Friday, April 17, 2009

What Is Globalism ? Is There Hope ?

Anyone not on glue can see that 9/11 was an inside job. Government/Bankster murder of over 3000 people right there being broadcast live on TV. No one can intelligently argue the official version of 9/11, which is why they never attempt and always run from open debate. We see the chem-trails and governments have admitted the program. Plans of depopulation are in print. The plans of turning humanity against itself are in print describing fake ecology and environmentalism, but people don't read or are afraid to look.

Globalism is an elite class who rules over all of humanity. No responsibility is enforced on those who rule. It is lawyers and judges that do whatever they want. It is castles with dungeons and child rape, torture and murder under ritualistic satanism. Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant. These people call themselves Satanists and Luciferians. I have known this since witnessing a news report as a teenager where they found a dungeon after a young girl escaped. Most of the other 14 children were found dead in their cages. It was on one night then nothing heard of it again. Alex Jones reminded me of seeing this.

Globalism is minions that think they are part of the elite and laugh about all of this. I have seen this too, with my own eyes and not through a television tube.

It is judges who get to keep a piece of the action when they fine people. Its police giving out tickets and sending the money to the private banks. It is millions of people working for honest wages paying billions of dollars to these institutions for absolutely nothing but oppression, wars and more and more control. The income tax does not pay for infrastructure and civil servants, the other hundreds of taxes pay for this. The income tax goes right to the satanists.

Cops are just doing their job, they don't care. They were hired to do a job and nothing else matters. The elite desperately want us to start shooting at them, so much so that they regularly stage terrorism because we don't do it.

Most of humanity will die in the coming change. We have seen the same thing in recent history with Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and a whole long list of others - all financed by Wall Street and the private feudal families of ancient times.

Those that survive this would say I am wrong when I say that these people need history erased. I believe they will need to kill almost everyone, including their lawyers, judges, politicians, news reporters and military officers. Perhaps they expect us to do this killing under a fake revolution, like all the revolutions of recent history (French, Russian, perhaps the American). Those who survive will know a world without hope, with nothing prized. They will live in fear - even if they believe themselves part of the ruling elite.

Almost everybody knows this but people in high positions have big egos and they are easily corrupted. How many have been present at the satanic ceremonies that occur in most cities at summer and winter solistice described by Ted Gunderson and many others ? For them there is no escape. They cannot "come clean". The things they have been asked to do are too horrific to admit or ask forgiveness.

The only way we can beat this is to shine light on darkness, people are waking up and this knowledge spreads through police and the military ranks, politicians and media reporters are learning that we are starting to see. It is up to the meek to inherit the earth, but first we must somehow earn this. We do not yet know how but shining more light may illuminate answers. I say keep spreading the word, keep passing of DVD's and never lose your connection with the truth for anyone or out of fear. I have spoken it to cops and Revenue Canada people often, they know and its worked in my favour every time.. The only thing to fear is fear itself and the pen and the word are mightier than the sword.

Cops and military people have joined a group called Oath Keepers, ordinary people have run for politics, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have spoken up, along with many other similar organizations. Establishment scientists like Stephen Jones spoken up about 9/11. Members of the establishment have stepped away from all of this and told us the truths. Bill Cooper lost his life. What have you done ?

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Penny said...

anyone not on glue, or big pharmaceutical ritalin and seroquil and other tranquilizers, valium, prozac.
Sadly far to many are pharmacologically challenged to be able to make sense of the obvious.


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