Saturday, October 31, 2009

PsychoPolitics: Call Me Crazy

This 50 page document is a MUST READ.
It explains what is being done to our society and why. It explains the humiliation that we endure from the graft and corruption as well as gives reasons that may explain the graft and corruption. It has much to say about psychology and Pavlovs dog type experiments on human beings that may explain some of the diabolical behaviours we have seen.
Its the heart of the serpent and really gets to the core of what is happening. I read little books like this all the time on the web related to our problem. This is likely one of the most important things I have come across. It explains why some may be attacking Scientology. It suggests that both Scientology and Christianity make people highly resistant to communist brainwashing and must be attacked. Recall the Scientology has done a brutal attack on Psychology/Psychiatry. These two brain sciences have been shaped by the soviet operatives to instill communist values into the minds of doctors so they believe their science is based on rational deductive or other types of thought, in reality it is based on communist brainwashing.
It also suggests the role of the psychiatrist in the future destruction of our society. Recall a huge phsyciatric hospital being contrusted in Alaska that can contain a million patients (us).
Its a very easy to read, well written document that should scare the hell out of you, and it should also show why others such as Alex Jones are using scare tactics. The moment we stop questioning any authority in this movement is the moment we stop using rational thought and become easy targets for those who would brain wash us.

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Thoughts ?

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Penny said...

yes, we should be and we never pay enough attention to the way we are manipulated.

I am going to print that sucker up!!!


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