lasted days, or even weeks. They were the victims of psychological experiments resulting in death.

The media war on Christianity, the founding principles of Western society, has turned most people into atheists. Atheists have no doctrine from to create law and must turn to Progressivism. Progressivism is an idea that the most intelligent of men should lead mankind. Its a stupid idea because they have the greatest capacity for evil, as explained in The Republic Of Plato. Progressivism is really a new Bolshevism.

Christianity is a doctrine that stands in direct opposition to a new world government. The Old Testament warns of it in the story of the Tower of Babylon. We live in a society that is building this tower and the tower is nearly complete. When complete, it will result in the complete subjugation of all of both Jews and non-Jews under different sets of laws.

There are three fundamental doctrines of Christianity that are in opposition to the New World Order which has lead to Christians being persecuted.

Jesus Christ said, in the New Testament, that his people perished from lack of knowledge. Modern churches are not teaching Christian doctrine, at least not the ones I have been in. Preachers on the internet and in YouTube videos are not teaching basic tenets of Christian doctrine. I learned them from Immanual Kant, mostly in his book, Religion Within The Boundaries Of Mere Reason. It is the only source I know of that one can learn Christian doctrine in a concise and logical form.

Many people forget that the Bible is a law book.

1. Eating From The Tree Of Knowledge


Knowledge refers to knowledge of good and evil. Knowledge of good and evil is the knowledge of law. To eat from the tree of knowledge is to use the letter rather than the spirit of the law. Courts do this, jury's are supposed to be aware but courts are not required to educate jury’s and often instruct juries directly to judge from the letter rather than the spirit of the law. This is why the courts seem so corrupt.

2. Separation Of Powers


This is an idea that prevents conflicts of interest. The NT is a book of parables and it explains this as mixing water with wine. In this case mans laws and God's laws are mixed in lawful Holy matrimony. One of the disciples asks Christ about mixing water with wine at a wedding. The wine is the law of God, the water is the law of man. The law of man is necessary for commerce. Sometimes mixing these two is necessary such as in the case of marriage.

One cannot serve both God and Mammon, Mammon being the material world and man. In the case of holy matrimony this is necessary but does not create a conflict of interest.

In earlier times in Western societies, a young man, after graduating school, would have to decide as to whether to spend his life in the public or the private domain. The public domain offered rewards of spirit, doing the right thing. The private life, working in the private sector, offered material rewards. They were separate worlds and this system kept corruption at bay.

3. The Holy Trinity


This doctrine is hated more than any and is completely misunderstood leading to silly debates about one thing being three things at once. This is a classic straw-man attack. The father, the son and the holy ghost is simply this: The father is the law giver, God. The son is reason and forgiveness, the holy ghost is conscience.

It is manifested in Christian societies in courts as the prosecutor, defense attorney and jury. Noahide courts in the new world order will not permit defense attorneys or juries. The idea must be erased from the public mind.

Juries prevent the courts from eating from the tree of knowledge, sending an innocent man to jail on the letter of the law. Juries have jury nullification which permits them not only to consider guilt or innocence, but also if the law itself applies in the given trial. Both the law and the accused are on trial. Power is always being questioned and examined.

The three branches of government, legislative, judicial and executive also manifest the Trinity in structure as well as separation of powers in structure.

Ideas such as public-private partnerships undermine this structure. Legislation, particularly around vaccines, is bought and paid for. This is one example of mixing the public with private. Another one is war. Private corporations make enormous profit from war and therefor lobby for defense spending. Armies must be exercised.



 Christian doctrine represents the biggest threat to the Judaic New World Order tyrannical government.

These Christian doctrines prevent the formation and execution of a tyrannical government, the very thing that the New World Order requires. The New World Order is Jewish, this can be proven by the fact that Jews control the world of ideas as well as the material world. The idea would not be brought forward without Jewish permission. This small ethnocentric group controls reality because Christians have not been taught their doctrines.

The New World government will have two sets of laws, Talmudic Statutes for Jews and Noahide law for those who serve them. Both sets of laws are tyrannical in nature, the judges being trained in Israel by the Sanhedrin Priesthood. Both sets of laws will be administered by tyrants. Both Jews and non Jews will not have a defense against accusations. Double jeopardy will no longer hold and persecution will be at the sole discretion of centralized power, itself the very source of corruption. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As in the Bolshevik Revolution one can be taken to court over and over again under the same accusation until a conviction is obtained.

To imagine how people may be treated we can look at how Jews are treated now. They live in fear due to the false religion of holocaustianity.

Non Jews are being murdered wholesale such as in Palestine. If Jews get to the level of overtly rule rather than covert rule, we have every reason to believe that the world will look very much like Palestine does today.  

"Even the best of the Goyim deserve to be killed" 
- Babylonian Talmud.

Jews advocating the killing of all Palestinians

If we learn Christian doctrine, and demand it, we can stop the New World Order and return to sanity. Sanity occurs when fact and right rule over feelings and when people do not suffer from lack of knowledge.

Finally, to confirm what I have said in the above essay, I have this video of Jewish Intellectual Yossi Gurvitz revealing the grim truth behind the ancient Jewish strategy of playing nice and friendly as long as Jews are in a relatively weak position but of being totally without mercy “when Israel is mighty.” 

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