Friday, April 17, 2009

Apothecaries, Abortion And The War On Drugs

Before drugs were illegal many people were afflicted with drug addiction, you could buy cocaine at your nearby drug store. Abuse was common. The government stepped in and made drugs illegal. Governments could profit from this by having a harder working and healthier population. They could also profit from drug sales itself. We have the high security state and but no shortage of drugs.

The government runs the high profit drug rings, the profit comes from the risk created by this government. Since the war in Afghanistan, its opium production has been at consistent record levels from year to year. We attacked them after the Taliban started burning Opium crops. You can verify this by looking at the UN website. Its all out in the open just like everything else.

I was a participating debator when the debates on abortion came up in my grade 7 & 8 classes. I have always been pro choice. My reason for this was that it would be cruel to bring an unwanted child into life. I am still pro-choice, but now because it is natural law. The mother provides for all of the childs needs, she therefore gives it right. Anything different is mans un-natural laws.

Having drug laws and doctors permitted to give abortions sounds like a good idea in principle, but the price is too high. Abortions give professionals a license to kill. Globalism is a slippery slope, it may have started with the Federal Reserve Act, it may have started with abortion laws. Maybe it started with the first law.

Man cannot create an ideal world with his laws. Our laws cannot protect us from anything, the fact that they can is all an illusion. The laws we have serve a different purpose - to protect those in power from responsibility, nothing more and nothing less.

It is not our corrupt money that has ruined us, its the laws. If there was no law there would be no possibility of robber barons printing debt notes for us to use as money. Factories wouldn't be permitted to pollute clean rivers - people wouldn't stand for it and they wouldn't have a safe drive home after work. We would grow food and make clothes from hemp, some would accumulate large amounts of wealth to start up car and computer companies. Would people kill each other and rob each other ? - yes , but not as much or as often as in our system today. The workers are just cannon fodder to absorb the responsibilty for the elite class' bad deeds in our present system. Officers of the courts are so unbelievably corrupt (you have to experience it to believe it) that people get whatever rights they feel like giving you.

An organic collectivism would evolve in a system without laws, a system where no one is protected from responsibility. Laws are nothing more than synthetic collectivism and it isn't real because we are working against one another. The need for law must be the ultimate illusion, distantly seconded by our corrupt money system. We need to evolve beyond the law created by the satanists that run our current system.

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